Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pack For a Special Occasion by Starting with Art: Vernal Yellow by Lee Krasner

Most of the time, clothing (and thus The Vivienne Files) is about covering ourselves with efficiency, good value, and a coherent personal image. But it's worth remembering just every now and then that clothing can also be the object of extravagant fantasies...

Someone's happy, excited, full of energy, and just plain bursting with joy - that's what this painting felt like to me:

Vernal Yellow by Lee Krasner

So They're Just Going to Elope...

Vernal Yellow by Lee Krasner with style notes and color palette

No date worked for everyone. No location was good for most people. It just got more and more difficult...

travel outfit in black and white with orange accents

Cardigan - Marni; scarf - La Fiorentina; tee – L.L.Bean; pants - See by Chloé; watch - Kapten and Son; crossbody bag – Halogen; loafers – Tod’s; overnight bag - Everlane

So when the offer was made "why don't we just take the train to Paris and elope?" she was ALL over it...(yes, she has another suitcase somewhere...)

black trousers and softly draped pumpkin silk blouse

Earrings – Dsquared2; blouse - Jil Sander; pants - See by Chloé; crossbody bag – Halogen; flats – Paul Green

They'll arrive a bit late in the day, but still have time to freshen up and go out for a nice dinner...

The next day, she will be in the hotel spa all morning, because they've got a date at Notre Dame in the afternoon:

pink lace wedding dress with accessories

Scarf –Nordstrom; bracelet - Irene Neuwirth; dress – Dolce & Gabbana; earrings - Meira T.; pumps - Calvin Klein

She's not changing clothes after the wedding - they're going to walk around a bit, have cocktails at a cafe, and then a lovely romantic dinner...

The next day is reserved for sightseeing at their very favorite places:

pink and orange floral lace dress with accessories

Sunglasses – BP. ; dress – Lela Rose; earrings - Marianela Vargas; bag – Thacker New York; sandals - Sőfft

Maybe her dress is too dressy? She doesn't care! This is a SPECIAL weekend, thank you!

They have a blockbuster dinner planned for later...

off-the shoulder dress in orange and pink print, with accessories

Dress – Missoni; earrings – Bloomingdale’s; clutch - Deux Cuirs; sandals- Sam Edelman

They're taking the late train back the next day... The hotel knows that they are NOT checking out early!

draped soft raspberry blouse with black pants and accessories

blouse - Dorothee Schumacher; bracelet – Links of London; pants - See by Chloé; flats - MICHAEL Michael Kors

In addition to her "street clothes," she has to pack at least a few other things...

Robe – I. D. Sarrieri; bra - ThirdLove; bikini - ThirdLove; strapless bra – Natori; slip shorts – Jockey; half-slip - M&S Collection

She's bringing an insane amount of stuff with her for just a couple of days!

What to pack to elope, in pink and orange

But she will look at these clothes for the rest of her life and remember this most wonderful weekend...

An elopement wardrobe in black, white, pink and orange

It's a good thing that they're NOT having a wedding - she spent all of money that she had been saving for it on her elopement wardrobe!


Pack For a Special Occasion by Starting with Art: Vernal Yellow by Lee Krasner
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  1. This is such a stunning explosion of colour that I reckon that these colours will remind them both of this special weekend for , well maybe, forever.

  2. What a fabulous idea! I love the the painting, the colours, all the clothes...I have just bought some ballet flats similar to the Michael Kors, so I've made a start, just need someone to elope with...have asked my husband, just waiting for an answer now-:) Linda M

  3. I absolutely adore fuchsia and orange together. So happy. So summery--like mango and raspberry sorbets.
    That Jil Sander top is so elegant.
    And the Lela Rose dress is exquisite.

  4. I love the D&G and Lela Rose dresses! And the coral-rose peasant top too. This fantasy elopement is just dreamy.

  5. Love this palette of colors! Please do another, more casual,capsule!

    1. I'm sure I'll come back to this painting for another wardrobe (maybe after the honeymoon?) but in the meanwhile, make sure you didn't miss June 1st, which used pink and orange with navy and beige:



  6. Clothing, colors, and jewelry preserving memories of a lifetime! Flash forward 20 or so years as she gives her daughter (or granddaughter?) that opal bracelet to wear on HER wedding day.

  7. Lovely wardrobe and story. Just makes me happy. :)

  8. Eloping to Notre Dame in Paris sure beats a wedding chapel in Gatlinburg! Love the warm brights with black and white. - nancyo

  9. The Dolce & Gabbana lace dress is gorgeous. Our heroine would certainly be a vision on her wedding day!

  10. What a fun post! Who wouldn't want to elope to Paris??