Friday, May 13, 2016

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: Portraits Theatraux by Natalia S. Gontcharova

I saw these in Paris, and was immediately captivated!

The color combination here opens up the possibility of lots of unexpected juxtapositions, which is always fun:

It's good to be surprising...

She has a man's first name. She's had it her entire life, and she uses it to her advantage, especially when traveling for business...

Cardigan - Mango; tote - Givenchy; earrings – Kendra Scott
scarf – Nordstrom; watch – Morphic
tee – Twin-Set; pants – J. Crew; loafers – Santoni

When she arrives, everyone is already a little bit panicked, because she's an auditor. And then they're expecting a man, so she REALLY catches them off guard...

Bracelet – Dee Berkley; print blouse – Label Lab; earrings – 
Alexis Bittar; clutch – Gya; blue tee – Uniqlo; cardigan – 
81 Hours by Dear Cashmere; blouse – Stella McCartney; skirt –  
Lands’End; pumps – Stuart Weitzman; scarf –  
Hermès Dans un Jardin Anglais;  jeans – L.L.Bean

And this works to her advantage. She's supposed to find the things that they don't want to have found, and when they're busy bustling about coming to grips with the fact that the auditor is a WOMAN..., she's busy looking in all of the cobwebby financial corners.

cardigan – 81 Hours by Dear Cashmere; print blouse – Label Lab; earrings – 
Kendra Scott; blue tee – Uniqlo; earrings – Alexis Bittar; watch – Morphic
 bracelet – Dee Berkley; tee – Twin-Set; scarf – Nordstrom; blouse –  
Stella McCartney; cardigan - Mango; clutch – Gya; scarf –
 Hermès Dans un Jardin Anglaisloafers – Santoni; pumps – Stuart Weitzman; 
 pants – J. Crew; skirt – Lands’End; jeans – L.L.Bean

One would have thought that they would have been tipped off by the fact that she never uses Mr., Mrs., Ms., or any other salutation in her correspondence, but they don't seem to have noticed...

She's very good at her job...


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  1. I love turquoise with brown and khaki, but I hadn't seen much Klein blue with brown. You make it work so well. It keeps the brown from being blah and the blue from being flashy/trying too hard. Great equilibrium.
    Again, another great story!

    1. Taste of France,
      I am not familiar with the adjective of Klein for the blue color --what is its origin, please ? Thank you.

    2. Yves Klein--the artist

      Janice--My daughter made me an outfit with these very colors a few years ago. It elicited many compliments from arty types!

  2. I can imagine adding chestnut ankle pants, softly draped ivory trousers or even a leather pencil skirt to this six-pack. What versatility. This could easily be the basis of a full season capsule. Love the color combo of chestnut, black and ivory with that beautiful blue.

  3. I love the pieces in this wardrobe. I can also relate to the story! ;)

  4. Love the wardrobe and colors. Just what I'd wear. Have often used a similar strategy since my name's been Adrian my whole life long.

  5. Love these colors together! I use a similar palette, but with white rather than ivory, and denim for the blue, but now I will add in that royal blue! I've been searching for chestnut/cognac colored jeans forever! - nancyo

  6. Once again you have come up with a color combination that I could have not dreamed up, and it works. And best of all, with some slight modifications, it's all in my closet.

  7. Always love your commentary and stories! A chuckle to start my day is always welcome. That, and slowly, very slowly, making a change to my wardrobe - thank you for all the inspiration.

  8. What a striking color combo!! I love it! That Hermes scarf is gorgeous too! Great story too!

  9. Scarf magic! It is perfect to tie these unusual colors together is such a pleasing palette.

  10. A very interesting colour combination. I have to admit to getting distrated wondering what her name might be- Jordan, Steve, Alex, Jamie..........

  11. "...she's busy looking in all of the cobwebby financial corners." Brava! Brah! va!

  12. "...she's busy looking in all of the cobwebby financial corners." Brava! Brah! va!

  13. Not colors I wear well, but oh so beautiful for the right person. That painting would make a great scarf.

  14. Oh my ... I have an ambidextrous name and worked in cobwebby language corners, so had a good chuckle at today's story thank you. But what a surprise with the colours! They're all in my wardrobe yet I'd never thought of putting the strong but pretty blue with the brown and beige. Don't they look great with the black and white to ground them. Yet more ideas for versatility!
    I agree with Amy, the painting would make a great scarf.
    Robyn in Tasmania