Friday, July 08, 2016

Chic Sightings: Black and Pink in the Capsule Wardrobe

Everybody says that a little black dress (LBD - it even has its own acronym!) is a capsule wardrobe essential... and for me, that's certainly the truth! But of course I'm not going to tell you to wear black, NOR am I going to tell you that you must wear dresses. That said, I've seen a lot of black dresses recently in downtown Chicago, and some of the freshest looks have paired their black with pink!

If you own an amazing handbag, it's well worth building at least one entire outfit around it! And if you're going out after work, a few pink touches make your work-wardrobe black dress more than appropriate for a romantic dinner:

Chic Sightings: Black and Pink in the Capsule Wardrobe
Earrings – Ippolita; short-sleeved dress – Lands’ End
open cardiganL.L.Bean; bag – Dolce & Gabbana; slingbacksTrotters
short-sleeved cardigan – East; sleeveless dress - Lands’ End;  
bracelet – Lagos;  clutch – Nancy Gonzalez; sandals – Loeffler Randall

Maybe you feel like you want to straddle that fine line between wearing a dress and NOT being too "dressy." A field jacket is a good option for that, especially if it's not in a traditional "field-y" kind of outdoors color. Your black dress that you think is only wearable to work could even go to a wedding, if paired with a classic jacket, a beautiful necklace, and a timeless clutch:

Chic Sightings: Black and Pink in the Capsule Wardrobe
Short-sleeved dress – Lands’ End; earrings – Assael
scarf – East; field jacket – L.L.Bean; ballet flats – Earth
sleeveless dressLands’ End; short jacket – Jacques Vert
onyx and rhodocrosite necklace – Sasina; clutch – Rocio
d’Orsay Pumps – Nina

If you're really feeling like mixing it up, never forget the fun possibilities inherent in a pair of classic Converse shoes! A pair of sparkly flats, big earrings, and a floaty scarf are perfect for evening, with a pretty pink cardigan over your shoulders:

Chic Sightings: Black and Pink in the Capsule Wardrobe
Earrings – Narayani; short-sleeved dress – Lands’ End
short cardigan – Lands’ End; canvas shoes – Converse
backpack – Dolce & Gabbana; long cardigan – J. Crew; scarf – Bindya
earrings – Erickson Beamon; sleeveless dress – Lands’ End
sparkly flats – Shoes of Prey

I love using simple dresses as a base for beautiful accessories - any other accent colors that you'd like to see?

Chic Sightings: Black and Pink in the Capsule Wardrobe


  1. These are so elegant, and each with their distinct character (I like the backpack version best!). They are also an inspiration if like me you are trying to phase out black, yet still have several quality key pieces that are likely to stay in the closet for several more seasons.
    Many thanks as always for your imaginative and subtle outfits!

  2. Pink is definitely a way of making black look more summery.
    The Converse/backpack version is ideal for travel. Comfortable, practical and chic. It makes all the difference that the backpack is nice leather (not one you'd use for camping) and the shoes match it.
    So glad to see you posting. I read you first thing in the morning, and you inspire me to step up my game as I get dressed for the day. The past few weeks have been a little slouchy!

  3. Also very glad to see you back - and I hope it was a lovely rest.
    I'm still not wearing dresses but definitely have my eye on one or two LBD's for the Fall/Winter. But for now - I have lovely black summer pants, a pink cardigan and I just rediscovered a pink linen jacket that's been too small to wear for the past few years and hiding in the back of my wardrobe (just couldn't give it up) so I think Monday's outfit is taken care of!

  4. Just wanted to say 'welcome back'! We've missed you!

  5. Happy you are back and hopefully rested! Love the pink....

  6. I love simple dresses. Nothing gets you dressed quicker for the office. Pink is such a pretty addition to dark neutrals; I do however look hideous in pink. But I sure like it.


  7. How nice to see you back; you have been missed! I hope your break was productive and restful. As for colors I would like to see... periwinkle & mid range blues are on my radar. Mary

  8. Love the converse shoes! I'll have to see if I can carry that one off

  9. Hi! I love the idea of pink and black. Thank you! I'd love to see a brown dress (chocolate or medium dark/grey) with accents such as teal or aubergine. As always, I enjoy your posts. : )

  10. Welcome back! Yous is always the first blog I read every morning. With no new blogs, I went back and read some of your older posts. There's a wealth of knowledge in your archives.

    I don't wear dresses anymore since I retired to a casual lake life, but I'm starting to consider it. I especially like the black with pink, and I love the Converse shoes. I'd like to see aqua with the black.

  11. Very chic! Further proof that good basics can take you anywhere! I have never liked pink but this would certainly work with coral, which I love! I rarely wear a dress, but if I can manage to get all my excess weight off I would entertain the idea!

  12. Welcome back! I have missed your updates, but I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

    Could you give some advice on how to wear an LBD during the summer? One of my friends (who loves to wear black) was set to attend an evening event at a very formal place in town, so she of course turned to her LBD. That is, until she saw that the dress code was "summer chic." She felt black wasn't "summery" enough, and unfortunately spent a lot of time shopping and worrying about what to wear.

  13. I just got a new black dress and I've been seeing how nicely it will play with my pink things!

  14. I just got a new black dress and I've been seeing how nicely it will play with my pink things!

  15. I love it when you give us chic sightings and then give us options. My favorite kind of post.

    Please keep them coming.