Friday, October 21, 2016

Tote Bag Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Black, Yellow and Red

Strong, classic colors, with LOTS of accent possibilities in the Hermes scarf:

Classic French scarves: Hermes, and a solid wrap
Scarf – Hermes Flânerie à Versailles; knit scarf – BP. 

But for just one night, we only need a couple of accent colors in the capsule wardrobe color palette... 

two scarves, and the color palette taken from them

She LIKES Carmen...

But nobody else seems to... so she's going to the opera alone!

Classic travel outfit in black and yellow, with an Hermes scarf

A nice pre-theater dinner is in the cards too; if she's going to do this, she's going to do it right!

What to pack for overnight, in black, white and red

two outfits from a classic overnight packing plan in black, red and yellow

And she's got a knockout brunch planned for the next morning...


A weekend travel capsule wardrobe in a red, black, and yellow color palette


  1. Those colors really brighten the black.

  2. Love this scarf and the energy of this wardrobe! Bright but classy!

  3. The versatility of the skirt surprised me. Nicely done.

  4. Carmen is about the only opera I like, so if this woman was looking for company to the opera I'd volunteer! And I love her bold color choices, although I prefer pants to skirts. Did she ever wear the necklace she packed?

  5. I love those pleated skirts in theory, just not on me. I think you have to be tall and thin to pull it off. Two things I am not! : ) Very classy combo!

  6. The scarf is beautiful and offers so many options- a great long term investment

  7. Beautiful scarf, but she only wore it in transit? That was my first thought and probably shouldn't have mentioned it because I am truly enjoying these tote bag posts and look forward to reading them every morning.

  8. OMG. I am in fact going alone to my first opera tomorrow. Thank you!

  9. Love the opera and really like the idea of getting away alone! Daydreaming now! I could take the Amtrak from DC to New York - see an Opera, visit the Met. Museum the next day, go shopping and return the next evening! Ahhh! Our Janice is so imaginative with her little vignettes! Really she should write a book!