Monday, October 03, 2016

12 Months, 12 Outfits in 6 Capsule Wardrobes: October

For October, I decided to be really, really practical; I looked at the capsule wardrobes as they are currently assembled, and tried to think of what I would be missing, right now, if this were my wardrobe. First off, there are NO JEANS!!! 2 other basics that I also felt would be useful were a v-neck sweater, and another button-front shirt, in a light neutral color if it's not already present.

So  let's plunge in!

(The previous months of this lovely project can be seen here: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September

First off, as always, the scarves upon which we are basing our color schemes and thus our capsule wardrobes:

6 Hermes scarves from Spring 2016
Navy– Hermès Voyage en Etoffes; brown – Hermès Tyger Tyger
beige – Hermès Le Voyage de Pytheas; olive – Hermès Cheval Mirage

In addition to the 3 pieces of clothing mentioned, I looked for a really simple necklace for each wardrobe, and another tote bag. Some wardrobes didn't have a real tote bag yet, and everybody can stand one more bag, I suppose...

3 piece outfit in turquoise, denim and white, for a Summer or Winter

Here's where we find ourselves - 24 pieces of clothing, and truly prepared for most occasions!

24-piece capsule wardrobe in navy, beige, turquoise and jade

These are just a few of the new outfits possible with the addition of these 3 garments:

3 ways to wear a turquoise v-neck sweater

3 ways to wear blue jeans in a capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear a white oxford shirt in a capsule wardrobe

I love the color of this shirt; it's described is Bright Chamois, but I don't think that's terribly accurate, do you?

And do be VERY alert when shopping, these days. A lot of pants that look like they're going to be... "normal..." will in fact be cropped, if you look closely. Maybe you're small enough that this is a benefit, and maybe you want cropped. But if you just want plain, regular pants that cover your shins and ankles, be certain that that's what you're getting!

This wardrobe covers a lot of Autumn colors, but it "hangs together" rather well:

24-piece capsule wardrobe for Autumns

Each additional piece gives quite a few new options:

3 ways to wear a brown v-neck sweater in a capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear rust jeans in a capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear a soft gold cotton shirt in a capsule wardrobe

This wardrobe is always so pretty, but SO challenging; that shade of blue doesn't just grown on trees!

3-piece outfit in beige and soft blue, for a Summer

This just gets prettier...

24-piece capsule wardrobe for a Summer

As with any piece that I choose to add to these wardrobes, they more than pull their own weight!

3 ways to wear a taupe v-neck sweater in a capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear sable chinos in a capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear a soft blue cotton shirt in a capsule wardrobe

This is the BEST time of year to look for these colors! And there's a tiny citrine embedded in the bar necklace... I love those kinds of small enhancements...

3-piece outfit in dark olive green and tan

24 pieces of clothing, but literally dozens and dozens of options:

24 piece capsule wardrobe for Autumn or Spring

As always, each new piece is going to get worn a LOT:

3 ways to wear an olive v-neck sweater in a capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear dusty olive jeans in a capsule wardrobe

3 ways to wear a khaki shirt in a capsule wardrobe

This wardrobe already included a perfect pale grey blouse, so I thought that a denim shirt would be a very useful addition:

3-piece outfit in denim and soft grey, for a Summer

Well-rounded and ready for anything!

a capsule wardrobe for a Summer, in grey, blue and jade

Lots of outfit options, of course!

3 ways to wear a grey v-neck sweater

three ways to wear grey jeans

three ways to wear a denim shirt with grey

black and white three-piece outfit with red accents

If I woke up tomorrow morning and THIS was in my closet, I'd be startled, but I don't think I'd actually be upset...

a capsule wardrobe for a Winter in black, white, red and blue

Options! It's good to have options...

three ways to wear a black v-neck sweater

Three ways to wear black jeans with bright blue

Three ways to wear a black and white checked shirt


12 capsule wardrobe outfits for 12 months
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  1. That last wardrobe is becoming my favorite (well, they are my best colors) but each of the wardrobes is lovely in its own right.

