Monday, June 05, 2017

Red and Bright Sky Blue - Accents for a Navy and Beige Capsule Wardrobe

These colors are classic:

wardrobe color wheel in navy, beige, red, white and bright sky blue

They've Changed ALL of the Rules...

She worked from home for years... She had to go into the office once a quarter, just to prove that she was the same person that they thought they had originally hired!

But NOW, she's got to go in once a week. Generally for meetings. And she's determined that she's going to assemble a small, tight, well edited work wardrobe that is both relaxed and sufficiently "show-offish" for those guys from Boston...

The sweaters are simple cotton, but the accessories are quite nice quality, and a bit bold, too!

capsule wardrobe accent pieces in cherry red
sweater - Lands’ End; necklace – Halcyon Days; cardigan - Lands’ End; bag - Lodis; loafers – Patricia Green

She is absolutely to wear her favorite bright colors; if she has to be in the office, she's going to be seen...

capsule wardrobe accent pieces in bright sky blue

tranquil blue tee – Lands’ End; scarf – Orwell + Austen Cashmere; bright boreal blue gingham shirt – Lands’ End

And sometimes, a serious white shirt (with navy piping!) will be just right for a serious meeting. Since she knows that she'll occasionally have a more relaxed agenda, she treats herself to a pretty tunic, too!

two white blouses for a business capsule wardrobe

piped shirt – Lands’ End; tunic – Lands’ End

She's picked up a few really EXCELLENT accessories over the years - these are going to be evident on those days when all of the men are sitting around comparing ties... (yes, this really happens!)

multicolored accessories for a business capsule wardrobe
scarf – Christian Lacroix; bracelet – Hermes; small scarf – Hermes

As much as she loves her accent colors, she knows that a refreshed work wardrobe needs some real neutrals. This dress is simple enough, but some serious pearls won't hurt...

a simple beige dress with pearl jewelry
pearl earrings – Mabel Chong; dress – Uniqlo; ring – Victoria Six

She really needs to "shore up" her navy things a bit, but nothing dramatic. Just some good basics that she can wear frequently, in a variety of ways!

navy core wardrobe pieces for a business capsule wardrobe
dress – Ralph Lauren; earrings – Talbots; clutch – Catherine & Jean; skirt – L.L.Bean; pumps – Ukies; loafers – Vionic

A few things from her "work at home" wardrobe will be good for the office, although sometimes only on the more casual days...

four navy and beige wardrobe starters
classic navy cardigan – L.L.Bean; classic navy tank – L.L.Bean; classic navy pants – L.L.Bean;
heritage stone pants – L.L.Bean; espadrilles – David Tate

When she looks at everything together, she feels pretty comfortable that these pieces will see her through until after Labor Day (into September)...

13-piece business warm weather capsule wardrobe in navy, beige, red, white and bright sky blue

The accessories make all the difference!

business capsule wardrobe in navy, beige, red, white and bright sky blue

Just to be sure, she arranges things in various outfits, ranging from very dressy (one evening outfit!) to relatively casual:

2 ways to style a navy dress in a business capsule wardrobe

2 ways to style a beige dress in a business capsule wardrobe

2 ways to style a navy skirt in a business capsule wardrobe

2 ways to style navy pants in a business capsule wardrobe

2 ways to style beige pants in a business capsule wardrobe

If they're going to make her come to the office, she might as well look like she should be running the place!


Red and Bright Sky Blue - Accents for a Navy and Beige Capsule Wardrobe
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  1. Love this one! And it's given me some great ideas! I'll be returning to work part-time in the Fall and don't want to spend too much money on any new work outfits. I already have a number of pieces that would fit into this plan (along with red and bright blue/turquoise accent pieces) and this gives me ideas for what few pieces to add. Many of them will also go with my black neutrals to expand my options.

  2. Love your stories. Love that read. Love red accessories on white. In fact, Janice, it's ... Love, love, love!

  3. I'm such a sucker for the good ol' red, white and blue. Lol, I'm currently wearing it, actually..

  4. I think the beige dress could also be worn like a duster coat with the black dress and the beige pant and the navy pants and.... love versatility in a wardrobe.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth!
      Vancouver Barbara

  5. I do not wear red, BUT, am in love with the navy dress! It's on sale for 30% off as well! Thanks, Janice, for giving us so many great ideas and I like the stories as well. Judith

  6. This is one of my favorites too!

  7. This is me, literally, right now. After years at home and no more office wear, Work decided they wanted to see my face again. A devotee of this site, I brought my favorite scarf on my shopping trip, and 4 colors later had a working wardrobe!