Monday, May 23, 2016

How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe of Accessories 1 at a Time: Shades of Beige and Brown

These subtle colors in this capsule wardrobe really appeal to me...

Remember, this was our first outfit, to which one MUST add some shoes. Unless you live somewhere that doesn't require shoes?

Tee – Uniqlo; pants – Uniqlo
cardigan – L.L. Bean; top shoes – Tamaris
middle shoes – Seychelles; bottom shoes – Robert Zur

And simple earrings! I particularly like that bottom pair because they're simple, but they aren't...

Tank - Uniqlo; pants – Uniqlo
cardigan – L.L. Bean; top earrings – Uno de 50
middle earrings – Lauren Ralph Lauren; bottom earrings – Alexis Bittar

There weren't hundreds of scarves in this very subtle color scheme, but many of them were lovely; if this were my wardrobe, I'd have quite a few scarves! 

Tank - Uniqlo; pants – Uniqlo
cardigan – L.L.Bean; top scarf – Faliero Sarti
middle scarf – L.L.Bean; bottom scarf – Eileen Fisher

Finding just the right color sandals was a challenge! These colors are somewhere between sand, taupe, drift, and some other strange names... Remember when you're searching the internet for something specific, you have to be really creative about color names. It's worth searching for a couple of sites specifically about colors to get some ideas.

Tee – Uniqlo; shorts – L.L.Bean
cardigan – L.L. Bean; top sandals –  Birkenstock
middle sandals – Sam Edelman; bottom sandals – Munro

More simple watches that you can actually read - sometimes I'm so radical!

Tee – Uniqlo; pants – Uniqlo
sweater – Vince; top watch – Links of London
middle watch – Pulsar; bottom watch – Timex

For leather accessories, this wardrobe lends itself to a range of colors from really pale ivory through to cocoa brown. This is another case in which it's wise to carry swatches, or a small color "reference item" of some sort. I still stick with a few skeins of embroidery floss, in a small zip-lock bag.

Tee Uniqlo; shorts – L.L.Bean
sweatshirt – L.L.Bean; top bag – MICHAEL Michael Kors
middle bag – Rag & Bone; bottom bag – Matt & Nat

There was a true embarrassment of riches in the bracelet department...

Tee – Uniqlo; jeans – J. Crew
sweatshirt – L.L.Bean; top bracelet – Alexis Bittar
middle bracelet – Kendra Scott; bottom bracelet – Alexis Bittar

I like the bit of shine that pearls or mother of pearl can bring to a small earring. They bring a nice light near your face.

Tee – Etro; shorts – L.L.Bean; 
top earrings – Kendra Scott; middle earrings – Nadri
bottom earrings – Majorica

Must have casual shoes!

Tee – Mint Velvet; pants – Uniqlo
cardigan – L.L.Bean; top shoes – Vans
middle shoes – Dansko; bottom shoes – Superga

Tote bags are another place where you have a range or color possibilities...

Tee – Etro; jeans – Coldwater Creek;
 top tote – Persaman New York; middle tote – Steven Alan
bottom tote – Lisa Minardi

Honestly, just the most beautiful, subtle scarves are available!

Shirt – Lareida; jeansJ. Crew
top scarf – Sophie Darling; middle scarf – Eleventy
bottom scarf - Pashma

A small pendant, or more substantial necklace, is another way to bring some variety to your wardrobe, and a little shine and movement to your outfit.

Tee – Mint Velvet; jeans – J. Crew
cardigan – Lands’ End; top necklace – Cara
middle necklace – Kendra Scott; bottom necklace – H&M


Tee – Etro; skirt – J. Crew Factory
 top sunglasses – Miu Miu; middle sunglasses – Kate Spade
bottom sunglasses – Chloe

I'm devoted to ballet flats...

Tunic – L.L.Bean; jeansColdwater Creek
 top shoes – Sofft; middle shoes – AGL
bottom shoes – Ecco

Does this put you in the mood for a specific place, or event?




  1. It puts me in the mood for a long Spring weekend away, somewhere near water. You know, when the days are warm enough, but the nights are definitely still cooler, especially near a body of water.

  2. Janice,
    Beckie is spot on ! As I'm about to leave for 8 days for the Atlantic coast, this grouping, minus several pieces, but with the addition of some coral accent pieces is my packed wadrobe. Thanks for the inspiration ! Love that shell necklace from H&M -- and so affordable, too !

    1. Spell check --wardrobe -- I do know how to spell, but apparently my iPad does not ! Just bought the shell necklace -- yaaaa !

  3. Just beautiful!! This says the Hampton's to me!! Not that I have ever been! : )

  4. This is lovely, practical and yet elegant. The metallic bits add interest and dimension. Apropos of yesterday's post, this grouping could suffice for a whole spring/summer for a person with a casual lifestyle.
    Deb from Vancouver

  5. I think this would be a great investment grouping because it can be accented by almost any color and thus be very versatile. I agree, coral would be beautiful with this!

  6. I struggled with this colour scheme (even though it's warm), realising eventually that it would be lovely for someone else. Perhaps an elegant dusty blonde with warm skin tones and long slim hands. The kind who can turn her hand to any task - or several at once - without getting flustered, who looks good in anything from frayed jeans to a tweed pencil skirt and heels, who mixes textures to perfection, and who is wonderful company. Here is her perfect casual wardrobe.
    So it has also taught me that my wardrobe and I like stronger contrasts and bright accents. We're a bit messy, my wardrobe and I, not always sticking to the plan ... But we'd love to be friends with Ms Beige and Brown even though we can't be her.
    Robyn in Tasmania

  7. So lovely again! I just want to drop by and say that I'm working on my starting from scratch wardrobe. This is total revelation, thank you, Janice, so much! Also thank you for finding lovely shell necklace, that reminded me that I already have something similar...

    1. p.s.
      Forgot to mention that this is one of my basis and I'm learning to tone down from my previous multicolored garments. I packed most of it away and purchasing less but with more use value. Even acquiring the taste along the way.
      My cravings for color I am satisfying by creating my autumn capsule too. I compressed down my palette to 3 bases and 4 accent colors and this is really radical cut for me. Also acquired the whole new navy base over last couple of months. I can't thank you enough, Janice. Also thank you all, readers, for interesting comments.
      This is the only site I visit daily no matter what! Xoxo