Tuesday, July 04, 2017

A Travel Wardrobe Based on an Amazing Coat!

One of the best parts of writing The Vivienne Files is the ability to create imaginary wardrobes just to see how they work, without spending a ton of money...

A favorite from years ago was all built around an amazingly beautiful floral coat - I sort of imagined that someone was traveling for a wedding or other somewhat dressy party. The color scheme was mostly bright mossy green and white - NOT your everyday color scheme!

Revisit, and see if you can imagine wearing these colors...

a special occasion outfit of a green dress, floral coat and gold accessories

Labradorite earrings- Nan Fusco (similar here), Clutch bag – Poupee Couture (similar here), Green dress – Tibi (similar here), Coat – Gucci (similar here), Gold pumps- Something Bleu (similar here)

Please note that I'm jetting around for the holiday, so The Vivienne Files will be on hiatus for a couple of days. Back soon!

A Travel Wardrobe Based on an Amazing Coat!
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  1. Hello, only sorry the coat is double breasted. Would be nice worn open and a normal button down would possibly hang better.

    Lizer Pearl

    1. The 2017 version of floral coat by Vivetta that Janet linked can be worn open or with a tie belt! - nancyo

  2. This wardrobe shows quite nicely how one can have many colors in her wardrobe without ending up with a wardrobe chaos. The colorful items must simply be in same category so that are not worn together. Genious, and one of the many great lessons I've learned from this blog.

    I wish you a happy and relaxing holiday!

    Sara K

  3. Love this! --photographer friend

  4. Yup, that would work for me but I would probably have shoved in an extra cardi just as the taxi pulled up outside. It's what's do!
    Wishing you a fab holiday. Mary, X.

  5. I have a skirt that is somewhat similar to this coat. I wear it with red, blue, green, and black tops and it has been a real winner in the number of times that I have worn it- one of my "best buys"

    Enjoy your trip Janice- we'll be here when you return :)