Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Can I Pack Just 11 Pieces for a WEEK at the Beach? Absolutely...

It's a Very... Weird... Beach House...

(based on a real beach house I've seen...)

travel capsule wardrobe color wheel in navy, beige, turquoise, white and purple

It has a dead-end hallway, with a big window... All of the 10, 11 and 12 year old's sleep there, in their sleeping bags. Well, "sleep..."

navy additions to a travel capsule wardrobe for warm weather
striped sun shirt – L.L.Bean; swim top – L.L.Bean; striped linen shirt – L.L.Bean; swim skirt – L.L.Bean; swimsuit – L.L.Bean; dress – L.L.Bean

And there's 1 room that really must have been meant to be a walk-in closet. It's that small...
It's been her room, for years.

white additions to a warm-weather travel capsule wardrobe

tank top - L.L.Bean; nautilus earrings – Pichaya; tee – L.L.Bean

She has a twin bed, a rocking chair, and a shelf attached to the wall that serves as a nightstand. There's no closet - just pegs stuck into the shadiest wall...

travel capsule wardrobe additions in turquoise

earrings – Made Sudiari; sunglasses – Oakley; ring – Dewi Putera; necklace – Kendra Scott; shorts – Lands’ End; tote – Kayu; dress – Lands’ End

But her room has its own bathroom! It's tiny, but still... in a house with over 2 dozen people, it's a luxury!

travel capsule wardrobe additions in purple
polo – Lands’ End; earrings – Prime Art & Jewel; wallet – ILI; bracelets - Joias do Rio; sneakers – Hogan

And she has her own "deck." It's 1 meter square. The rocking chair fits, and she can prop up her feet on the railing...

adding a Kathkath scarf to a travel capsule wardrobe

Hope scarf - Kathkath

Laundry is done every 4 hours, more or less, so she doesn't really need a lot of things. Just the right things...

a core for a travel capsule wardrobe for warm weather

classic navy cardigan – L.L.Bean; watch – Skagen; tank top - L.L.Bean; classic navy shorts – L.L.Bean; heritage stone pants – L.L.Bean; espadrilles – David Tate; sandals - Børn

She packs with an almost military precision:

an 11-piece travel capsule wardrobe in navy, beige, white, purple and turquoise, for warm weather

Maybe a few extra pieces of jewelry. And yes, maybe the scarf spends more time draped on the rocking chair than it spends around her neck...

a travel capsule wardrobe in navy, white, beige, purple and turquoise

She's with family (and many of their friends!) so she doesn't have to look like a fashion model. But she's happier knowing that she's got what she needs, and that she always looks good!

2 outfits for a warm-weather vacation

two beach ensembles in navy and white

two ways to wear shorts from a warm weather travel capsule wardrobe

two navy and white ensembles from a warm-weather travel capsule wardrobe

two outfits for cooler beach weather, from a travel capsule wardrobe

Some relatives are concerned that she is cheated because she pays an equal "adult" share of the costs of the house, but she just gets the tiny room.

She's always hushed such concerns quickly, and assured all involved that she's just fine, thank you!


p.s. I'm not telling you that Kathkath, scarf purveyors extraordinare, are having a flash sale... I wouldn't want to lead you astray!

Can I Pack Just 11 Pieces for a WEEK at the Beach? Absolutely...
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  1. That turquoise dress rocks. Casual yet dramatic.

  2. The pansy scarf is so perfect for this capsule!!

  3. I would love to see this series done with denim and olive for the neutrals!
    - Kaci

  4. Oh, yes, denim and olive as neutrals, please! Love this series, so fun to see how different basics can look!

  5. Janice,
    " She packs with an almost military precision " is really resonating with me ! I think it has been my subconscious not-so-hidden agenda all along ! My downfall has been thinking through the variety of outfits I can make with the limited pieces. The three colored items and accessories make all the difference here ! I am also seeing how the two dresses provide both a top and a bottom in your template ----hmmm -- food for packing thought ! If I were to substitute a skirt for the dress, and add a matching top with sleeves, separating the two with a belt , would it be passable as a dress ? I could then use the skirt with other tops for additional outfits, if the trip was longer. I am just mulling this over and thinking " out loud " !

  6. I love *everything* you do but this one especially! It has a casual, chic, laid-back feel while looking all pulled together, casual but not sloppy, just the way I want to go to the beach :-)

  7. Ah yes, this is so perfect. I want that room!!! And, the bathing suit top can be worn with the shorts and the pants, love the turquoise dress. The link didn't take me directly to the dress but I am guessing it is a cotton or rayon knit which makes it casually elegant. Well done as always.

  8. I'm packing for 8 weeks in Cape Cod today, and had to say thank you. This was perfect timing and a fantastic template for me to fill in with the clothing I have. Thank you!
    Jen W

  9. I want that room and i love this wardrobe and those colors.

  10. I like the planning for different weather and temperatures. I am inclined to under pack unless I add planned outfits for this.