Wednesday, June 01, 2016

How to Pack for a Long Weekend Graduation Trip

One of the reasons that I'm taking this hiatus is that I've got two trips in the month of June, which were weighing heavy on my mind...

First up, a very quick dash through New York City, to Vermont, then BACK to New York to fly back to Chicago. There's a very important college graduation in there, somewhere...

I have to tell you something amazing - we're leaving in 4 hours or so, and I'm not packed! But I think I've got it figured out. 

My goal here, uncluttered simplicity, without sacrificing looking appropriately dressy for the solemn occasions...

A travel wardrobe in black for a long weekend trip
tee - Agnes B.; cardigan - Eileen Fisher, earrings - similar here;
bracelet - similar here; scarf - Eileen Fisher from a decade ago;
jeans - L.L.Bean; shoes - Thierry Rabotin; tote - L.L.Bean; suitcase - Tumi

(can someone explain to me why this suitcase is a man's bag? what folly...)

I'm packing silk pants, a silk tank, and a silk tee shirt, in order to have a couple of options to wear with my dressy cardigans. (it's hard to tell how nice the grey-ish cardigan is, from a photograph). And yes, that's the BACK of my Ted Baker cardigan. It's so beautiful...

A Travel capsule wardrobe in black for a long weekend trip
cotton tee - L.L.Bean; silk tee - Eileen Fisher; silk tank - Eileen Fisher;
grey cardigan - Eileen Fisher (not available); floral cardigan - Ted Baker
(not available); tank dress - Eileen Fisher; leggings - Hue; silk slouch pants
- Eileen Fisher; wristlet - Halogen; pajamas - Brooks Brothers;
ballet flats - Thierry Rabotin; sandals - Thierry Rabotin

I'm actually sharing a suitcase with Belovedest, so it's a good thing that all of this packs pretty small!

A Travel capsule wardrobe in black for a long weekend trip in one carry-on bag

These are what I plan to wear for the 2 events  - a dinner, and graduation. It's not a teeth-gnashingly dressy environment, so these should strike the right note of caring, but not going completely insane...

Two outfits from A Travel capsule wardrobe in black for a long weekend trip in one carry-on bag

How to pack for a long weekend in one carry on bag


  1. What happiness to see you pop up in my Bloglovin' feed!
    Your travel wardrobe looks so practical and chic. And not boring, even if it's mostly black. That jacket packs a lot of punch.
    Bon voyage!

  2. Bon voyage, indeed - enjoy that trip! I notice that the Tumi suitcase is on sale today. So tempted!

  3. Bon voyage, indeed - enjoy that trip! I notice that the Tumi suitcase is on sale today. So tempted!

  4. and your husband are sharing a carry-on? I am beyond impressed. Looking at what you're packing I wasn't even sure your clothes would fit in that size bag, let alone your husband's too. The sweaters are indeed lovely.

    As for the college graduation- I hope you have wonderful weather. The year we attended a Vermont graduation it snowed - an unexpected, wet, springtime snow and the morning ceremony was outside. I sat in a black contractor bag that came to my waist and held a small umbrella over my head. My primary accessory was a green thermos of hot chocolate from the local Dunkin' Donuts. The epitome of style and comfort.

    Have a great trip.

    Maire (mcm)

    1. Well, we didn't share a bag - it wasn't logistically necessary, and it was going to be SO AMAZINGLY stuffed that we thought better of it. We might have managed it, but at some point in time sanity has to take over...

      And the trip was amazing. Proud aunt, beaming and shedding a tear or two, seeing this handsome young man graduate. These are the times to cherish for all our lives...

      hugs all around,

  5. Thanks for this post. I will be doing the same thing a year from now and you've given me some ideas.

  6. Good afternoon, Janice! Every time I see an example of what you wear as opposed to the color combination wardrobes you create, I wonder if you have ever considered doing reviews of some of your most loved items. I, and perhaps other readers, would be especially interested in reviews of those garments purchased from moderately priced sources such as LL Bean, Lands End, and Eddie Bauer. Is this idea of interest to you, or is it outside the scope of your blog?

  7. Have a wonderful holiday and a summer break! You deserve it. We will be right here when you return.

  8. So much fun to see this! Brilliantly done as always, and quite relevant: I'm contemplating an upcoming trip to California to see my son-in-law graduate with his PhD. I had already thought about a packing list before this arrived in my mailbox today. While my clothes generally are much more boring than yours, I had already conceived a similar list. (Including what to wear on the plane and what to pack.) Seeing your list gives me confidence. And although I do have some of the same items (LLBean tee and tote), I find myself coveting those shoes!
    . . . kris

  9. I do love the back of you Ted Baker cardigan.What a great wardrobe. I also love Thierry Rabotin shoes. Enjoy the graduation!

  10. Enjoy your trip Janice! I love seeing the posts that show what you actually pack and wear. I try not to wear so much black in the summer but I just don't feel as dressed up in other colors. Love that Ted Baker jacket!

  11. Have a fun trip! The back of the cardigan is lovely!

  12. Welcome to VT! I'm so sorry Maire had to endure a VT-spring-weather-roulette. The first year I was married, it snowed every month except for July! But I think you'll be safe this weekend. If you'll be near the lake, bring your beautiful sweater.(I gave away a similar one last fall. Sigh!)It can get quite cool. But you know that, you're from Chicago...

  13. Yes, what a pleasant surprise to have a new post from you today and learning that you can share a suitcase with your husband. A long time ago, (over 40 years ago), I was going to join my husband at an international conference. We decided he would pack my formal clothes including the underwear as he was leaving before me and I was arriving the afternoon of the formal event. Well, his suitcase was checked by security ( yes, even then) and he had some explaining to do about the scarlet lacy underwear!!
    Deb from Vancouver

  14. You are The Pro. Hope you have lots of fun.

    I'm looking forward to the June installment of the outfit a month / 4 scarves series. Even if we get it in July. That one is such fun.

  15. Lovely. If this were my suitcase I might find a way to sneak in a white or pink t shirt! - nancyo