Friday, December 09, 2016

Timeless: Some of My Favorite Posts from the Past, Based on Portraits of Women

Ah, artists seem to do some of their very best work when painting women and girls...

Marie Laurencin is one of my very favorite artists; were I ever to branch out from a back and white wardrobe, this color scheme would be perfect for me..

I think this post might have been one of my first forays into the idea of a story to accompany the wardrobe; it all just seemed to work together so well!

The Vivienne Files July 3, 2015

Working with wardrobes in brown might be the most difficult task of The Vivienne Files. But this came together nicely, with an attention to detail that pleased me tremendously!

The Vivienne Files May 28, 2016

A wardrobe of warm-weather, soft pastel colors, based on another work from my favorite: 

The Vivienne Files July 13, 2015

This glorious painting served as the basis of a casual, but richly-colored wardrobe:

The Vivienne Files March 5, 2016

What a beautiful, unusual color scheme. And this post was another of my early "stories"... 

The Vivienne Files July 31, 2015

She was such a glorious artist - please tell me she wasn't this beautiful...

The Vivienne Files July 8, 2015

If all goes according to plan, I'm back from vacation tomorrow!


Italist - 728x90 New arrivals Fall winter 16 17


  1. The first one is inspiring me all over again. If I had to truly limit myself to one grouping it would be black, white and grey neutrals with red and pink as my accent colours. I think I could happily live in those clothes for the rest of my life. And I LOVE the story - been there - done that.

  2. I love the palette from Madame Paul Escudier! While my wardrobe mainly navy, gray and teal, I can really see me moving into the browns. I also think that the dash of red really makes it come alive.

  3. I love the feel of a "Flash Back Friday" - it's so nice to end the week revisiting posts loosely combined with a theme. Every time I reread a post presented within a theme I seem to glean some new bit of information or insight. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I loved the silk robe post and have enjoyed looking at it again!

  5. Dear Janice, please if you can write a post for us who can't commit to one grouping year around.
    I make new capsule with restricted palette each 3 months - but even than it is a struggle and I can't restrict it that much, although I become aware of the benefits of that approach! I shop from my closet and purchase only in purpose of establishing my core pods. When switching capsules I keep half of pods the same and enjoy how they dance with new colors like having a whole new wardrobe each time!
    Since this is my 3rd capsule I started to understand more and more about the system and how to adopt it to my needs. It is something you encourage us over and over again and it would be nice to see it in more examples.

    I narrowed my options by using only one dark neutral and only one light neutral and cream; and limiting the range of my accents, that I rotate over the year. For example from range of red,pink,orange etc. only one at the time: this year it was pink in spring, hot pink in summer, cognac in autumn, burnt orange in winter. But maybe next summer it will be yellow. Maybe nautical red? Depends on the whole palette. (This is based on my clothes that I own already, the neutrals were my new purchases.) The same with my blues, now in winter it is earth tones, so it is slate blue. I am aware I made it complicated, but honestly I can't imagine resisting the temptation of all colors year around.
    It is not that hard since the fabrics are different. For example all my dark neutral linen is navy.
    I don't mind repeating the whole process each 3 months since I find it highly beneficial and therapeutic. In fact it is let's say each 6 weeks since the whole process itself takes 6 weeks or so. :D So I have plenty to look forward! :)

    Some guidelines for wardrobe of rotating palettes would be highly appreciated. Maybe some wardrobes for next year could have more than 2 accent colors at the same time, and different neutrals across the year.
    All in all - thank you for everything!!

    s. from zagreb

  6. Only goes to show how women are interpreted with different personalities and attitude over the years. A very interesting illustration of different era, which keeps students studying arts via writing a dissertation abstract very interested all the time.