Friday, November 25, 2016

Timeless: Some of My Favorite Posts from the Past, Based on Abstract Art

First, I've got to admit that I don't think that "abstract" is the perfect term to use here, but what I mean to say is that these paintings share a complete lack of identifiable objects in them. To me, that just makes the colors more important. If you're more knowledgeable about art terms, please set me straight here, and I'll make the correction when I'm back from vacation.

Belovedest is a big fan of Rothko, and he's converted me. These colors are much more complex in person than you can ever imagine; it's worth seeking out one of his works and spending some time in front of it. There's more here than you would suspect...

The Vivienne Files July 27, 2015

I like to imagine that the name of this painting has something to do with the way that the artist includes olive and pink - seemingly conflicting colors - in a way that works so beautifully. And the heroine of this little story is a fearless favorite:

The Vivienne Files August 25, 2015

I find this painting SO stirring; the colors just delight me... and the story that goes with this post is my ideal travel dream...

The Vivienne Files September 3, 2015

More Rothko - I find the balance in his colors schemes and constructions very... satisfying. And this post has another one of those heroines that I love...

The Vivienne Files August 27, 2015

This is my kind of art - I like things tidy, you know...  and this is another one of those heroines that has a quiet mastery of life that drives the people around her CRAZY...

The Vivienne Files April 19, 2016

This sort of has an object in it. Kind of. But I'm including it with these other pieces of art because I wanted to make sure that we got it in here somehow!

The Vivienne Files March 19, 2016


Italist - 728x90 New arrivals Fall winter 16 17


  1. So many to love here. But, on a wardrobe level, so hard to choose!

  2. I am really enjoying your Timeless posts - and discovering some really great wardrobes. I love the Egypt Drawing 9 post - it's very close to what I am developing as my go-to travel wardrobe. And yes, I would definitely play that game! - nancyo

  3. These compilations are like the best kind of magazine! Dangerous for productivity and heaps of fun (not to mention all the virtuous qualities of stimulating thought and creativity on one's own account). They're very enjoyable, thank you for putting them together.

    Here we've been having a holiday at home: we pick a destination but only pretend to go there. This week it's been Turkey, a fascinating country with wonderful scenery, art and architecture. So we've been cooking from Claudia Roden's recipe books, reading up on Turkish history, watching films, going to our local art museums, and so on. Still necessary to dress for wild Tasmanian spring weather though!

    Robyn in Tasmania

  4. Janice, I am VERY interested in your "year without shopping." I did that several years ago. It was a challenge, it was educational, and li berating. I actually did "Nothing New." So, that is different. But STILL! I'll follow you whatever you do, but if you've never done anything like that...go for it!

  5. I guess I have a ways to go in appreciating and understanding modern/abstract art. But the colors are beautiful. Hope you're enjoying your vacation Janice. xo

  6. Hi, I have just discovered your site, or rather my daughter found it for me and it seems like the answer to my prayers.So few clothes and such organisation! Can you direct me where to start? Pick a scarf or pick art or pick my favourite colours. Where could I find the very beginning of all this fantastic info?

    With gratitude

    1. Pick your favorite outfit, and then figure out why. Your best colors? The cut you love the most? The combination of silhouettes? And then build from there. Dream about what makes you happy - if you love a particular painting, or bird, or flower, ask yourself why (if you can figure it out!) and see if there's something to be learned from that. What was your very favorite thing to wear when you were a child? A teenager? Do you remember why? Can anything there be applied to your current life?

      In short, there's no easy answer! I wish I could simplify it more, but if I did, it would rob you of that unique "you-ness" that you're looking for. Identifying what makes your heart sing is the real key, and it doesn't come easily, and it might take some time.

      Encouraging hugs,