Saturday, January 16, 2016

Building a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Scarf: Hermes Cheval Surprise Remix

Today's travel wardrobe is very much like yesterday's, but in a slightly altered color palette. This was a special request for an upcoming Bar Mitzvah, and I think it's great fun!

I chose this scarf as our leitmotif for the color scheme, because these scarves are marvelously interesting. You'll be seeing this design again, because there are a couple of color scheme available that are just striking, and I want to see what I can do with them...

look for the horses hidden in the design...

As I mentioned yesterday, this Diane von Furstenberg dress is available in a variety of colors - I just changed out for the color requested! And in place of a hat, a pretty headband. (some of us wear headbands a LOT...)

I thought that the pink dress was quite enough pink for one trip, so I chose a simple white silk top this time - if you found a pretty print, or a pink you adored, it could easily be substituted.

Hoop earrings – Judith Jack; headband – Forever 21; pink dress Diane von 
Furstenberg; lace cuff – Sonal Bhaskaran; bag Vince Camuto; gold sandals –  
Kate Spade; cashmere cardigan – J. Crew; gold belt – Halogen; gold feather 
earrings – Aurelie Bidermann; blue top – Theory; leaf stud earrings – Betty 
 Balaba; feather cuff – Melinda Maria; white silk top – Vanessa Seward; black 
 silk pants – T by Alexander Wang; ballet flats – Adrianna Papell

This casual isn't quite as casual as before - I thought a classic shirt would be a nice option, as a change from bright colors and prints.

Striped shirt – Frame Denim; mismatched earrings – Rebecca Minkoff
 sneakers – Nike; jeans – L.L.Bean; sweatshirt – Uniqlo; shorts – L.L.Bean
black stud earrings – Alexis Bittar; tee - Uniqlo; sandals – Birkenstock

Oh, but speaking of bright prints, I couldn't resist this shirt! And yes, I would absolutely wear it over the pink dress, with a metallic belt; if you're going to buy a beautiful dress, you might as well find a number of ways to wear it.

Blouse – Etro; trousers – J. Crew
tee shirt – A.P.C.; scarf – Hermes Cheval Surprise Remix

I like the way that this gives one options that are very bright and cheerful, or quite subdued and neutral.

As always, I want to give you a chance to refresh your memory about the structure of the blank template.

You can see how comfortably these pieces slot into the template. Clearly, a pair of white shorts, or white jeans, would work just as well here!

I'm definitely going to revisit "Toasting Friends" to experiment with a different color scheme. I hope it turns out well!


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  1. From Margie in Toronto - What a gorgeous pop of colour to wake up to on this grey morning - just love that scarf - so many colour options to go with it!

    Quick question - I've been looking at scarf rings online and while I'd love a couple from Hermes, they are rather expensive - do you have any sources you'd recommend? Thank you.

    1. You can get horn scarf rings (made in Vietnam, same as the pieces from Hermes and elsewhere) for under $10 on Etsy. I don't know anything about the ethics of production, but I have a feeling that many of these horn goods come from the same sources, at wildly disparate prices.

    2. Also, keep an eye out for regular rings that are in larger sizes that can be used for scarves. One of my favorite scarf rings is a size eight gold-colored ring from Nordstrom Rack. Just make sure the inside is absolutely smooth - you don't want to snag your beautiful silk!

    3. Mai Tai's scarf rings in horn are beautiful, and meticulously well made - I can recommend them highly. The link to her blog is in the right column, and there's a link to her merchandise from there.

    4. Ah, another thing - if you want an authentic Hermes scarf ring, look on ebay for sellers from Japan. It's been my experience that Japanese sellers only sell authentic merchandise, they under-price things, and over-deliver.

  2. "if you're going to buy a beautiful dress, you might as well find a number of ways to wear it."

    Oh yes, I wear my dresses with everything - cardigans, jackets, button-down tops, pullover tops. I only buy sleeveless and short-sleeve dresses so that I can wear them all year by adding a long-sleeve layer for colder weather. The colorful shirt here isn't my style, but if it were the same colors in a more symmetrical floral print, I would absolutely wear it with the pink dress!
    - Kaci

  3. Please visit the dark purple with the blue and black - totally my colors!

  4. Not my colours at all but still is a bright happy collection. I think the person wearing this would be a fun companion full of life and enthusiasms.

    Deb from Vancouver

  5. Hello Janice, I was on Pinterest and came across your wardrobes. It has been very helpful. I'm going to start putting together my winter wardrobe very soon. One of the issues I'm trying to figure out is do I keep the same color scheme for both winter and summer? I'm currently living in Hawaii but I'm not going to be here for much longer due to my military affiliation so I need some major help. I appreciate the help! Thank you.

    1. You should try to stick with as consistent a color scheme as possible, so that you can get things to work through most of the year. That said, you can certainly change out accent colors with the seasons - especially lightweight, inexpensive things like tee shirt and tank tops. There aren't any strict rules; just whatever works best for you, and makes you happiest!

  6. So good see these travel wardrobes! I am going to Palm Springs with one of my BFFs for a long weekend in February. Temps will be in the low 70s by day, 40s by night. We'll go to the hot springs and do some sightseeing, will mostly be casual but sill want to look cute. The color scheme I am planning is medium gray and reddish wine. Care to take a crack at it?

  7. Janice. I'm with Carol Si86303. Please revisit with dark purple and black with any of the other colours. Thanks!!

  8. Very pretty! I don't wear pink but this is perfect for all who love it!

  9. A beautiful capsule- full of joy and zing

  10. :-) This is a real fun scarf - as in: can you spot the horses?!
    I enjoy your combinations, once again.
    Have a very HAPPY weekend! :-)

  11. That white silk shell!! Something to dream about...

  12. I have really enjoyed these "mixed wear" posts. I am planning a late April trip to the Azores and I have been a bit stuck as to what to pack. This solves it. Thank you !