Monday, May 01, 2017

Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 12 Months, 12 Outfits - May 2017

Hurrah!!! I always enjoy this day so much.... There's not going to be tons of narrative this month - I've chosen the new outfits and accessories, assembled the really amazingly cool wardrobes that are coming together, and ALSO showing six additional ways to wear the 3 new pieces that are added. If I wrote too much smart-aleck commentary, you'd be here until June...

Please note - four of the six original scarves are sold out on the US website, but that doesn't mean that getting the scarf you love is impossible. If you are smitten with one of the sold-out scarves, call an Hermès boutique - anywhere - and ask if they can find one somewhere, in someone's inventory, for you. They're really very lovely... (and I get nothing from Hermès... sigh...)

Let's dive in - this month everybody gets a new pair of shorts, a tank top, a cardigan, and some accessories...

how to wear black, white and grey in warm weather
Scarf – Hermès Carré en Boucles; earrings – Mujus; tank top – Uniqlo; cardigan – Lands’ End; bracelet – Withaya Cheunjit; shorts – L.L.Bean; sandals – OluKai

how to wear pink, green and beige in warm weather
Scarf – Hermès Flanerie à Versailles; earrings – Alexandra Scarlett Jewelry; tank top – Uniqlo; cardigan – H&M; bracelet – 31 Bits; shorts – L.L.Bean; sandals – Bernie Mev.

how to wear grey, navy and bright blue in warm weather
Scarf – Hermès Au Bout du Monde; earrings – Mujus; tank top – L.L.Bean; cardigan – L.L.Bean; bracelet - Aoy; shorts - L.L.Bean; sandals – Marc Fisher Ltd.

how to wear orange, denim blue and olive green in warm weather
scarf - Hermès Collections Impériales; earrings – Gorjana; tank top – L.L.Bean; cardigan – Dorothy Perkins; bracelet - Serefina; shorts – L.L.Bean; sandals – Adam Tucker

how to wear grey and navy blue in the warm weather
Scarf – Hermès Etude pour un Iris Arc-en-ciel; earrings – Gorjana; tank top – L.L.Bean; cardigan – L.L.Bean; bracelet - Nyoman Rena; shorts – L.L.Bean; sandals – Seychelles

how to wear orange and brown in the summer
Scarf – Hermès Chemins de Corail; earrings - Melanie Auld; tank top – Uniqlo; cardigan - Uniqlo; bracelet - Isabel Marant; shorts – L.L.Bean; sandals – Earth

This six complete wardrobes (and six additional ensembles) - I think these are coming together nicely:

an 11-piece capsule wardrobe in black, grey, white and whiskey brown

how to wear a grey cardigan in warm weather

new ideas for wearing a black tank top

ideas for how to wear white shorts

an 11-piece capsule wardrobe in beige, pink and pastels

how to wear a pink cardigan in warm weather

how to wear a leaf green tank top in cool or warm weather

how to wear khaki shorts with a sweater and scarf

an 11-piece capsule wardrobe in navy, grey, red and shades of blue

how to wear a bright blue tank top with navy and grey

two new ideas for how to style navy shorts

how to style a grey cardigan in warm or cool weather

an 11-piece capsule wardrobe in olive with orange and blue

how to style a blue tank top in cooler and warmer weather

How to style an orange cardigan with olive green

2 accent color ideas to wear with olive green

an 11-piece capsule wardrobe in shades of grey, with blue and orchid

How to style a grey cardigan in winter or summer

how to style a grey tank top in cold or warm weather

two outfits based on navy shorts

an 11-piece capsule wardrobe in brown, beige, orange and red

how to style a brown cardigan with red or orange

how to style a red tank top for cooler weather

how to style brown shorts

I still don't know which of these I like most - what do you think?


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Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 12 Months, 12 Outfits - May 2017
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  1. You are an absolute magician! Love your work. So special.


    Lizer Pearl

  2. The last collection just keeps getting better and better for me. I still love the first one and the scarf is my favorite, but grey is not my color. If I substituted olive for the grey and combined the first and last collections, I would have my perfect wardrobe should I ever need to start from scratch! I don't know how you find so many pieces for so many collections that all work so beautifully together. You work extremely hard for us, Janice, and we appreciate it very much.

  3. The first combination is more and more a favorite.

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  6. I still love the grey and the beige wardrobe best. and can't decide between then! The scarf with the grey is my all time favorite scarf! I'm adding a little more light grey as it is flattering on me and so pretty with white and cream for summer - I just add pearl stud earrings and my pearl-metallic sandals and I'm good to go almost anywhere! Thank you so much for all this beauty XXX Janice Collins, Washington DC

  7. I like the grey/lilac/blue wardrobe the best, though it is my least favorite scarf. Go figure! I'm hoping to add pale grey to my own closet for summer.

  8. Wow, I love this series! I can't pick one favorite. My top three are the grey, navy and olive. The others although not colors I gravitate towards are so lovely as well! Thanks for all of your hard work. :)

  9. Janice,
    Please never cease your " smart aleck " remarks ! I get a huge kick out of the added humor to your posts !
    As to favorite groupings, based upon what would work for my own personal coloring, I have become fond of the beige with pink, blue and green for hot Summer days, and the red and taupe just make my heart skip a beat, in a healthy way !
    I totally agree ( I sound like a Valley Girl ) with the appreciation mentioned by your other readers on your diligent efforts to find just the right pieces to serve as examples of what we can pair together and adapt for our own wardrobes ! You're the best !

  10. After much consideration, I have a favorite! It's the olive drab with orange and denim blue. The woman who wears this wardrobe is bright and fun. She's casual, not a bit pretentious. Her favorite season is summer. She almost never wears a dress. She has beautiful, thick, long auburn hair. Weird thing is, I would look hideous in this color scheme with my nordic blonde coloring.

  11. These are all so great! I gravitate towards the black and the navy because those are my colors, but I am loving all of them. The last one is striking. I must confess that I am feeling a strong urge to slip a pair of denim jeans into these wardrobes. That 60-70's conditioning is strong! - nancyo

  12. I like the Navy/Blue/Red, even though it's not my favorite scarf. The best thing about this series though is that it demonstrates very clearly how to build an integrated wardrobe SLOWLY over time.

  13. I am smitten with the last one!

    Love the LLBean shorts.

  14. I am smitten with the last one!

    Love the LLBean shorts.

  15. Hermes Etude por un Iris Arc-en-ciel and the rest is gravy! Where did you find the grey wrap dress pictured in the Everything for that scarf, Janice?

    1. Marks & Spencer - it's sold out, because I found it in February! But keep your eyes open, they may bring it back. Also, Uniqlo has a "wrap front" dress right now on their site... Lands' End often does wrap dress too...

    2. Thank you! I've worn the Lands' End dresses and they are really nice -- flattering and substantial enough to glide over less smooth areas :) -Hollyce

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  17. This series is so informative! I can't like just one though! Wardrobes 1, 3, and 6! They are all so great!

    I'm with Nancy too, I always have jeans. Thank you so much for all your efforts Janice!!