Friday, August 12, 2016

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories

Oh, how I love accessories....

As a reminder, this is where we left the capsule wardrobe when we finished the 4 additions to it yesterday:

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories
floral shirt – Barbour; orange earringsKendra Scott; watch – Skagen;
 ring – Savvy Cie; hoop earrings – MadewellnecklaceBleu; bracelet – Danielle Nicole
 blue earrings – Kate Spade; tee – L.L.Bean;blue tee – Uniqlo; orange cardigan – Joseph; 
 floral tee – Atos Lombardini; tank - Missoni; orange tunic – Jaeger; scarf – Eloise Bricka
blue cardigan – Betty Barclay; field jacket - L.L.Bean; wrap – Goyo; pants – L.L.Bean; 
skirt – L.L.Bean; ballet flats – SoftWalk; loafers – Aerosoles;jeans – L.L.Bean;

bag – Ted Baker London; white jeans – Winser London; tote – James Perse

I was really appreciating the summery-ness of this wardrobe, so I thought I'd add some warmer-weather accessories (before they disappear entirely from the stores...)  Sandals are essential!

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - shoes
First – Jack Rogers; second – Birkenstock
third – Calvin Klein; fourth – Birkenstock

And sunglasses. If I convince you to change only ONE thing in your entire life, I want it to be that you buy and wear GOOD sunglasses regularly. You might think that it's just a question of squinting, and getting wrinkles, but your eye health is dependent on shielding them from bright sunlight. Please, not a cheap pair of sunglasses - get something worthy of you and your health.

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - sunglasses
First – Givenchy; second – Ray-Ban
third – Jonathan Adler; fourth – Oakley

As I've said before, I'm the rankest amateur in the world of belts, but I found all four of these to be really attractive; they would add a lot to a simple outfit, wouldn't they?

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - belts
Top – Cole Haan; second – J. McLaughlin; 
 third – Dsquared2; fourth – Talbots

So far, I was looking at white accessories, but I can tell you that there are VERY few white wallets in the world. Not that this is terribly surprising...

And I'm trying - really hard - to find some things from time to time that are off the normal "4 department store designers" path. There's nothing wrong with the mainstream of products, but I like the idea of supporting small creative endeavors - like The Vivienne Files - they can use good exposure! Plus you always have cool topics of conversation right at your fingertips - literally.

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - wallets
First – Skagen; second – Hobo
third – Moschino; fourth – Comme des Garcons

Yes, we've already got a handbag, but there are some really cool bags in the world... owning more than 1 isn't the worst thing you could do to add variety to your look.

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - handbags
First – BP.; second – Longchamp
third – Tory Burch; fourth – Manu Atelier

If you have long hair, do you have problems with it getting tangled in your necklace? I'm growing my hair out, and I'm avoiding necklaces right now... I know someone out there has an answer; I'm not going to go through the rest of my life without wearing necklaces! Especially when there are so many beautiful ones in the world...

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - necklaces
First – Tory Burch; second – Topshop
third – Sonya Renee; fourthTrina Turk

Bracelets are really surging in my wardrobe, right now. They aren't a problem with my gnarly hair, and they're not uncomfortable in hot weather. And any bracelet you can imagine is probably out there, somewhere!

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - bracelets
First – Bourbon & Boweties; second – Charming Charlie
third – Liza Schwartz; fourth – Agnes de Verneuil

Rings are something that I overlooked for YEARS - I have 10 fingers, and I was only wearing my wedding ring! Now, I'm occasionally guilty of wearing three or four rings on my right hand...

(and isn't that knot ring cool?)

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - rings
First – Rosie Sanders; second – Louise et Cie
third – Adolfo Courrier; fourth – Chupi

I don't think I've ever looked at "hair stuff" on The Vivienne Files, and that's a pity. I have to wear a headband or similar device every day, or risk looking like the shaggy dog... There are thousands of possibilities out there, that add a touch of color, texture, or interest to your appearance and are literally "out of sight" once you put them on. Bring back the headband!

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories - headbands
First – France Luxe; second – L. Erickson
third – L.Erickson; fourth – Tasha

As I was collecting all of these beauties, it occurred to me that the range of colors meant that the overall wardrobe could take on a variety of overall "feels," depending on which accessories were included. 

