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How to Choose a "Project 333" Wardrobe Based on a Scarf - Ted Baker London's Gem Garden

Monday I put together a wee wardrobe based on a most beautiful scarf, and today I'm going to add some accessories. Given my incredible fondness for numbers, I early on realized that the overall number of items here was going to be very close to 33, so I specifically aimed at that number...

First, let's refresh our collective memory of the scarf, and the colors we were using:

Ted Baker London scarf, style guidelines and color palette
scarf - Ted Baker London

In case you didn't see this on Monday - the scarf is also available with a cream background in place of the black. Did you need more temptation? And this design/pattern is also available in other sized scarves, as well as some lovely bags!

And these were the pieces of clothing that I chose; there are 18 pieces here, so I'm going to gradually add 15 accessories to get us to our target 33 pieces:

18-piece capsule wardrobe in black, pink, gold, grey and sage green

For no good reason, I'm starting with the most dressy ensemble, rather than working from casual to dressy, as I did on Monday. There's no rule about how to do this - just start where you want. For many of us, I would imagine it would make the most sense to start with the outfits that will be worn most often.

These earrings are extravagant, but could easily become a family heirloom... If you don't own 50 pairs of earrings, you can focus on having just a few very lovely, perfect pairs!

black dress with mother of pearl earrings and black pumps

One of the beauties of this scarf is that it permits us to wear both silver and gold jewelry...

grey tunic and black skirt, with silver and pearl necklace, and studded boots
boots – Joie

Yes, you absolutely could manage with only one scarf, if that's your preference. But having an option - especially a scarf of a different shape, and thus different ways to tie - is not a bad idea!

pink and black outfit with scarf, bracelet and ballet flats

This outfit cried out for something a bit dressy - even over the top. I think the brooch accomplishes that quite well! (and that bag's pretty perfect, eh? but it's from the same designer as the scarf, so we can't be really surprised...)

beige and black tweed jacket with black silk separates, a floral brooch, and two-toned handbag

I love the idea of blush pink loafers with this wardrobe, but the very first thing I would do with these shoes would be take them to the cobbler to have to sole edges blackened! The stuff is called "edge dressing," and it would make these shoes absolutely perfect with this wardrobe... (and for what it's worth, these loafers come in twenty-seven colors...)

black and white outfit with blush accessories

It would be really tempting to have either silver or gold flats here, but I really wanted to keep to 33 total pieces, so I used the black flats again here. I would wear this without a second thought about the black shoes, but I'm curious to know if any of you find them too dark?

jade green blouse, white capris, jade earrings and black ballet flats

I KNEW that I would include either a backpack or a tote... seeing this tote made the choice easy!

pink sweater and black jeans, with color blocked tote and studded boots

This is such a simple outfit - I sort of envision the scarf worn as a belt? - that I felt comfortable going all-out for a great pair of earrings.

gold tee and black shorts with gold flower earrings and black flat sandals

This is all of the accessories - assembled. This would be a great wardrobe to pack if your destinations were going to present you with a wide variety of weather conditions and levels of dressiness:

And here's how the Project 333 turned out... The template is a work in progress, and could easily be changed around to reflect more clothing, or clothing chosen in a different way. It just really suits my tidy brain to see everything on one page...

a template for a Project 333 wardrobe

I've had another question about starting a wardrobe with a scarf, so I think I'm going to revisit this entire project with a completely different color scheme - navy, camel, grey and white...


PS - Don't know about Project 333 or need a refresher? Check out my resource page on Project 333 to learn more.

How to Choose a "Project 333" Wardrobe Based on a Scarf - Ted Baker London's Gem Garden
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  1. My daughters used to wear heavy black lace up shoes with light trousers, when they were teens back in the 90s. I didn't like it much, but I think the ballet flats, being a much lighter shoe, would be fine. I think I would like that particular outfit even more with the black sandals. Linda M

  2. Hi Janice, This is such a Beautiful wardrobe. I like the idea of gold flats. I have a lovely pair of gold sandals for summer that are both dressy and casual and go with everything I have . They are almost the only shoes I need and so comfortable. I love them so much I bought a 2nd pair for when these wear out. Really looking forward to the navy, camel and grey. Navy and camel are my winter neutrals and I'd like to incorporate more grey. Also my accents are light blue, teal and aqua/turquoise. Maybe a wardrobe with these :) Janice Collins, Washington DC.

