Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Giveaway, and a Wonderful Woman

Remember January 11th, when I built a wardrobe around a Neiman Marcus tote bag, and then asked for comments so that I could give the featured bag to one of you?

I heard back from the woman who won the bag, and... well... She's AMAZING.

Long story kind of short - black is no longer one of her wardrobe neutrals, so she turned the bag down.

She wants someone to have it who will use it regularly...

Generous. Disciplined. Mature. Intelligent. Kind. Thoughtful, in all of the best ways.

I feel lucky to know that she reads The Vivienne Files!

Neiman Marcus black embossed tote bag
This is the lovely bag...

So I pulled another random number; Geraldine, please get in touch with me at so I can get your address and send off your new tote bag!

much Sunday love to all,

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)


  1. I always check the news while I drink my coffee and save checking your site for last. It's a treat to finish off my coffee with a healthy dose of "nice" every day. Thanks for that.

  2. What a lovely thought - kudos to the original winner who so generously gave someone else the opportunity.

    Mary mcm

  3. Agree kudos to the original winner. Also shows that that perhaps we (as a group maybe) have learnt discernment in planning/populating our wardrobes. Off on a tangent here... I have a badly cluttered house but if I brought less into it, I would have less to declutter... Carol S

  4. How nice and generous of the original winner! Congratulations to the new winner!

  5. Janice, you have created a wonderful virtual community.

  6. Carol S.,
    You might find helpful. I've been using her site off & on for years. When I get overwhelmed with the mess of my house she gets me back on track.

  7. I feel like I am reading emails and texts between my best friends. I LOVE this and it also aligns with what I do, and have been doing since I was a young girl and my grandmother took me to thrift stores... Teaching me and showing me the beautiful fabrics and lines I have come to know are timeless. I am now a shop-o-holic but I feel it is the best one to be. I only shop at thrift stores and garage sales, and I have a closet full of amazing pieces, young and old from Vintage Bill Blass gowns to Marc Jacobs oxford heels..... I love when I am complimented and someone asks me :"where did you get that? Or those shoes are amazing, who makes them?" The shock on their face when I blurt out the truth of which precise location of second-hand shop I found said item at... leaves them, I hope, second-guessing their "label->hore" mindless shopping for mass-produced homogenized goods than not only anyone could own, but thousands, maybe millions do.....
    I do not mean this in an insulting or judgmental way, merely an observation on the irony that I am asked about what i am wearing, and where i got it, when oddly many simply imitate what is deemed" popular" at the time. I'm so sad that there is an inverse relationship between their depreciating assets and my 2.00 Dior shoes.. I guess for some the Louis can never truly be: "never FULL"...Fashion may be bought, but style and taste cannot.
    Isn't it so nice to find something beautiful, have someone you love comment that they love it, and you get to say, oh, here, I'll give it to you, I picked it up at the Hospice thrift store today...?
    I'm going way out on a twig here, but I'm thinking that those 3 and 4 digit fashion purchases by others do not elicit the same response....

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