So I've included two versions of the "final" - one that uses mostly beige and orange, with touches of gold:

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories

This second version leans much more heavily on the blue accessories:

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories

Of course, in my world, if you can find the storage space, you can have all of the accessories that you want!

A Capsule Wardrobe in Beige, Bright Blue and Orange: Expanding Your Accessories
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  1. I have hip length hair and wear necklaces. Yep, my secret is wearing my hair always up in a bun. There are some really lovely high quality hair accessories. I see you have already discovered France Luxe. Other brands worth looking are Ficcare (and its sidekick Mrs. President & Co.), Longlocks hairsticks, on Etsy Timberstone Turnings, Lady Idun, Barefootmaiden. These hair accessories are jewelry...very practical jewelry. When someone asks me if it's boring to wear a bun every day or why do I wear my hair long if it's never down, they get a really baffled look from me...


    1. You picked some of my hair accessory suggestions! I also suggest Lilla Rose ( for Flexi-8 hair clips. They come in several sizes and are so pretty. I'm also a big fan of hair sticks.

      I have waist-length, on the way to hip-length hair and I have curls, like you Janice, and I can only say to have patience. Once I got past a certain length (maybe just below shoulder) it stopped getting constantly tangled in necklaces.

      I am also in the *wear my hair up* everyday camp now. It feels more polished for work and keeps it from getting tangled in seat belts, purse straps, etc.

      I look forward to seeing more hair accessories!

    2. My hair is very straight, so I think it's easier for me, but I agree that it will likely be easier once your hair gets past that in-between stage. I wear mine in a ponytail or braid more often than not - can also see my earrings better when it's up! But I do like the way it looks down, so I go for that maybe once or twice in a typical week.
      - Kaci

    3. I have wavy hair and have gone from very long (could sit on my hair) to short bob, now about bra strap length. I wear it up/back about half the time - though more in the summer. I find hair tangling depends a lot the type of necklace/chain. Fine chains aren't so bad, beaded necklaces on a plain chord or leather strap behind the neck are fine. My personal preference right now is to have a ribbon around the neck on the necklace - that doesn't tangle my hair at all. The fun rhinestone & statement necklaces wait till cooler weather when I can wear them under a jacket/inside a collar.

      sorry for wonky grammar, my toddler is "helping" mommy write this. thanks for your blog! anne

  2. It might be hard to wear head-to-toe orange, but it wouldn't be hard to have all orange accessories. Orange shoes? YES. Orange bag? YES. Orange jewelry? YES. Orange wallet? YES and I would smile every time I pulled it out of my orange bag.
    The thing is, orange or red? Or coral? I can't decide.

  3. In a million years, I would not have imagined a wardrobe with that particular orange and that particular blue as accents. To my own amazement, I'm completely loving this combination now.

  4. While we're talking about travel wardrobes, I'm quite happy with the stuff I've picked out for my trip to Pittsburgh next week (full week including travel days)

    Bottoms: khaki capris, dark blue jeans, pink/brown/green/beige floral skirt, multishade green/blue paisley skirt
    Tops: black tank top, black/brown/beige paisley top, pink v-neck t-shirt, brown/beige/white floral tank top
    Topper: gold faux leather jacket
    Jewelry: silver flower bracelet, jade/mixed metal statement necklace, silver flower earrings (as seen on TVF!), silver Celtic cross pendant
    Shoes: brown sandals, beige wedge heels

    Plus workout clothes/shoes and unmentionables, of course.
    - Kaci

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  6. I have an orange Eileen Fisher dress with matching sweater and a blue handbag in just these shades that I wear together all the time (!), but have been wondering how to get more use out of them -- this collection is wonderful for seeing how these two well-liked pieces could get a better RTI if I mixed in some white and pale khaki. Would love to see how you arrange these pieces in outfits to balance the strongs and the neutrals. Balance is tricky with pop colours, I think. At least it is for me. : )

  7. Love the accessories! Could randomly have two or more from each type and there would be a lot of variation and colour. The orange ring caught my eye... My wedding ring is a single diamond embedded in a gold band (it was specially made for me). So I don't have an engagement ring but a girl (ok me) still has to have her diamond. Good for snow skiing as my ring doesn't get caught in the gloves! I rarely see simple rings like mine. Thanks again for interesting post. Carol S.

