Thursday, July 21, 2016

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Nature: Tarantula Nebula by Gendler and Colombari

Insomnia Part 2 - Version 2

see first installment here, and Part 2 Version 1 here)

Our sleepless protagonist is browsing in a bookstore - immediately drawn to photo books of space phenomena - when she sees this:

Tarantula Nebula by Gendler and Colombari
Tarantula Nebula by Robert Gendler and Roberto Colombari

She admires it, registers it somewhere in her brain, and goes on about her day/night.

Later that morning, she's wandering in a department store, and sees the Image Consultant area. The staff seems to be at loose ends, so she plucks up her tired courage and asks if she can meet with the consultant...

An hour later, her universe has been rocked. While she's told that her neutral navy is perfect for her, she's encouraged to add warmer accent colors to her wardrobe! Part of her recommended palette looks sort of like this:

Tarantula Nebula by Gendler and Colombari

Let's remember that this is her current travel wardrobe:

A capsule wardrobe in a navy, grey, black, and white color palette
moon earrings – Gianluca Anzani; moon & star earrings – Marc Jacobs;  
striped top – L.L.Bean; marled sweater – Public School; square scarf –  
 henleyL.L.Bean; cardigan – J. Crew; shirt – Uniqlo; astrology scarf - 
 Antagoniste; tote – Coach; socks – Topshop; skirt – J. Crew; jeans – L.L.Bean;
 white scarf – Caslon; pants – Uniqlo; flats – SoftWalk; loafers – Coach;
 boots – Munro

As we all well understand, one doesn't just rush out and do what an image consultant tells us to do - that's madness. But the message sticks with her, and so when she stops into Hermès and sees a scarf that bowls her over, she succumbs to temptation. And when compliments follow, she indulges in a camel sweater that is a COMPLETE departure from anything she's worn since grade school:

Two outfits in a capsule wardrobe inspired by Tarantula Nebula by Gendler and Colombari

Women in shops comment on how flattering the camel is to her; they've always wished that they could wear these warm colors so successfully!

Well, there's no stopping her now. Gradually, but with determination, she adds a few more things to her "new" wardrobe:

Two outfits in a capsule wardrobe inspired by Tarantula Nebula by Gendler and Colombari

She's not necessarily sleeping more, or better, than she had been, but she certainly looks good! Bronze nail polish, and a decidedly warm-hued lipstick bring color to her hands and face in a way that's startling to her, but unquestionably comfortable. (after a few minutes of mental adjustment!)

capsule wardrobe inspired by Tarantula Nebula by Gendler and Colombari
Earrings – Giuliana Valz-Gen; nail polish – Dolce&Gabbana Baroque Bronze
rust blouse – Closed; scarfHermes L’Arbre du Vent;  
sweater - Joseph; cardigan – J. Crew

By the time she goes home, her travel wardrobe takes on a completely different look:

capsule wardrobe inspired by Tarantula Nebula by Gendler and Colombari

Will she transition completely away from silver jewelry? Is her silver tote bag doomed to consignment? There's no rush, and there's no reason to hasten these kinds of transitions; comfort and a feeling of natural growth and evolution should be most important.

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Nature: Tarantula Nebula by Gendler and Colombari


  1. Hi Janice,
    I can't wait to see how our protagonist's wardrobe develops! We sometimes read about people who've transitioned from cool colours to warm colours, but not often the other way round. I wondered if you could address this, sort of like your Shifting from Cool Colours to Warm Colours post but in reverse? This is exactly the position I find myself in now. About 4 years ago I stopped wearing black and thought the alternative was to start wearing autumn colours, especially as I have red hair. But after catching sight of myself in photos and mirrors wearing moss green, mustard and rust and looking positively jaundiced I realised that not all redheads are autumns and the colours I'd been wearing were extremely unflattering. My skin is most definitely pinkish, not warm toned at all, and I've managed to identify that one of my best colours is slate blue. I'm now playing around with soft summer deep and deep winter soft colours. Can you offer some advice?
    Molly from London

    1. Thanks for the post! I am not an image consultant so no advice from me. I have noted that the Seasons system (even expanded in the myriad of ways) may not cover everyone. I am light, warm and muted so the seasons don't cover me (I might have once been a Spring when younger). I looked at myself in the mirror and I realised I didn't suit bright or dark colours and my skin is yellowish (warm) but my eyes are blue-grey so coolish. When my hair greys I will be a bit cooler. Also I have a niece who has red hair, clear skin and bright blue eyes so she could be a candidate for Spring. Happy exploration Molly. Carol S

  2. Janice. I am this person I really love this piece. After a lifetime of black I realise that I am warm toned too. It is hard to give up the habits of old but this will be my guide going forward. How I love the scarf I hope it is available in Uk Thank you and please do more. Warmest Regards from Ireland. Margo

  3. Honestly, I love the combination of black and camel. Black is such a good base because when you find something in the right size and fit, you usually can get it in black, whereas any other color is a crapshoot.
    I like what you said about letting the transitions take time.

  4. It's funny but I actually added two camel sweaters to my "cool tone" wardrobe last Winter, both a v-neck pullover and a animal print cardigan and I wear them with black, grey or navy. Not quite sure why they appealed to me as it's not a colour I've ever worn before. But this Summer I also added a coral red cardigan (while normally I wear cool toned bright reds) - I was hesitant but I get compliments every time I wear it. I suspect that my skin tone is changing as I get older so a slightly warmer colour palette is now more flattering.

  5. Where would one find an image consultant? I'd love to have someone tell me if the colors I love really work for me.

  6. Love the addition of the camel and rust! I would love to talk to a consultant too. I really think I can wear some cool and some warm. Mostly medium tones, not pastel or jewel tones. I don't think I look good in yellow so who knows? Love your posts Janice!

  7. I'm another fan of this colour scheme. And it's good to see baby steps used - just add one or two items and see how they go before continuing. Janice's customary attention to detail in the accessories is helpful too, trying a warmer-toned lipstick, gold earrings, and so on. Great post!
    Robyn in Tasmania

  8. I really love the painting you started this post with and would really like to have it as a scarf!! I do like the Hermes one but it is not available in Canada.

    Deb from Vancouver