  3. I was at Nordstrom yesterday and saw this Ted Baker London print in dress form. It was stunning! I would prefer to wear those white capris and green top with a pair of silver or pewter sandals, rather than black ballet flats. To my eye the black flats look too heavy.

  4. I'd try the black flats with the white capris since they tie in with the black scarf, but I'd probably end up wearing a lighter color shoe or sandal - perhaps the pink blush? but most likely a nude color shoe.

  5. Beautiful wardrobe and accessories. I love the way you have matched some of the accessories with the clothes, in particular the jade earrings with the green blouse. I also agree with others that swapping the black ballet flats with a pair of pewter/metallic shoes with those white trousers - although when I wear my white capris I tend to style them with either black and white patterned vans or black/metallic thong sandals. Sharon, U.K.

  6. As I don't wear black I can't wait to see what the navy, camel, gray and white looks like.....

  7. Janice,
    This whole grouping has such a rich, elegant, quality feel to it, and while I look like death warmed over in anything black, I can admire
    beautiful clusters like this for someone else ! I see this heroine going off on an ocean cruise and dining in elegant lounges, and maybe solving a murder mystery while she's on board !
    Square scarves seem to have disappeared from our local stores for the past few years despite their versatility. Everything here is either rectangular or an eternity scarf. But then, I'm not purchasing at the Hermes price point, so that could be my problem !

  8. i ♥ this plan.. the colors are beautiful and the groupings perfect.

  9. I need to take a picture of the Lands End silk scarf that I would love to make the basis of a "333" capsule wardrobe. I toyed with the idea when I first bought the scarf, but bowed to public opinion and went on my merry shopping way.

  10. The accessories just finish this off so beautifully. I think the black flats are not quite right with the white pants grouping, eeven using the scarf as a belt. I would choose lighter colour more casual shoes or sandals, black sandals would work well.
    Deb from Vancouver

  11. You had me at that Michaud brooch! Just too, too stunning to resist.

  12. THIS IS MY COLOR PALETTE!!! I ended up subbing in burgundy for the green because I couldn't find any mossy green stuff. This is probably too dressy for my homemaker wardrobe but it really makes me so happy to see it. I may have to indulge in that scarf. Have to admit that fancy scarfs scare me. I've never owned one and wouldn't know what to do with it without feeling like a poser. LOL

  13. Exquisite accessories! This is indeed a lovely wardrobe for an elegant cruise and perhaps a mystery for our heroine to solve. I think the black flats would be OK because they're such little shoes and at the footpath end of the outfits, though I'd pobably want a little something else black to make them cohere - perhaps included in earrings or a pendant. This has been an excellent response to the lively scarf. Now I'm looking forward to the next colour set based on navy and the other neutrals!
    Robyn in Tasmania

  14. Dear Janice,

    Long time reader (actually only 5 months), first time poster--to paraphrase radio callers.

    This is a BEAUTIFUL 333 wardrobe that I would wear in a hot second. I would wear those black flats with the white pants! Of course, I love and live in black, pink, gray, blue, and purple.

    I have one big complaint with your blog and that is when I reach the end of each day's post, I have to occupy my time for 24 hours until your next one to get my Vivienne fix. And don't start me on the wait over the weekends!:-)

    Thank you for your hard work and all that you are teaching me about how to have a beautiful, minimal wardrobe. And a big thank you to all the lovely readers of yours for their helpful commentary and pleasant banter. In this stressful situation that we are living through in our country at this time, I find your corner of the internet to be a nice, necessary respite from the world.



  15. I still feel like I want a template for accessories -- something like 1 pair athleisure shoes, one pair flats that can go with skirts or pants, 1 pair heels; 1 shiny short necklace...

  16. I think the black flats work really well with the white capris if you also wear the scarf :)

  17. This is such a pretty wardrobe! I love the idea of adding a metallic shoe to the mix, too. However, I would swap the loafer and ballet flat colors.

  18. Wow, this is an absolutely stunning wardrobe! I was searching for navy, grey, and green and so this was perfect! The scarf is absolutely gorgeous. However, it is no longer available at Nordstrom :( Any ideas for another scarf or anchoring piece that would bring this all together?

    1. Zappos still has a similar scarf here:

      There's a madly expensive but glorious Valentino scarf that would be idea:

      And you might want to consider this one from Echo:

      I hope you find what you want!