Friday, January 29, 2016

Build a Capsule Wardrobe by Starting with a Bag: Marimekko Clover Bag

This bag is much closer to the one that my friend wanted to see on The Vivienne Files - I'm really happy that she persisted in finding just the right back for us!  This is quite the color scheme: black and white, punched up about a million notches with red, hot pink, and coral.


She Doesn't Mind the Attention...

Yes, lots of people share in the credit for everything that's been accomplished, but someone has to be the spokesperson, the one in the center of the photographs, the one who accepts the diplomas, certificates, trophies, statuettes, and other detritus of hard work.

Square scarf – Hermes Balade en Berline; dress – Lands’ End; cardigan – Etro;
 color-blocked top – Guiliana Romanno; hoop earrings – Arme de l’Amour;  
pink/orange bracelet – CC Skye; gold bar earrings – Trina Turk; bag –  
Rebecca Minkoff; gold wire bracelet – Kenneth Jay Lane; flats –  
Nicholas Kirkwood; pumps – Trotters; black sleeveless top – Brunello Cucinelli
black silk pants – Zero + Maria Cornejo

So she's accepted, for years, that since she's comfortable being photographed, and making "off the cuff" remarks, she's going to be the one who takes center stage.

Tee - Uniqlo; sandals – Vionic; jeans – Current/Elliott; merino sweatshirt
 L.L.Bean; shorts – J.Crew; sneakers – Converse; neon flame
 tee – J. Crew

She actually asked other people who were involved in the YEARS of effort if any of them wanted to take over the "front man" (ahem.... person...) role. To a man (ahem... person....), they all declined!

Just in case you missed them yesterday, these pants look a LOT like Eileen Fisher "slouch pants", but at a fraction of the price.

Orange top - Uniqlo; scarf – Missoni; trousers – Uniqlo; crystal earrings
 – Ted Baker London; stud earrings – Open Sky; cardigan – J. Crew

She's scrupulous about making absolutely SURE that everybody gets mentioned, thanked, and appropriately credited... The spotlight is nice, but she's not so daft as to think that getting MOST of the attention means that she did MOST of the work!


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  1. You just got 2 thumbs up from KiKi and several long descriptions (as only she can) of what you did. I picked up signs for the colors, pretty and shirt.

    1. These are her colors, aren't they?

  2. Ahhhhh - feels SO GOOD. Thank you, m'dear!

  3. And, y'know - prescient. This is the year for me to step up and "be seen" more!

  4. Wow, well, this is a wardrobe for an extrovert and for everyone one else around her. This is such a happy collection.
    Deb from Vancouver

  5. My eyes feast on the color! This palatte gives me energy! Love it.

  6. This is so, so, so pretty! And happy!

  7. Janice,
    While the happy bright colors would overpower me, I would delight in seeing them on someone who can handle vibrant color.

  8. I love this! You could have made it for me.

  9. Wowzer!! Such beautiful colors! Seems perfect for a tropical vacation!