Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tote Bag Travel Capsule Wardrobe in Black, Sand and Teal

I love this scarf - in fact, in the next 2 weeks, you're going to see it FIVE times, in 5 different color combinations. I do these kinds of things to show the inherent versatility in simple garments, once you start playing around with the color combinations!

So let's start here:

two scarves in black, sand and teal

I'm going to resist the temptation to focus on the black, and use sand as our main color:

two scarves in black, sand and teal, and the color palette drawn from them

HOW Did He Do It???

It was the place that's booked until Christmas. Christmas of 2018...

Classic travel outfit in cream and black, with teal accessories

When the phone rang, she wasn't surprised to hear from him. But he had to repeat himself THREE TIMES before it really sank in that they're going out to dinner. THERE. TONIGHT....

What to pack for an overnight trip, in teal, black and sand in a travel capsule wardrobe

Notice the angular earrings and bracelet that echo the pattern of the skirt fabric?

Thank heavens the laundry was done, and she'd picked up dry cleaning!

2 outfits taken from a classic overnight packing plan

A nice roomy sweater for the return home might be the perfect thing; she expects to still feel somewhat stuffed tomorrow...


A weekend travel capsule wardrobe in a Black, Sand, and Teal color palette
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  1. Oh, I love it I love it I love it. Blue/beige/black are right up there with red/beige/black for my favorite color combos. I like the blue bold like here or a soft baby blue that you use in your monthly lineups. But bold blue and baby blue could play nicely together, right? So....blue or red? That is the question.

  2. The skirt is so gorgeous. Both the scarf and the skirt play the dominant roles in this set, leaving the tops to play the role of the elegant but neutral supporting cast who nevertheless get the upper hand in the long run because of their versatility.

  3. At first look, the scarf did not hold much interest for me, but after closer inspection I think it would be a beautiful addition to my wardrobe. Thanks for the Pinterest link.

  4. I was completely confused about why she would pack a dress and then not wear it...until I realized it was her nightgown...

    1. Me too! That nightgown is gorgeous. :)

    2. Me too. I had to do a double take - it is so beautiful I thought it was a dress. Glad to see the addition of nightgowns/pjs to the Tote Bag Travel (I've been known to forget to pack them!)

  5. This is lovely, and so elegan ! I am looking forward to the other wardrobes with this scarf. Often my travel colors are black, taupe, and white, with blue my most common accent color. - nancyo

  6. Lovely choices as always. Where can I find a man who will come up with these kinds of surprises?

  7. I often think 'gasp, I want that!' when I open your posts. I love this teal... and those loafers!

  8. I love how you accent the details like that angular jewelry! These are fun posts!!

  9. You make it seem so easy to be beautiful. The scarf is gorgeous but i would choose Hermes Jungle Love Tattoo for a night out!

  10. Stunning! A dreamy getaway ... In teal! Definitely my favorite color this season. Love this scarf - Please keep the posts coming!! :)
    Yael, Israel