Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Scarf: Cheval Surprise Remix Version 2

You wanted to see some purple? I found purple, and hot pink!

Hermes Cheval Surprise Remix

You could certainly do worse than to use all five bright colors, plus black and white, as the basis of your wardrobe...

How many horses have you found in the scarf? I think I can see seven...

dress – Diane von Furstenberg; hoop earrings – Alexis Bittar;  bag – Zac 
Posen; black pumps – Trotters; cardigan – Lands’ End; star earrings – Tai;  
white lace top – Isabel Marant; iridescent stud earrings – Kendra Scott
bracelet – Alexis Bittar; pink silk top – Etro; black silk pants –  

This is SUCH a great dress - you could literally wear it all 12 months, with a range of accessories that would keep it fresh. If I needed a dress, this one could easily vault to the top of the list!

Sweater – Lands’ End; paisley earrings - Anthropologie; sneakers – 
Nike; jeans – L.L.Bean; hoodie – Uniqlo; shorts – L.L.Bean; black earrings
 – Trina Turk; paisley top – Altea; sandals – MICHAEL Michael Kors

Many have mentioned their preference for white shorts, so I honor your preference. And while the paisley top isn't exactly "cleaning out the basement" casual, I thought it was too irresistible to leave out... Maybe your casual activities will be more spectator than wide receiver!

Blouse – MICHAEL Michael Kors; rainbow stone bracelet – Astley Clarke;
 trousers – J. Crew; white shirt – J. Crew; scarf – Hermes 
Cheval Surprise Remix

A simple white shirt is a nice option for those days when you just don't feel like wearing something bold. And it makes a nice crisp layer under the purple cardigan - tie on the scarf, and you're good to go!

If your family even requires much dressing up, you have a range of choices that are all subtly different. You're in good shape for changing weather, too.

As always, pieces were chosen with an overall "scheme" in mind. One does not have to be wedded to this particular version of the template; you could, for example, include one fewer top, and an additional 2nd layer instead. But the overall scheme of having everything coordinate shouldn't be abandoned; it gives you the most versatility and the greatest number of options when you're a long way from home.

It's proof that I'm a tomboy at heart - I love including a hooded jacket...

A completely new color scheme tomorrow - warm colors....


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  1. I could happily wear this wardrobe.The pinks and the purples are lovely. I was puzzling about how to wear the scarf because I thought it was smaller than it actually is. It's worth taking a look at the model wearing the scarf on the Hermes site to get a sense of how a square scarf like this can be worn.

  2. Dear Janice, I really love this series. I pack for these occasions it seems very often, and I find your colour mixing intriguing. It really suits the way I prefer to pack....actually I really loved the time you were going to NYC and didn't have to take much, but gave us a 9 piece..inspiring! Chris from Australia X

  3. Love the pinks and purples and the paisley print. I would opt for dark shorts rather than white and a less fitted dress, but the colours are great. I too love a hoody on casual days, especially when out walking as you never know when the weather is likely to change. I can see nine horses.....

  4. I could only discern 6 horses in the image you posted but I could find 8 on the Hermes site. It's a little easier when I look at the monochromatic scarf on their site. The ingenuity of their designers never ceases to amaze (and amuse) me. It's interesting how the abstract patterns can change completely when you view the different colors.

    Mary mcm

  5. I love that shade of purple! Those particular pieces wouldn't work for me - I like my cardigans looser for layering and my t-shirts without that hemline gathering at the bottom - but I love love love the color! It's amazing how much I've learned about what styles of clothing suit me by looking at your posts every day!
    - Kaci

  6. This is my ideal colour scheme - and covet every single item you've shown (except, perhaps white shorts but that's OK - we seldom need to worry about shorts in the UK!) x

  7. These are fun posts. I find that I am drawn to the "middle ground" outfits each time. Which is probably why people are constantly asking me "why are you so dressed up" when I don't feel like I am at all! :)

    1. I understand, Tricia. During a recent European tour I was the only person wearing dresses and scarves. While shopping my eyes never look at super casual items. Humm!

      Just wanted you to know your not alone.


  8. Janice,
    Color wise, in the tops, I'm seeing three "sort of twin sets " . White, hot pink, and purple, and one print to pull all of the colors together. Your use of analogous colors in this template has just answered my dilemma that I posted the other day about color choices when packing to maximize the use of all of the pieces working together ! And I love that you have used one colored topper as well as a neutral one in this illustration. This post reminds me of one that is similar from 2011 , I think, that you did using twin sets that made so much sense to me. Another winner !

  9. I absolutely love this! These colors are too strong for me, but the style and tone...perfect ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  10. I was about to buy the Diane von Furstenberg dress, but was so disappointed at the back view. It has a black upper back panel with an exposed zipper. It would have looked so much better as an all multi-colored boucle, with a hidden zipper. Now I'll just order a similar material and make it myself. I expected better from a Diane von Furstenberg dress.

    1. OH that's HORRID. I am so sick of exposed zippers - zippers AREN'T pretty, they're not decorative, they don't really flatter any body part... but it's dirt cheap to just lay the zipper down on the fabric and stitch it in place. I expected better from a DVF dress too...
      I'm really glad you didn't buy the dress - don't EVER settle!

    2. It was SOOOOO pretty, too! I'm glad you included the dress in the capsule, because I loved the look and the idea of it. It is really a perfect sort of dress to have. I'm picturing the potential of wearing it with a very sheer black blouse underneath. I am absolutely going to find the fabric and make that dress. This capsule is a keeper! Thanks, Janice. >^;^<

    3. As I was on the hunt for a similar fabric, I found the jacket that goes with the dress and goes a long way in covering up the exposed zipper. The videos give the dress a better showing than the pictures do. I think this is going to be my "investment suit" for 2016. It is also my entire clothing budget. >^;^<

  11. Love the blogs - but where have all the stories gone? More, more, please! Maybe you could tell us the next installment of some of your earlier heroines?!

  12. 7 horses
    On the scarf and one workhorse of a dress! Perfect choice!

  13. 11 horses and 1 dog and I haven't counted the humans... Carol S

  14. I just realized why all the colour combinations for this scarf don't appeal to me - it's a total 80's flashback! Apparently I wore those colours to death then since I don't have the slightest urge to find myself something similar (which happens with your other posts). As separates, the colours are great but together... noooo.