Monday, August 07, 2017

Easing a Neutral Dress into Cooler Weather with Accessories

If you've got a dress that you dearly love, but you're wondering if you're going to be able to wear it when the weather cools down (in the Northern Hemisphere), let me suggest that you look at an earlier post of mine, where I show a navy dress with a whole BUNCH of very muted, autumn-ish accessories....

This is a pretty good time of year to find a great navy dress - Neiman Marcus currently has (on sale!) an Eileen Fisher dress with a matching cardigan... that wouldn't be the silliest investment you ever made.

2 ways to wear a navy dress with olive green accessories
Dress – Lands’ End (similar here);earrings – New York & Co. (similar here); field jacket – L.L.Bean (similar here); scarf – Idea Plus (similar here); pumps – Calvin Klein; cardigan – Uniqlo (similar here); earrings – Majorica;scarf – Image Diary; flats – L.K.Bennett

The power of a simple dress is easy to under-estimate, until you get one in your closet and really put it to work!


Easing a Neutral Dress into Cooler Weather with Accessories
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  1. I actually bought that dress in a different color -- well, I ordered it. I sent it back so technically I didn't buy it. Caveat to all looking at it -- if you are short-wasted, don't bother! I have two navy dresses, one that I am going to retire because it is just too short for work, one that I love love love. It is also from Land's End, their sleeveless ponte sheath dress. I just ordered it in black because I like it so much. I wear it in the summer but it seems to me that most of the accents you used in the last post were better for fall. For summer I like mine with a pink or white cardigan, a turqouise linen jacket, or a very light blue and white tweed jacket. That makes one a week without repeating an outfit in a month, and if the month has five weeks I can also wear it with my very light lavender cardigan. In the fall I can switch to a navy and white stripe cardigan, a darker blue cardigan, a dark green cardigan, and a couple of blazers.

  2. It's been winter sales time here is New Zealand - a great opportunity to stock up on the grey green tones that have been popular this season and are very flattering with my "sallow yellow" complexion.

  3. a dark green cardigan, and a couple of blazers.


  4. I love the style of this Navy dress Janice. Classic and undatable. So many different looks to be made with that.
    Lands End is not a brand I look at normally ,so thanks for the tip xx

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