Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Art: A19 by Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

I see this painting every week or two - it's a definite favorite, and it creates a clear mood of strength and confidence.

At first glance I thought that this painting was almost monochromatic, but when I started looking at the colors, I saw a pretty nice range of possibilities.

"It's a Good Idea..."

"An amazing idea, actually. But you do realize that you're going to have to visit every branch office and show them how to do it..."

Tee – J.Crew; earrings – Shana Gulati; pants – Uniqlo; blazer – 
IDLF Uniqlo; scarf – H&M; watch – La MerCollections; flats – David Tate;
 tote bag – Matt & Nat

Well yes, actually,she did know that. She was PLANNING on it...

Bracelet – Mistraya Jewelry; scarf – Uniqlo; linen pants – H&M; beige sweater
 – Alberta Ferretti; cardigan – Oasis; black pants – Uniqlo; ribbed tee –  
Dorothy Perkins; earrings – Nordstrom; necklace – Stephanie Kantis; slides
 – Kork-Ease; ballet flats – Frye; bag – Cereso; black tee – IDLF Uniqlo

"We're going to need to reserve the auditorium closest to each branch, so that the presentation can be made to as many people as possible simultaneously."

 Happily, she was born without the stage-fright gene, so all she needs to do is put together a bit of a PowerPoint presentation, and she's all set!

Do you get stage fright? I don't - I never have.... Weird, eh?


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  1. I'm so attracted to your combinations with shades of red. That bright, almost orange shade is so zesty! It would look great onstage.
    I recently gave a speech to about 700 people and was surprised at how much I felt at ease. It was my first speech in over 15 years. I practiced, of course, but didn't memorize it. Then, just before we went onstage (it was a panel) the other speakers said they were going to remain seated and that they didn't have notes, so I felt compelled to do the same, winging it at the last minute. I was aware of waiting for the fear to kick in, but it didn't. I think experience helps--it gives confidence.

  2. I love this, I've recently decided this orange red is my red and love how it plays with everything here> thanks for putting everything together that you do for us, I look forward to it every morning!

  3. I get nervous if I have to speak up in a meeting of more than 5 people! That's why I'm a writer. Maybe also why I shy away from bright colors? But I love this wardrobe and the story!:)

  4. Another beautiful post. I used to be a public speaking teacher. I get nervous before every talk but then when I'm up speaking the stage fright disappears. The nervous energy seems to be then channeled . I'm a writer who sometimes speaks. Still inspired by your beautiful post about the artistic lady going to an exhibit. Thanks for all your inspiration. Hope you are having a lovely trip. Janice Collins, Washington DC

  5. I taught public speaking for 10 years and I love it! But, in those 10 years...I saw students faint, throw up, and run from the room crying. It is one of the biggest fears of all people! The more you speak, the easier it becomes and sometime exciting! Love the capsule...pinned it! Great colors!

  6. I get butterflies just before, but once I'm up there I love it -- I get a charge out of the connection with the audience. I was mayor of my town for 12 years, and people often complimented me on my speeches and asked for the transcripts. The thing is -- I don't use outlines. I just jot down the two or three points I want to emphasize on a scrap of paper and hold it in my hand for reassurance -- rarely ever look at it. This weekend I am conducting a workshop about cooking -- that requires a lot more preparation, but I am looking forward to that great connection with the audience again.

  7. Whenever I try to put orange with black all I can think of is Halloween! You did a fabulous job of avoiding that pitfall in this wardrobe! I rarely get nervous speaking before an audience. Once I was on the board of a neighborhood organization, and my only role was to be the speaker at the meetings. The other board members did all the actual work - they were so terrified of speaking that they gladly did everything else - nancyo

  8. I do a ton of public speaking, and it never used to bug me. But when giving my 26th talk in two weeks, standing in a bright spotlight in a stuffy auditorium and holding a heavy mic, I had a panic attack. It was awful. And then it happened again the next time I spoke. I talked to my doctor. You can use a very small dose of a blood pressure drug (off label) to help with panic attacks. It's been a god send.

  9. Another great wardrobe and fun story! I saw the red in this painting as a darker rusty red but this orange hue is very pretty. I have been a singer and given many performances in groups and as a soloist. I find my nervousness to be directly proportional to how much practice was put in beforehand! I find the same to be true of public speaking. I feel nervous just before the speech or performance begins but then it leaves once I begin.

    Love the tan accessories! I have added a few to my spring/summer wardrobe this year too.