Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day with Belovedest and Me...

Let me say first off that in my ideal world, these holidays would be true holidays in that EVERYBODY would get the day off. At least in the United States, most holidays are great for those of us who work in offices or are self-employed, but if you work in food service or retail, it's just another day. I wish that could change, and that those people could also have holidays... sigh...

That said, Belovedest and I slept late, and then roused ourselves and walked out to get on the Metra train south, in the train station just 2 blocks from us:

Holiday weekend DESERTED train station...

In 20 minutes, we were in Hyde Park. Home of the former president. Home of the University of Chicago. Home of the best bookstores in Chicago, no possible competition imaginable. (I've walked most of the streets of this city, and I know what stores are where!) Home of some of the most beautiful tree-lined streets, old homes and university buildings, amazing architecture... sigh...

First stop:

A Hyde Park tradition!

It's dark, it's cluttered, and it serves the world's biggest breakfasts, all day! What's not to love...

I've been diligently logging calories for weeks - my target per day in 1365, which is a pretty small number, once you start actually eating. So in a fit of "this is my weekly day to ignore my calories," this is my breakfast:

French toast, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, corned beef hash, and coffee.
I think I've just torn right through 1,365...

However, we still had a lot of ground to cover, so being fueled was probably smart. The entire purpose of our trip (aside from breakfast) was to go to Seminary Co-op, arguably the most amazing bookstore in the world. We both had lists....

What did we get? Well... my choices were:

I'm sort of a history geek, and a fan of France. But you know that!

Then, we decided to walk home... It's a good 8+ miles if you walk in a straight line. We managed to put in about 13 miles, including all of our various wanderings. Just for reference, I live in the downtown, and this was the view from near our starting point:

My home is the third black blob from the right... 8 miles away!

It was a lovely walk; the lakefront was full of people picnicking, playing games, or just sitting and looking out at the water. Everybody was friendly and happy, and we saw lots of lovely little kids. It was truly what a holiday should be...

So now I've showered off all of the sunscreen and I'm sitting at my computer with a cocktail in hand, giving thanks for the life that I have. This, indeed, is a holiday for which I'm grateful!

love to all,
Memorial Day with Belovedest and Me...
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  1. What a wonderful day, and a fabulous spot for your apartment! We walked from our flat through Hampstead Heath to Kenwood house, and back, about 8 miles total - it seemed quite a distance, so I'm very impressed with the 13 miles. Truly believe walking is the best exercise!
    Alice in London

  2. This is a delightful post. Thank you so much for sharing your day.
    1365 calories really is very little. I got a FitBit a few months ago, and it's depressing to see how few calories I burn, even when I get in my 10K steps. It has been a big reality check, and has really pushed me to exercise more. I'm good about eating healthy foods and avoiding sugar, but my portions tend to be too big.

  3. Makes me miss visiting Chicago, sounds like a lovely day. Our eldest daughter was a U o fC student so we know that area of Hyde Park fairly well, and loved strolling around, especially in the small Japanese Garden near Museum of Industry and Science. What a treat to walk all the way back downtown, a perfect way to spend the holiday! And I must add, I admire your discipline in trimming calories....something I should be doing but am stubbornly resisting.

  4. Yes, but what did you wear? (j/k)

  5. I need to get back on track counting my WW points too...
    the breakfast looks like a tasty one and good for you walking home.
    One day I hope to visit Chicago...its on the list!

  6. Sorry to appear anonymous but I don't have a social media profile. I've been following the Vivienne files for four or five years now and was in Chicago last week wondering idly, as one does, where you live. Nice to see the blob. I travel a lot and my wardrobe for the week was based on the Vivienne Files but my white trousers and dress did not leave the suitcase. I live in the tropics. How I envy you the lake front and the walking.

    I have a 6 week trip to New Zealand via London and Bangkok starting in the middle of August and I'd really appreciate some suggestions for a travel wardrobe. Chicago made me realise I'm a bit out of touch with dressing for cooler weather. I can manage a short stay in winter with a down jacket and about six items including cashmere jumper, trousers, wool dress and jacket. A winter coat and Driza-bone live in London. However, six weeks out of a suitcase is throwing me. Particularly as the temperatures and weather are going to differ wildly. Any ideas?
    PS I don't wear shorts.

  7. Sounds like the most perfect day....and I am envious of that sunshine.

  8. And thanks to the brave men and women who have made this day possible!

    1. Amen. My father and father-in-law both served in World War 2. They obviously were not killed, but many of their friends gave their lives. We must never forget what they did for us all.

  9. Yes to the comments about the brave men and women who made the day possible!

    Thank you for a peek into your day. It sounds perfect and I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

  10. I love your blog, Janice, and am a long time reader, but Memorial Day is not a holiday to those of us who served in the military and whose loved ones also served. It's a day to pay tribute to the sacrifices of our fallen service members and their families. My day was spent at the veterans cemetery hugging parents, children, siblings and widows of those who gave their lives, as well as remembering my own Dad who died of Agent Orange-related illness 40 years after his service in Vietnam. It's not our day off - it's a day of service for us.

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