Thursday, September 01, 2016

12 Months, 12 Outfits in 6 Capsule Wardrobes: September

It's really starting to sink in with me how big this file is!  31 pages of images, all but 1 of which gets changed each month... But it's such a fun exercise!

As always, let's first look at the scarves around which we are building the 6 capsule wardrobes:

Navy– Hermès Voyage en Etoffes; brown – Hermès Tyger Tyger
beige – Hermès Le Voyage de Pytheas; olive – Hermès Cheval Mirage

For all six outfits for September, I included a flannel shirt, corduroy pants, shorts boots, gloves, a scarf, and some kind of vest. Within those fairly strict guidelines, I still was able to pull together some wide-ranging looks!

And yes, I would wear a plaid scarf with a plaid shirt. In a heartbeat...

Flannel shirt – L.L.Bean; cashmere gloves – Malo; boots – Sam Edelman
cordsL.L.Bean; scarf – Scotch & Soda; vest – Uniqlo

Only 21 pieces of clothing, but it just feels like more, doesn't it?

The new additions are going to integrate nicely into the previously existing wardrobe:

After looking for a very long time (VERY long time), I found this flannel shirt. Patience is an essential quality to cultivate if you are looking for colors that aren't found everywhere...

And for what it's worth, this scarf is available right now in 19 colors - just in case you've got a tough color in mind!

Flannel shirt – Obey; boots – Cole Haan; gloves – Talbots;  
scarf Nordstrom; cords – L.L.Bean; vest – L.L.Bean

I'm still loving the range of warm tones here:

 You can wear pastels even in the coldest weather, if you are persistent in looking for them!

Flannel shirt – Uniqlo; boots – Franco Sarto; gloves – Lands’ End
cashmere scarf – Uniqlo; cords – L.L.Bean; vest – Uniqlo

It gets prettier every month:

Why yes, this IS the same flannel shirt as in the previous wardrobe! It looks very different than when it was surrounded by soft pastels...

And these cashmere gloves and scarves are available in a dozen colors. I've seem them "in the flesh," and they're a very good value. It's not that kind of cashmere that blows your hair back and makes you want to start raising goats, but it's very nice...
Flannel shirt – Uniqlo; boots – Blondo; gloves – Uniqlo
cashmere scarf – Uniqlo; cords – L.L.Bean; vest – Lands’ End

I could look for a MONTH and not find a more perfect flannel shirt than this one, for this palette!

Flannel shirt – L.L.Bean; boots – Easy Street; gloves – Lord & Taylor;  
cords – L.L.Bean; scarf – Alexander Wang; vest -  Uniqlo

I know I've said it before, but I would wear these 2 plaids together with no hesitation. If that feels a bit "fast" for you, a blue scarf, or solid black, would always be appropriate.

Flannel shirt – Uniqlo; boots – Munro; gloves – Uniqlo
cords – L.L.Bean; cashmere scarf – Uniqlo; vest – Uniqlo

That middle outfit, just above here? The black cardigan is going to cover most of the plaid shirt, so that the pattern mixing isn't quite so "out there." Comfort levels with these sorts of things vary among people, and vary depending on the event. If you're comfortable wearing things like this, go for it! The world needs more non-conformity of the harmless, aesthetic kind.


p.s. Previous monthly installments of this series can be found here: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August.

p.p.s. Some items from earlier months are sold-out by now. I'm sorry, but you know how very little I can control these things...


  1. I am always a sucker for khaki and baby blue. In fact, that's what I wore yesterday. That group really pleases--not just the colors but also the individual garments (that dress!!!!).

  2. I know this series has been a lot of work and a really big file but, as far as I'm concerned, it's been one of the most informative and valuable (and lovely) series of postings you've ever done. And I've read your blog since Day 1! Many thanks!!! Roz

  3. Thanks! It so interesting to see what pieces you add each month. You are assembling a whole lot of clothes and accessories that cover a wide range of activities and temperatures. Love the Valentines day dresses and the shorts-singlet and now the Autumnal pieces. A truly versatile (and co-ordinated) wardrobe is in the making. :-) Carol S

  4. From Margie in Toronto - Couldn't agree more with Roz Murphy! Seeing everything together shows what a difference planning makes and how pieces can move in and out of your wardrobe over the seasons - or be there for the whole year! Just an amzing bit of work Janice - thank you.

  5. I never really got the point of the down west. If it was cold enough to wear a down garment I would definately want to cover my arms. I range them in the same category as peeptoe boots and short sleeve wool sweaters. But that's just me. That aside I absolutely love these posts and I crave a mixture of the first and last wardrobes.

