Thursday, January 07, 2016

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with Nature: Black and Yellow Broadbill Version 2

I hadn't planned to revisit this lovely bird, but someone wanted some yellow...

Photograph of a black and yellow broadbill, by Allan Seah
find Allan Seah's photographs here

Without the green background, the colors seem more intense to me. At any rate, I brightened up the coral and blue, to be in a better balance with the yellow... No matter how good it looks here, I'm not recommending yellow eye shadow - there's a limit to taking inspiration from nature!

Allan Seah photograph of a black and yellow broadbill, with a color scheme based on the bird's coloring

I thought I'd plunge right into the yellow... Note how the addition of the scarf with the coral and orange print keeps the ensemble from looking like a bumblebee, or a Pittsburgh sport fan. (for those out of the sports loop: I think EVERY professional sports team in Pittsburgh wears at least some yellow and black)

(I love the scarves from Abo London - they are REALLY cool when unfolded...)

travel outfit in yellow and black, with a yellow silk blouse, yellow handbag and black cashmere cardigan
Yellow silk top – Stella McCartney; yellow earrings – Kendra Scott; trousers
 – L.L.Bean; cashmere cardigan – L.L.Bean; scarf – Abo London; watch Skagen;
 ballet flats – Geox; bag – Dooney & Bourke

I also brightened up the color palette here - this would be a delightful suitcase to pack on a dark, overcast day!

Our intrepid heroine didn't really need to pack a ring, but I thought that this was really pretty, and I wanted you to see it. While I wouldn't buy a turquoise ring in a million years, I can still admire just how very lovely this one is!

travel capsule wardrobe in black, turquoise, and yellow
Hiroshima scarf – Klements; peach sapphire and black diamond earrings – Mociun;
 apricot tee – 88 ES; rose agate earrings – Calypso St. Barth; yellow asymmetric 
sweater – Stella McCartney; turquoise earrings – Kastur Jewels; coral top – 
Diane von Furstenberg; Sol y la Vida scarf – Liz Nehdi; blue sweater – Michael
 Kors; turquoise ring – Armenta; cotton twill pencil skirt – J. Crew; jeans –
 L.L.Bean; loafers – Robert Zur; slingbacks – Calvin Klein

This is so cheerful: 

a travel capsule wardrobe in black with yellow, turquoise and coral

As before, there are lots of possibilities, not limited to these 16:

4 outfits from a travel capsule wardrobe in black, coral, yellow and turquoise

4 outfits from a travel capsule wardrobe in black, coral, yellow and turquoise

4 outfits from a travel capsule wardrobe in black, coral, yellow and turquoise

4 outfits from a travel capsule wardrobe in black, coral, yellow and turquoise

I've got some travel wardrobe requests that I'm going to look into - and probably tie them in to some gorgeous piece of art! If you have a favorite piece of art, or any other beautiful "thing" that inspires you, feel free to send it to me at I will do my best to address as many as I can...


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  1. Thank you. I love it. Antonia.

  2. Janice, just out of very idle curiosity, why would you 'never buy a turquoise ring in a million years'? The color of the stone? The sturdiness of the stone? Personally I love the color of turquoise, so I was just wondering...

    1. Just because turquoise isn't in my "plan". If for some reason I decide to start wearing shades of blue, I'd have this ring as soon as I had scared up the money. (well, this one, or something similar - I think this designer is amazing!)

  3. Love the Hiroshima scarf. My husband teaches origami and has been folding paper since childhood. I just bought the last oblong scarf and can't wait to wear it! So many pretty colors. It will go with so many of my tops. Thanks, Janice, for your inspiring blog.

  4. A difficult assignment--and what inspired and spirited choices!

  5. Who wouldn't want to look like a Pittsburgh sports fan? Go Steelers! (Note: those of us born in Pittburgh are very likely to be Steelers fans even if we care about no other sports ;-) Sadly, yellow is not a great color for me, so I go with a team t-shirt and earrings and carry my Terrible Towel if I'm watching a game.
    - Kaci

    1. OY, I grew up rooting for both the Steelers and the Pirates - I can sympathize COMPLETELY. I actually know a man who has an entire wardrobe with NOTHING but black, white, red and yellow... (yes, he's a big mad...)
      Three Rivers hugs,

  6. If anyone needs some daily inspiration, look into the google art project. Every day, or tab depending on your settings, you get a new piece of art to admire on your computer. It's really broadened my range of what I consider art.

  7. This is a very happy wardrobe that would brighten any workplace. It also strikes me as an excellent layout for a person with a pear shaped body, smaller top, larger bottom, as the eye will naturally focus on the colour and shapes of all the tops.

    Deb from Vancouver

  8. Someone wearing this wardrobe would bring a whiff of spring freshness into the room/office/whatever.

  9. Love your site, gives me lots of wonderful ideas. Howevever, I love the second set, much brighter and more cheerful!! I also love turquoise and own turquoise rings :( . Sandra

  10. Somehow I completely missed this one - but what gorgeous colors and what a stunning bird - that coral and blue!
    As another native Pittsburgher I appreciate the black and gold but much prefer yellow and black. And then by chance we moved to a town where the school colors are black and gold and it seems I've spent most of my life watching those 2 colors swirl around a playing field of some kind.

    I do love the peach and turquoise with black.

    Mary mcm