Monday, October 24, 2016

Tote Bag Travel in Orange, Rose and Sand

Not what you normally think of as autumn colors, but why not:

two classic scarves, in sand, orange and rose

two classic scarves, in sand, orange and rose, and a color palette based upon them

She Had Hoped that Nobody Noticed....

That she was working from home on the day of the holiday party...

a travel outfit in sand and deep orange

"You're going to be here later, aren't you?"

"No, I didn't plan to..."

"You can have one of the Executive Committee hotel rooms...."

"Well, ***sigh*** I'm not going to wear a dress..."

What to pack for an overnight trip, in ivory and pink

Later, the Chairman told her that she looked like "a spring flower in the midst of all of these black dresses..."

2 outfits taken from a Tote Bag Travel plan in orange, rose and sand for a travel capsule wardrobe

She's not sure how she feels about that, frankly.


A weekend travel capsule wardrobe in a sand, rose, ornage color palette
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  1. The sand color in the right fabrics could look extremely dressy (vs. chinos, for example). With those metallic, bowed flats, it's such a classy yet comfortable ensemble. And you show how a person can take two colors that might not go together (scarf aside) and wear each while not having to wear them together.
    You open my eyes every time.

  2. A brilliant scenario .... and as usual very well dressed :-)

  3. Love the scenario! More than once I deliberately wore something bright when I just knew I was going to be faced with a sea of black at some work event - always felt a wee bit subversive! :-)

  4. Loving these short stories and the Tote Bag Travel theme!

  5. This is so pretty, I wish I could wear these colors! The earrings are fabulous. - nancyo

  6. This is incredibly lovely!! I crave wearing light clothes like these, so much, that is so elegant!!! (I'm dark autumn.)
    BTW I'm just finishing starting from scratch autumn capsule again (with actual clothes, done mid summer with pictures of it and in spreadsheet, and purchase done according to it - but with no pants) and was moaning how I have no pants whatsoever. Decided to substitute with skirts and dresses. Lo and behold stumbled upon ecru cropped pants on sale in H&M my size (that is very very rare occasion) and purchased them! They look a little bit summery to me. Although the fabric is just a tad lighter than fabric of my autumn skirts, it could pass as very similar. Ladies what do you all think? Now seeing this, I'm gathering courage! I have cognac in my palete or light brown similar to rust shown above.

    1. p.s. here they are e.g. very very similar - pants that I'm wandering if I can wear now

      (this is my actual starting from scratch board)

    2. The pants look very nice indeed! With your colour palette they'll wear nicely through Autumn, without looking overly summery. In fact your new wardrobe sounds very thoughtfully prepared. Well done!
      Robyn in Tasmania

    3. Thank you, dear Robyn, so much!!! :) This is my 3rd season that I do starting from scratch, it is incredibly rewarding process to do. <3

      Sania from Zagreb

  7. Very nice! I'm drawn to the ivory, champagne, gold colors for dressy clothes too. I have a fancy gold poncho and a lacy sheer ivory jacket/cardigan but I always wear them over black..........I'm too chicken to get the light pants I guess! LOL! Maybe if I can ever wear a smaller size.......

    1. Don't wait. Buy them now. I'm a 16-18 and I feel bad ass every time I wear my white jeans!

  8. I agree, it's such an unusual colour set, yet it works beautifully and looks sophisticated. Another eye-opener Janice, thank you!

  9. For some strange reason, I missed more than a week of your posts!!! I viewed your site everyday but only saw the one from the day before you left. I was very happy to follow your adventures on Instagram and thought nothing of it. Until today, when I was on my "big" computer and lo and behold tons of treasures, so well packaged. Thank you for preparing so well for us. This is a very clever format.

    Deb from Vancouver