Monday, February 08, 2016

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Scarf: Version 2 Hydrangea Haze by Ted Baker London

I was working on a casual version of this when everybody started asking for a casual version... Sometimes we all think very much alike!

Hydrangea Haze scarf – Ted Baker London

I swapped out the pinks for purple and blue - a great color combination. I also softened the grey from the first version of this wardrobe (revisit it here) for a pure white. 

And then I found that these 2 accents were VERY difficult to find... at least in items that meet my many requirements!

Hydrangea Haze scarf – Ted Baker London

On Campus?!?!?

Yes, of course I'd like to go visit - we're talking about my favorite freshman in the whole wide world. But we're staying ON CAMPUS for Parents and Grandparents Weekend!

Tee shirt – L.L.Bean; earrings – Pandora; pants – L.L.Bean; watch –  
Kate Spade; linen cardigan – L.L.Bean; scarf – Ted Baker London
flats – Trotters; bag – Longchamp

Sleeping in a dorm. Eating in a dorm. LIVING IN A DORM.... (showers...)

I'm the grandmother....

And to make it more complicated, the weather is iffy, and the range of possible activities is hard to encompass, based on what we're being told. (sometimes, my favorite freshman is a little bit unclear on the details.) Of course, if we get away for a meal, we'll go into town and have a nice dinner too...

Stud earrings – Sam Edelman; sweatshirt – Lands’ End; bracelets – Gillian 
Julius; windowpane top – Uniqlo; rain jacket – L.L.Bean; purple cardigan – 
 Viyella; navy sleeveless top – Odeeh; chain necklace – Karine Sultan; print 
top – Viyella; skirt – Uniqlo; jeans – L.L.Bean; capris – Mint Velvet; stripe
d top – Mint Velvet; canvas shoes – Keds; driving loafers – Robert Zur

But I'm a grandmother - I've learned a lot! This is easily doable in a carry-on bag, with a bit of planning.

Everything fits the template: 

I have lots of options:

Coolest grandma ever, I'm just sayin'...




  1. Thank you, thank you!! My two favorite colors and a navy base, casual items, and prints!! All of these will work for me, and of course the beautiful scarf. So many color ideas could come from that. You did a great job!

    Sue in WI

  2. It's gorgeous, as always. Thank you.

  3. As I read your story line, I thought to myself that you would be the coolest grandma ever. This fictitious grandma would stay in a nearby hotel and meet everyone for breakfast. :))
    Great outfits, though.

  4. For me, this is the way to wear a wonderful scarf! This looks lovely with black and is such a great transition into spring.

  5. In a note from a friend:

    "In my experience, schools put family in the oldest dorms, so you are always pleasantly surprised by your freshman's actual dorm assignment. The room usually stinks of disinfectant over mold and paint, so a scented candle is a godsend. Also, rubber shower shoes, a robe and hanging toiletry case for the down the hall bathroom and shower. Which, if the dorm ever housed a sport team, might actually be so awful she might prefer a large pack of baby wipes for a sponge bath.
    I always said if I did this again, I would pretend to stay in the dorm, and sneak out at midnight to a real hotel."

    Great observations, eh?

    1. Depends on the school! At dd's school, there aren't any extra dorm rooms to rent, and the nearest hotel is about a 1/2 hour drive away through 2 lane hilly and heavily forested roads. Generally, I sleep on the floor in her room on an air mattress. The biggest problem in the tiny room is that there's nowhere to put ANYTHING more--suitcase and shoes stay out in the hall. Ergo, Janice's pared down suggestions have been GREAT! I've copied a wardrobe nearly every time I've visited. While I've thought that I could cut my hair in a Mohawk and put a bone through my nose and no one would notice (it's a funky campus), I do have to live with myself so I try to look at least like an adult.

    2. You're also right--the bathrooms are gross. And no candles allowed so they don't burn down the dorms (they're already working on that with the popcorn poppers and rice cookers.)

  6. Lovely and hilarious, I want to hug everybody involved in this story! (And the clothes look great too.)
    I went to a state university and commuted from home, I missed the joy that is the dorm experience.

  7. Great! Great! Great! You do an amazing job again! Thank you!

  8. No sneaking for me, I would stay in the local hotel or an airbb for sure if the dorm was as your friend describes. And I am 3 years away from having a university freshwoman.
    Deb from Vancouver

  9. Well done Janice. Casual, put together, practical and in some of my favorite colors. Thank you! Mary

  10. Oh dear, your 'coolest grandmother' is making me feel guilty. I only had one opportunity to stay on campus and when we arrived discovered that there were too many parents - apparently quite a few showed up without reserving a room. I decided to be magnanimous (and of course selfish too) and opted to stay at The Plaza - and invited everyone to join us for tea.

    I love these colors!

    Mary mcm

  11. This is a great casual wardrobe! I have three granddaughters getting close to this scenario. I would attempt the dorm! LOL! This was a fun one Janice!!

    Linda in Arkansas

  12. Janice, do you prefer being the eccentric Aunt or the cool Grandmother? Wonderful story, and of course clothes! Chris Australia x