    I bought two pair of gray jeans (1912 straight leg, and a slim leg, different fits and different grays) from LL Bean and am taking one pair on my trip this week. I just added a flannel shirt and had to laugh - I have all of the September elements in my suitcase - flannel shirt, vest, solid scarf, and gloves. Jeans instead of cords and I'm not bringing ankle boots (although I love them). - nancyo

  2. Congratulations - another great addition to already wonderful wardrobes. By using a scarf as the starting palette, I love how the clothes look together on the same page. There is a depth in the layers of colours that I particularly like. Right now my colour crush is Vera (BBC TV). The stylist dresses Vera in many different colours but all cohesive together. Looking forward to November and December. Hugs Carol S

  3. I agree with Carol. There is a depth and breadth in each wardrobe that reflects the careful thought that you have put into each.

  4. These are so versatile--you have covered all the bases. And the addition of jeans was perfect--jeans are so practical and so appropriate so often.

  5. I'm really enjoying this series!

    I will be away for a few days the end of this week & was having such a TIME deciding what to pack, mainly because the weather is quite iffy 'round these parts right now but also because the activities include lolling about on a cottage porch and dinner in the nice dining room at the inn. So yesterday I had a poke about some of the packing posts and I have to say "Thank you." for having them archived so neatly and orderly. I was able to easily find posts to help me a long and I was then able to easily make my packing choices.

    Thanks again, Janice! You do lovely work here.

  6. This gives me so much to think about. Now that I'm looking for more casual clothes, these pieces are exactly what I'd decided to add to my existing clothes. I did buy 1 new shirt last week, I switched over all my sweaters yesterday and I've got 4 V-necked ones, the one colour that I'm looking to add is a bright navy or royal blue. I also have 2 pair of blue jeans and 1 in grey but would like to add at least 1 pair of cords. This post gives me some great options to consider!

  7. Your combinations inspire me so much! I love your website the most!

  8. I have the exact shirt in the Bright chamois and it is such a delightful golden yellow color. If anyone is looking for a warm toned button down, I can't recommend this one enough. It is not long enough to wear untucked at least not for me, but the color is great. I wear this lots with olive so combining two of your schemes above, but wear the shirt with rust as well.

  9. These are so pretty that I have forgotten which one i thought was "me" - way back in January and February. Now i want 10 of them!

  10. Wow! You have done a superb job here today!
    Love these!

  11. These wardrobes feel so complete and prepared for anything. It makes me rethink how much I really need to keep in my own closet. This month's addition of jeans, a button down shirt (or button up as my kids argue with me), v-neck sweater, tote and a necklace are all things that I already own in just the right colors. Can you feel me smiling?! All the wardrobes are so beautiful - I can no longer have just one favorite.

  12. I was so glad to see the denim shirt... I can live without a "white" (or light) shirt, but will not survive without my denim!

  13. I love a great denim shirt BUT I really want one without chest pockets!!! I guess I am going to have to make one myself. It is just boring sewing with lots of seaming details to do. Poor me.

    Deb from Vancouver

  14. I too no longer have a favourite among these 'sets' because you've made them so versatile and incorporated such interesting garments with variety in texture, tone, pattern and plain, and styling. Having said that, I notice that your first slide is pretty much how I dress most days, except with a cardie or jacket instead of the jumper. Perhaps I do have a colour preference after all ...
    Robyn in Tasmania

  15. Hi Ladies,

    I was wondering... do any of you have a problem using a nice scarf with a collared top?

  16. Yes, it's tricky. I have a couple of longer (not square but long oblongs) thin scarves that will go under the collars and can be knotted at mid-chest. A bit shows around/under the collar but not too much. I find silk best for this. On me anything else just looks fussy. I used to like the cravat style but it's sadly out of fashion I think.
    Mai Tai shows a range of options on her blog/website too.
    Robyn in Tasmania.

  17. My colors are grey, blue, and green. So I'm flipping my favorite each month between 3 of those wardrobes. The 1st is closer to my work outfits while the 4th and 5th are closer to weekend wear.