Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Nature: Great Nebula in Carina by Damian Peach

Insomnia, Part 2

So she's walking around Paris late one afternoon, and sees this:

photograph of the Great Nebula in Carina by Damian Peach
Great Nebula in Carina by Damian Peach

Oh. My. Her favorite night sky, with one point two million different shades of pink and rose... sigh....

photograph of the Great Nebula in Carina by Damian Peach, with a color scheme drawn from the photo

Let's remember, when she took off on this "night walker" vacation, this is what she packed:

navy and white 6-Pack travel capsule wardrobe
Moon & star earrings – Marc Jacobs; striped top – L.L.Bean
bracelet – Les Interchangeables; cardigan – J. Crew; small square scarf
 – Treasure&Bond; shirt – Uniqlo; flats SoftWalk; skirt – J. Crew
henleyL.L.Bean; loafers – Coach; pants – Uniqlo; socks – Topshop
clutch – Rebecca Minkoff; astrology scarf - Antagoniste

But the image sticks in her head, and when she's walking through Gucci, she sees a scarf that speaks to her. Not the moon and stars, but FLOWERS. Something from daytime, and sunlight!

That evening, at dinner, her very attractive waiter mentions to her how very flattering the pink flowers are to the roses in her cheeks. She blushes even more....

So the next day, she decides that it would be just PRACTICAL to buy a nice pink blouse, to wear with her new scarf. She wants to get her money's worth from it, right? And if she stumbles on some gorgeous moon and star earrings that are just faintly blush in color, can she be blamed if she buys them too? It's Paris, and pink suits her...

If she goes back to the same restaurant. It's NOT because of the waiter - the meal was good, and the location is very convenient for her. If he makes a point of waiting on her again, and chatting with her just a bit more than is necessary, that's just the way French waiters are, right?

(slipping her an extra dessert was just a way to avoid wasting food...)

2 navy and pink travel outfits

When she wakes up the next morning, she decides to get a manicure. And a new lipstick.... she hasn't worn lipstick for ages, but it might be a nice change. She IS in Paris, of course....

And when she saw the inexpensive pink shirt at Uniqlo, she thought that it might make sense to grab it. It's just a nice change from white - nothing more.

"If you would like to stay after the restaurant closes tonight, the staff will all have a small meal together and discuss the evening's business. We are going to sample a couple of new wines too. I would be privileged to walk you back to your hotel afterward..."

The next morning, she's looking pink and perky, and when the breeze picks up, a pink cashmere cardigan is the obvious next souvenir purchase. It IS her new friend's evening off, and they're going to dine at one of his favorite restaurants; she certainly wants to look like she's making an effort, right?

2 navy and pink travel outfits 
pink additions to a navy wardrobe
Earrings – Lanvin; nail polish – Yves Saint Laurent Rose Romantique
short-sleeved top – Uniqlo; scarfGucci; long-sleeved blouse – Winser London;  
cardigan – J.Crew; lipstick – Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Shine in 
Pink in Confidence

There's no telling where the relationship will go, but her wardrobe certainly has taken on a new direction!


Stuart Weitzman


  1. OMG - Just love this! I'm such a sucker for pink - especially the beautiful shade of that sweater - and what a lovely story - a lovely way to start my day.

  2. Very romantic that such a thing should happen in Paris! Would she wear the blouses with the new cardigan- to me the shades are all quite different or is this just me being very tonally conservative??

    1. She might - I think we would have to actually see the 2 garments together to tell if they would blend nicely or quarrel bitterly. Those kinds of things can be tricky unless you've got the garments in hand...

  3. I agree with Jazz that I would hesitate to wear such close but not quite the same shades of pink together. I could see mixing if they're really different--one pale and the other deep. Maybe this looks better IRL vs. on my screen. To me, shades that aren't precisely on tone are like a singer who hits a flat note. It evokes a wince.
    In the book "How Not to Look Old" (not to imply that that's a worry of mine), the writer, Charla Krupp, suggests wearing pink lipstick, to give color that looks natural and not too harsh.
    And great story!!!

  4. Janice,
    I love the floral scarf, and the soft pinks to vary the neutral color !

  5. You are quite the story teller... my inquisitive mind wants to know what happened to her insomnia. :))


  6. Janice, as a writer myself, I so admire your skill as a wordsmith.. I just wanted to jump in and tell you how gifted you are in that ALSO. I hope you continue this story ๐Ÿ˜Š Love everything you do.. What a gift you are to my days ! Thank you!!! Janice Collins, Washington , DC

    1. Ditto, except I'm not a writer. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

    2. Ditto, except I'm not a writer. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

  7. You offer us so much more than "fashion". You offer us style in spades including lovely romantic ramblings. I also hope she is sleeping better.
    Deb from Vancouver

  8. Your intertwining story of romance and style reminds me of some easy summer beach reads I got hooked on a few years ago: The Givenchy Code, The Manolo Matrix, and The Prada Paradox by Julie Kenner. Just the right dose of mystery, romance, and looking stylish! I can picture any number of your wonderful characters and plots becoming more developed and morphing into a full-fledged book. If you write it - I will read it! After PURCHASING the book of course :)

  9. I loved the original Insomnia wardrobe but with the addition of the pink it is PERFECT!!!

  10. The lipstick shade! Pink in Confidence. How perfect! I love the story!! I want to know what happens next! I am not a pink person but it does add so much to the navy and white!

  11. I'm hearing Piaf ... Quand il me prends dans ses bras, Et me parle tous bas, Je voix la vie en rose. I'm betting our heroine is sleeping just fine, but maybe still not at the usual times :)
    Robyn in Tasmania