Friday, April 21, 2017

Build An Overnight Travel Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Before the Parachute Opens, Version 2

After I looked at this painting again, on a different computer, I realized that I just HAD to consider the possibility that the "jumper" here really is more olive than brown...

Before the Parachute Opens by Tullio Crali with color scheme of olive and shades of teal to aqua

Today's heroine is drawn to this painting by the angularity of it - she's the woman who really admires a good right angle, straight lines, clean structural joints and elegantly well-executed welds. She does have a bit of a hidden soft spot though...

travel outfit in teal and olive green
scarf – Reiss; watch – Ted Baker; sleeveless – Haute Hippie; earrings – Alternative; crossbody bag – Marc Jacobs; pants – L.L.Bean; oxfords – G.H. Bass & Co.; jacket - Madewell; overnight bag – Briggs & Riley

Her tote bag is solidly squared off, and easily holds her gear for an overnight trip - maybe she's an architect going to visit a site and then dine with some of the people working there?

an overnight Travel Capsule Wardrobe in olive and teal

earrings – Bony Levy; tunic – Simply Be; ballet flats – Topshop; pajama top - Eres; pajama bottoms - Eres; clutch – Glint; scarf – Missoni; blue earrings - Ippolita; bra - Thirdlove; thong – Thirdlove; top – Simply Be

I'm no miser when it comes to buying pajamas, but these are pretty extravagant!

And I have to give a rousing shout out to Thirdlove, the company that makes this lingerie. I've purchased a couple of bras from them, and I'm quite pleased...

If you're working with a difficult color combination or scheme in your own wardrobe, I encourage you to keep your eyes open for a Missoni scarf that might work in your wardrobe. They are the absolute Italian masters of the odd color combination, and they make them look perfectly comfortable and lovely. You don't even have to exactly match the colors with which you're working - their colors seem to look good with all kinds of things that are just sort of close...

two outfits from a travel capsule wardrobe in olive and teal

Our heroine has a nice outfit - a subtly, delightfully textured tunic and her "utility" pants - to wear for dinner, with some simple but structured accessories. For her return trip, she's back to hard-working olive separates, with a sheer-trimmed tee, square earrings (again!) and a great scarf to tie it all together.

a travel capsule wardrobe in olive and teal

Again, this isn't the wardrobe with which one wants to be stranded for a long time - a 2nd pair of pants might be the best thing to include if that's a risk. And you could always tuck in an off-white tee shirt.... (both of the scarves would be perfect with off-white!)


Build An Overnight Travel Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Before the Parachute Opens, Version 2
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  1. Lovely colours and textures….and as somebody who loves a good right angle, the shapes appeal as well. And I would happily wear those pyjamas to dinner! Maybe the turquoise vest top with the pyjama bottoms, the ballet flats and a long floaty scarf or shawl?

    1. Anybody who buys pajamas that cost that much should wear them wherever they want!

  2. I love these colors together. I wouldn't have thought to pair a teal/turquoise with olive, but it looks fantastic.
    The art, however, gives me vertigo. You know what they call skydiving in French? une baptême de l'air.

  3. Janice,
    Lovely combos , thank you ! The pajamas look brownon my monitor. I confess, that olive is a color with which I struggle for color combining , so this is a duo that I must try ! The lingerie -- ooh la-la !

  4. Thank you for presenting these colors together! I enjoy wearing what could be considered difficult color combinations. Black and white (or similar stark contrasts) aren't flattering to my fair (low contrast) northern European coloring. You've given me something more to work into my wardrobe plan. Violet

  5. I'm loving the teal and olive together! :)

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  7. I have become amazed at how beautiful olive is with my favorite accent colors, aqua, turquoise, teal and light blue, especially with this medium toned olive color you have chosen. I have a similar pair of jeans and this color goes with everything! I love the combo so much, I'm currently sewing dress pants in this color. And that Madewell jacket! The website shows how beautiful this color is with light blue. I'm seriously considering this purchase as it is so perfect and i've learned that if I find something I should to get it quickly as my size is the first to sell out. And those lovely tops! I really don't need another teal top but .... :) Thanks for another lovely post. Janice Collins, Washington, DC

  8. Both colour ways are delicious. And so very practical. I love the gold shoes. Thanks
    Vancouver Barbara

  9. These overnight/tote bag travel posts are my very favorite! - nancyo

  10. One of my most favorite color combos that make me feel most me. I've been wearing olive with teal forever and ever, but only recently made olive a foundation neutral. Besides teal and muted turquoise it goes with so many other blues. And corals and pinks into reds and burgundies, not to mention pale yellow, ivory, black and some grays... Love that Missoni scarf.

    I recently did an overnight conference trip with just a backpack and purse. It worked out great. One pair of pants was no problem.

  11. I have to smile because this combination just goes to show how we all have different tastes and how you can find something for everyone. I find these colors ghastly together, but you'll have something I like soon enough.

  12. I was wishing you would do the olive when you mentioned it on the other post. I liked the teal and turquoise with the brown you chose, but I adore them with olive. I first noticed this combo in a fabric print and have liked it ever since. I need to wear it more.

  13. Janice, I very much agree with what you said about Missoni scarfs. I never thought they were for me but then I picked up a second hand one in the same pattern but different colourway to the one you showed us here.
    Wearing it is bliss. The material is soft yet substantial without being bulky. It keeps me warm but doesn´t suffocate like some warm scarfs do. The colours are strong but not overwhelming and there´s a little sheen to it, as well. It boosts every outfit I wear it with, especially in those cold dark winter monthsthat are hopefully over for now.
    Isn´t it amazing how much a relatively small item of clothing can do for our looks and our mood?


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