  8. This is so happy and optimistic!! While black is viewed as sophisticated and chic, it can also be dowdy and sad. So, I love this selection and really want to meet all these great women wearing these clothes.
    Deb from Vancouver

    1. Me too! Well said Deb.
      Robyn in Tasmania

  9. Dearest Janice:

    Can you keep reminding people about the need for sunglasses at every age? I would have seriously scoffed at you 'til this week. I'm not old. I can see fine. I have worn glasses, but not given a thought to sunglasses. After an eye exam, I'm told I have a teeny cataract and absolutely have to wear sunglasses when outside. Period. I'm now looking for frames able to fit me, my Rx, and budget.

    Thank you!

  10. I have shoulder length wavy hair and love necklaces . My hair never gets caught. The secret is to make sure ALL your hair is out of the way when you put on the necklace. I clip up my hair in a large butterfly clip , or when traveling, in a pony tail, then put on the necklace. That little extra step is worth it. If my necklace is on and laying against my neck then no hairs get caught unless I decide to fiddle with the necklace when wearing it. Hope this helps, Janice Collins, Washington, DC

    1. PS : Or I sometimes use s headband with the thick part turned to the back to bring the hair away from the neck, Then out on the necklace

  11. I am in awe of your talents Janice...
    You find so many beautiful accessories that add that little punch of colour to our basic wardrobes.
    Hope you are having a lovely summer.

  12. Janice,
    I once glossed over considering accessories as making or breaking an outfit, and jumped over fashion book chapters about them, but I have done a 180 on this topic ! Now I observe your posts and other women for how they pull their ensembles together , changing up the look via accessories alone. I know that you have written some great articles on this topic ! This has been such a happy series, thank you !

  13. Pssssst... Dead link for "Travel outfits, based upon a cardigan" in packing....

    I frequently revisit old posts for ideas!!! Love them!!!

    1. Fixed - thanks so much! How DO these things just go away?

  14. Love the look, and the way you are helping us understand how to expand and utlize the pieces. These colors are fabulous but, as I am pale, light eyed and light-haired, I find that "high contrast" wardrobes overwhelm me. I do best when colors are low-contrast. Can you delve a bit into the idea of high-contrast and low-contrast wardrobes. I had my colors done years ago. In addition to remembering that I am a summer/autumn blend (soft autumn) I recall a strict admonishment to build a "low-contrast" wardrobe. A little exploration of this would be helpful to me.

    1. Nancy B.,
      I, too, share your light coloring with low to medium contrast, as well as needing a column of color as I am 5'2, but I have found that Janice offers something here for every one of us -- just stay tuned ! Meanwhile, it's fun to see her other options for people without our limitations !

  15. I just love this color combo and you are brilliant! It's amazing the way you show us how to add items and accessories to build our capsules and to even change the feel of them, like a capsule inside of a capsule :)

  16. Dear Janice,
    When I feel down, whatever reason, I visit you. How depressed I am doesn't matter your little stories of courageous women and their perfect wardrobes make me smile. Sometimes I wish we had a climate cold enough for layering so that I can grab one of your wardrobe ideas and experiment all the tricks. Sadly we are restricted to two piece outfits due to hot climate. Anyway, thanks from faraway tropics. :-)

  17. Such a great wardrobe! Accessories really do make such a difference! Thank you Janice for all the time you spend on these wardrobes!

  18. I have long wavy hair and it only ever gets caught in a couple of necklaces - one is a gold chain where the links are essentially interlocking cubes, therefore lots of chompy bits to catch hairs; the other is a vintage costume necklace from my grandma where the filigreed caps on either end of the big beads create nasty snarls. I wear my hair up with both of those and never have problems otherwise, so maybe the type of chain/necklace is partly to blame for your woes?? Not that you'd want to replace a bunch of beloved necklaces...
    Ps those belts!!! Delicious.