Tuesday, June 07, 2016

12 Months, 12 Outfits in 6 Capsule Wardrobes: June

These are really SUCH fun...

Remember, these are our six original color scheme/inspirations for our capsule wardobes:

beige – Hermes Le Voyage de Pytheas; olive – Hermes Cheval Mirage
grey – Hermes Cheval Surprise Remix; black –  

Dresses this month! If you're not a dress wearer, I encourage you to reconsider; check out these... things, to wear under dresses. Your thighs will be SO much happier... They revolutionized my relationship with dresses!

But if you're certain that a dress isn't for you, you could always substitute a simple top and capris or shorts, of course!

This jewelry was chosen to echo the detailed, intricate patterns in each of the garments shown on the scarf:

Earrings – Wirabhuwana; tote – Longchamp
denim dress – Dorothy Perkins
bracelet – Achara; sandals – Sam Edelman

Now that these wardrobes have a dozen pieces of clothing, they begin to really take on a distinctive character.

For this jewelry, I just really wanted that warm orange-y color...

Earrings – Bhavesh; tote – Madewell
dress – Mango
bracelet – Marianela Vargas; sandals – Born

This bracelet has some colors in it that don't appear in the wardrobe palette, but when worn with such a simple dress, it brings some interesting accents. And I just thought that it was too beautiful to pass up.

Earrings – Mahavir; tote – Street Level
dress – Jaeger
bracelet – Saranarat; sandals – Born

This was the most "out there" dress included; the colors are on the most summery edge of our palette. But since it will be worn either on its own or with a cardigan, it didn't have to be the same shade of mossy green as (for example) the winter trousers. Once the dress is shown with the rest of the clothing from this grouping, it becomes clear that it's a nice option.

Earrings – Carmen Anocibar; tote – L.L.Bean
dress – Uniqlo
bracelet – Khun Boom; sandalsGeox

And I have to give these L.L.Bean tote bags a shout - Belovedest and I use them as laundry baskets, because they're much easier to carry, and they're easy to wash when they need to be freshened up. (they're available both open-top and zippered) They are TOUGH as heck - I can't envision every wearing them out.

Earrings – Chintan; tote – Briggs & Riley
dress – Alexander Wang
bracelet – Kate Spade; sandals – Sam Edelman

I tried to find fluid jewelry, again. Once all of the jewelry is together on a page, the harmony among the pieces becomes more apparent:

 Simple, cool, comfortable:

Earrings – Ruben & Gilda Perez; tote – Street Level
dress – Uniqlo
bracelet – Gabriel Silva; sandals – Naot

This jewelry collection is really beginning to take on a characteristic feel:


p.s. I finally made my summer wardrobe purchases - I'll share soon. And I have something else in mind with these wardrobes shown here...

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  1. Dear Janice,

    Could you check the link? check out these... things, to wear under dresses I got an error message.


    1. I think it's fixed - I hope so, because the link is to Jockey Skimmies, which are among the best garments EVER.

    2. Yes, I love the skimmers; I now wear dresses and skirts often because of these.

    3. it's fixed, and I too LOVE those undershorts. they're stretchy and comfy but still protect big thighs from each other ... not to mention they ensure modesty (from an incorrigible floor-sitter, which isn't always wise in a skirt or dress)!

  2. Such pretty doses to take us into summer! And oh how these wardrobes are evolving with your thoughtful curation. I may be at peak indecision over which schemes are for me, after starting out so decisively in January. Thank you for keeping up this fascinating series Janice, it's both a great lesson in wardrobe building and giving real food for thought, month by month, about my own responses to colour, shape and style. Not to mention the vital importance of accessories (as Oscar Wilde do nearly said).
    Robyn in Tasmania x

  3. This is a wonderful series! I love watching the wardrobes expand and the possibilities they contain. I first favored the navy, olive and gray wardrobes, but now want to combine the navy and olive for a long term core.

  4. I love these collections! I think the blue/beige group suits me best.
    Very interesting to learn about the innovations in undies. I am curious about Thinx for my daughter. Has anybody heard about whether they work?

  5. How wonderful to find this post today! These wardrobes are really coming together and it's such a great lesson on how to build a cohesive grouping - I am really paying attention and making notes on what I need to purchase in the future.
    I haven't worn dresses in years but I'm seriously considering one or two in the near future - those skivvies would have to be first on my list though! :-)

  6. Fabulous post! So glad you are emerging now and then from your well-earned sabbatical...

  7. I bought a couple of pairs of those under shorts last summer and they are great. I do have trouble with them grabbing on a couple of my cotton dresses, though. I have found that I would choose a mix of a few pieces from a few of these wardrobes. Lovely pices and an excellent lesson in long term planning and stying true to a vision for your style. Not so easy sometimes when your eye gets caught by alternative options.

    Deb from Vancouver

  8. I love dresses!! That blue Jaeger is right up my alley!!

  9. That Liberty of London print dress!! Just ordered. Love the teal olive wardrobe. Thank you for finding items and saving me shopping!!

  10. This is such a great series to see how to put together a wardrobe over time. Most of us can't buy an entire wardrobe at once. Thanks Janice for all this work every month! I love pieces from all of them! LOL!

    I have a friend who loves the Jockey shorts. Maybe I would like dresses better if I had them.........maybe......

  11. I wear dresses almost exclusively in the warmer months -- so much more comfortable! I think the blue and beige is my favorite. Someone just told me they thought beige looked good on me. It's in my soft summer palette, but I never thought it would go with my now-silver hair. That would open up a lot of possibilities . . . . Hope you're having a great summer Janice. xo Deborah

  12. Ok - I don't know if my mind was absent on all the other months but I just noticed the horse's head in the Hermes Cheval Mirage scarf (not the splishy splashy paint splosh hard to see scarf). Lovely post echoing the coolness of summer (that came out wrong). The large totes are great for all the toing and froing a person could do in the summer months. Carol S

  13. These are all so fun! The ones that suit me best are the first (with true white tho) and the last, BUT I am enjoying seeing each of the wardrobes take shape and personality. - nancyo