    1. I'm so glad you chose to comment! I wear a down vest A TON in the cold weather - my arms don't get particularly cold in a sweater, but I need an additional layer over my "vital organs" - my back will get cold. Proof (as if we ever needed it!) that people come in an amazing and delightful variety. Thanks so much for keeping this fresh in our minds, so that we can hone our collective patience and tolerance, each and every day.
      big hugs to you for being brave enough to patiently and politely disagree,

    2. I'm more of a cold weather person like you, Janice, and I often prefer to wear a vest rather than a coat, especially if I am doing something active and need more freedom of movement for my arms. I also prefer short- or three-quarter sleeve sweaters, sweatshirts, and t-shirts to long-sleeved, because I invariably find myself constantly pushing the sleeves up above my elbows to cool off and/or get them out of the way. I do agree about the peep-toe boots, as I see no reason to expose my toes to the cold if the rest of me needs to be covered up!

      I have to say that most of my female friends here in Georgia would agree with Rikke's viewpoint, though. I have been known to trail ride in a t-shirt and fleece vest when the highs are only in the forties, and everyone else is wearing multiple layers, including their warmest coats! Each of us is certainly unique, and I am definitely the oddball here in my part of the world.

      As for the September outfits, I am really loving the tiger scarf options more and more every month, although the black/blue/red scarf wardrobe is a close second. Of course they couldn't be more different -- I wonder if they could be combined? Probably only in my dreams!

    3. It's interesting to see all the different views. I'm also in Georgia and I live in vests - they just add that little bit of warmth, whether over a t shirt or a wool sweater or even a fleece. But I prefer long sleeves to 3/4 - I like the option of pushing them up or of covering my entire arm if it's chilly. - nancyo

  6. These are truly beautiful. I've enjoyed watching you build these wardrobes each month. The fact that you can "paint" with all these colours shows how much you love what you do. Theresa

  7. Just this morning I peaked at my scarves for the first time in a long while; it is September and this morning it felt a bit more pleasant outside ... change is on the way. I will use my most beloved scarves and try to build a wardrobe around them, using your examples. I own a beautiful scarf similar in coloring to your last capsule that does not nearly get the wear it deserves. You have given me some great ideas. Thanks. Cornelia

  8. With just 21 pieces these wardrobes already feel so completely ready to handle any dressing situation. I am in awe of what so little can accomplish and slightly embarrassed about the excess that my closet contains. I can certainly do with a lot less and am working towards that goal, confident I am being guided by a genius! Thank you so much for everything you do. This series is by far my favorite.

  9. This series also ranks high on my favorites; however, I really enjoy all your posts so there are no "not favorites". This series represents a huge amount of time and yet, when presented, it all seems quite simple and obvious. It also shows how to calmly plan and purchase(make) items for a very cohesive and useful wardrobe.
    I am coming around to vests as I like having my arms free but being a reverse triangle shape, i find I have to be very careful with the ones I select.

    Deb from Vancouver

  10. Thank you for doing this series so faithfully. My wardrobe (navy-grey-wine) is coming along as I follow month by month. And I so enjoy watching the other capsules, with different colors and qualities come along. The one with soft pale colors is stunning.

    I find myself realizing that this series will likely come to an end in a few more months, and hoping you will do something similar next year, if only to make me as excited for a new month to turn up.

  11. Not my colors, but I saw a beautiful Hermes scarf "Flamingo Party" up for auction on shopgoodwill(dot)com. The auction ends in a couple of days and it is currently around $113. I 'm not sure if the link will work, but here it is:
    I don't stand to benefit in any way, I just thought I'd share what seems like a good deal.

  12. I have been "binge-ing" on your blog for last three weeks. I feel like I have read everything you have ever written about clothes.
    The "Start From Scratch" series is what caught my eye. I recently went through everything that I own and donated half of my entire closet. No words to describe how good it feels to not be able to say "I have nothing to wear!" Never again, thanks to you.
    I am going to share your knowledge with every woman in my family who is willing to listen. Going to be an avid reader from now on.

    Los Angeles

  13. I love this series too. It is such a good illustration of how we might actually build a new wardrobe. One outfit, one month at a time. They really do seem bigger than 21 pieces! Thank you so much for all your hard work Janice!! I like a vest. I would not wear a puffy down vest because I am already puffy enough! However, I did buy two vests last year that I did wear a lot! Our winters are usually mild and a vest is often all you need.

  14. As others have said, this series is an excellent tutorial in planning and patient, careful buying, without in the least overlooking the potential for fun in clothes. I just wish I had the discipline ... Oh, whoops, that's a choice, right? I could, if I wanted and tried hard enough. At least here is plentiful inspiration for what excellent results can be achieved.
    Robyn in Tasmania

  15. I'm with you on combining plaids - I have a Black Watch plaid shirt, and have been known to wear it with a Black Watch scarf and even my Black Watch puffy vest. nancyo

  16. Dear Janice, I have no clue where you have been all of my 65 years, but I am SO very glad I found this site. I'm packing for a 16 day river cruise using your pack lists, but now realize that I have something to occupy me on my return! I'm going to be weeding and curating! I love your style and encouragement! Keep it up!