Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Wear Diamonds - the April Birthstone; Some New Ideas!

Everyone already knows how to wear diamonds - there's a big business consortium that's been telling us exactly what to buy, and how to wear it, for decades...

So I'm looking at something a little bit different - unpolished diamonds, or diamonds as an accent with other stones, or diamonds in unusual colors. So if your birthday's in April (or the birthday of a special someone...) and you don't want to go full-on solid diamonds, I have some suggestions:

diamond accented jewelry with an olive dress, and with a rust dress
Dress – Uniqlo; necklace – Celine Daoust; wrap - Loro Piana; scarf – Cornici; necklace – David Yurman; dress – Uniqlo

(yes, you've seen some of these dresses before! A nice dress can stand up to a lot of scrutiny, and works well with a variety of accessories...)

And this black pleated dress? I'm just saying - it's a REALLY good thing that I'm not shopping for a dress (or anything else!) this year - this really appeals to me. Sigh...

And yes, those ARE diamonds on that necklace - diamonds in all sorts of colors!

diamond accented jewelry with a beige dress, and with a black dress
dress - Uniqlo; bracelet - MeiraT; scarf – Eileen Fisher; Scarf – Hinge; dress - Uniqlo; necklace – Noor Fares

I love the way the diamond accents on these subtle colors add just a bit of sparkle without being overwhelming:

diamond accented jewelry worn with beige, and with grey
dress – P.A.R.O.S.H.; earrings - Meira T.; ring - Belpearl; cardigan - N.Peal; cardigan – James Perse; earrings - David Yurman; ring – John Hardy; dress - Patagonia

When you're getting dressed up, you can choose any accent color you like, or you can go totally monochromatic - both are beautiful!

diamond accented jewelry worn with an ivory dress, and with a navy dress
Dress – Lands’ End; necklace - Frederic Sage; scarf - Nordstrom; scarf – Irene Paris; dress - Uniqlo; earrings – Marco Bicego

Diamonds are lovely with less dressy options too - especially these unpolished green diamonds! Who would have thought...

diamond-accented jewelry worn with olive, and with navy
cardigan – Polo Ralph Lauren; green diamond earrings – Mona Lisa’s Closet; bracelet – Roberto Coin; dress – Peter Cohen; dress – Uniqlo; earrings - Gurhan; bracelet – Sydney Evan; cardigan – Fat Face

So if you would like a little something with diamonds (or you're shopping for a gift), you can see that there's a wide world of options!


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  1. I didn't know about this aspect of the diamond. Very interesting. :)

  2. What wonderful and creative suggestions! Thanks!

  3. I must not be much of a jewellery person either; I thought that all diamonds were polished.But I have heard of chocolate diamonds. My favorite piece is the Coin bracelet. Simple yet elegant.

  4. Love the first two pairings (scarf and necklace) combined with the simple dresses. I've never worn both a necklace and a scarf at the same time - interesting look. I'll have to give it a try.

  5. Love the palettes here, Janice. Soft and lovely...

  6. I love diamonds and wear a pair of little studs 75% of the year. I prefer them over my birthstone which is a peridot. I love the pink Argyle Diamonds found here in Australia but they are a little expensive for my budget.

  7. I like these choices too - they take away the hard-edged quality that diamonds can have. These outfits look both elegant and soft. The pink Argyle diamonds appeal to me too, but I've settled happily for garnets.
    Robyn in Tasmania

  8. Note that Noor Fares pendant of colored diamonds isn't natural - they're dyed or heat treated. But the green uncut diamond earrings are really pretty and a great use of a stone that would have been rejected for jewelry a few decades ago.

  9. What great selections! I love the Sydney Evan bracelet in the last set. So pretty! Love the green diamond earrings too! Very interesting way to look at the April birthstone!!

  10. My birthday is in April and I'm heading to South Africa in June. Will consider adding a diamond souvenir to my jewelry stash. I bought a beautiful diamond necklace in Bethlehem a few years ago and have never regretted spending the money on it.