Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tote Bag Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Navy, Hot Pink and White

Classic colors, timeless design:

two scarves, in navy, red, hot pink and white

The clever color scheme of this scarf opens the door to a capsule wardrobe with accent colors of red, bright pink, or cobalt blue... maybe even grey?

Sisters From Different Mothers

They've done it once a month for YEARS...

two scarves, in navy, red, hot pink and white, and the color palette based upon them

a classic travel outfit in navy and white, with an Hermes scarf

They get a hotel room downtown, and spend the night together. Some evenings they dine out, sometimes they go to the theater, or an opera. But they always dress us, and they always laugh until their sides hurt. Even at the opera! (heck, especially at the opera...)

What to pack for an overnight trip, in navy, hot pink and white in a travel capsule wardrobe

Tonight, they're just going to an old favorite restaurant. Then they'll sit up half the night talking...

2 outfits taken from a classic overnight packing plan in a travel capsule wardrobe

Everybody should have this kind of unconditional friendship, eh?


A weekend travel capsule wardrobe in a navy blue, hot pink, and white color palette
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  1. Lovely bright bold colour combination although I've never personally worn pink and red together in a pattern before. The dark navy tones it down a lot which is a shame, perhaps a lighter neutral would showcase the 'hot' colours better rather than deaden them. I also love the story of two people meeting once a month and spending time out on the town and overnight in a hotel. I kind of do this but not at home and not every month, but two or three times a year for long weekends travelling to another City far away to enjoy different cultures and cuisine. Sharon, UK.

  2. Janice the variety that you offer is awesome. Some people are going to absolutely love this combo, and it will totally embody their bubbly vivacious personalities.

  3. This dress!!! I love it! The strong colors and patterns here give me energy. I could eat this whole blog entry with a spoon.

  4. Love these colours and love the story - I have a few old girlfriends (one who lives in another city) and I make the effort to spend time with each of them a couple of times a year for a weekend away. We pick a hotel - find something special to do theatre or a concert etc.) and then drink a bit too much wine and catch up. I don't do bad with the packing for these weekends but I'm definitely going to be referring to these posts to streamline things even more!

  5. Perfection! I'm transitioning my winter wardrobe to have navy as a core neutral with pink as an accent. AND we're traveling for a short Thanksgiving stay. Exactly one day travel, feast day, and one day return travel. :)

  6. I like the new format to pin to Pinterest!!! It gives a nice summary so you can find it again easily. Bravo! or rather Bravissimo!

  7. I just sent this to my best friend, as it sounds like the two of us, albeit only once or twice a year! Lovely wardrobe and story!

  8. I always want to live in your stories Janice! (oh, and wear the clothes, too.)

  9. The pop of red on the Longchamp bag is just perfect for this travel capsule!

  10. I am loving these tote bag stories and outfits.

  11. I own this scarf, and it's interesting to me that the colors on the Hermes website are much brighter than those of the actual scarf. The pink in the scarf reads more like a heathered pink or berry, and the intersecting lines are a dull orange and a burgundy. Despite these facts, I think the wardrobe is fine with the scarf except for the j. crew turtleneck which is perhaps too bright. Perhaps the main lesson is the importance of seeing a scarf in person before spending $400 on it!