Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More Things for Sale

I'm taking advantage of my time off to clear the decks - so a few more things are available now on the "Shop my Stuff" page.


Vintage Versace silk scarf


  1. So pretty! Congratulations on thinning the closet. I don't think I could sell anything--nobody would want it.
    I have to share a link to a dress that seems to be PERFECT. From J. Peterman, which of course made me think about Seinfeld's Elaine. It's perfect because it has a collar, long sleeves that look like they would roll up to 3/4 very nicely (and chicly), a flared skirt that looks like (1) it's on a bias, which always hangs better and (2) isn't so full as to be fat but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. It looks like something Grace Kelly would have worn in a movie. http://www.jpeterman.com/Dresses-caftans-ensembles/Long-Sleeve-1947-Dress
    Not sure whether they ship to France.....it would be too good to be true.

    1. Could you imagine how glorious it would feel to swish around in that skirt? sigh...

  2. Such a great feeling to get organized and clear out . . . hope you're having a good break Janice. xo

    ps you don't know how many visitors I get from your blog to my little one! I so appreciate it.

  3. Patrick!!!!!!! My stepdaughter's idol. Hope you're having fun.