Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A couple of interesting things...

I'm quite short of time today, but I did have a couple of things in mind that I've been meaning to share with you....

First, have you heard of an organization called 4Ocean? They clean plastics off of beaches, and thus out of the oceans.  They sell bracelets made from the beach plastics, the funds from which support their work. I need another bracelet like a bad headache, but this would be well worth supporting:

4Ocean cleanup group

And a project I'm looking forward to is trying on FIVE pair of glasses frames from Warby Parker. This is the coolest system - you give them a credit card number so that they know that they're sending things to a trustworthy person, and then you go to their website and choose five glasses frames that you want to try on. At home!

Haskell sunglasses from Warby Parker

How logical is that? You can try them on at leisure, with your friends, family, pets... You can stand close enough to a mirror to see how they look! You can try them at various times of day, with and without makeup, with different outfits.... it's almost like being able to know what your glasses will be like before you get them!

I know for a fact that the 5 pair that I ordered are down in my package room; tonight should be some fun around Chez Vivienne Files, as I model and get opinions....

real, normal blog posts to come soon, I promise!


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  1. Warby Parker is my 'friend'! Both my husband and I have purchased frames (that were fitted with lenses elsewhere) and complete glasses from WP. It was really easy to fit our own frames in the relaxing environment of our home. I hope this works out for you as well as it has worked for us. I have two pairs of WP glasses and they have held up well. My husband has one but is thinking of ordering prescription sunglasses this spring.

  2. My daughter has bought glasses from Warby Parker. It's great if you don't have a complicated prescription.

  3. Janice,
    For future consideration, would you possibly revisit the 3 sets of 9 basic core items from the past few days, and explain how you arrived at the individual items, sort of a " Starting from Scratch" of neutrals, and then your process of assigning the values of color to the number of pieces that you did within each grouping ? I'm still trying to imbed this in my brain-- it should be so easy by now, but some of us are very slow learners ! Thanks !

  4. Never heard of WP! I will be checking it out! Thank you!

  5. Another cool thing about Warby Parker is that for every pair of glasses you buy, they provide a pair of glasses for someone in need. There is a Warby Park "show room" near us, and I overheard one of the salespeople telling another customer that when needed they also provide training in fitting eyeglasses in underprivileged areas. A win all around.