Thursday, December 31, 2015

Oh, I could tell you stories about wearing mint green...

I decided to combine these two posts, because it wasn't tremendously easy to find nice things in these colors - especially nail polish. That surprised me; I would have assumed that all pastel colors would be pretty readily available...

A LOT of these items appealed to me, and I thought that the combinations turned out well. And what I wouldn't give for a pair of lace trainers...

Bag – Loeffler Randall; lace shoes – Sole Diva; tee shirt – Uniqlo; crop knit pants
 – Helmut Lang; Pastel Sky nail polish – Formula X; blue topaz bracelet –  Alok Jain;
 ring Ippolita

I love this look - it reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream! And that can ONLY be a good feeling...

Bag – Tod’s; flats – Jimmy Choo; brown tee – The Great; capris – Dosa; Pastel Jade
 nail polish – Formula X; bracelet – Sandy Hyun
 ring – Inez and Vinoodh

I also thought that this was lovely - soft and feminine...

Bag – Stella McCartney; trainers – Jil Sander; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers
 – Carven; Blue Orchid nail polish – Deborah Lippmann; bracelet – Kendra
 Scott; ring – Bernard Delettrez

The ring just makes the all come together! I don't suggest that you wear ALL of these accessories at one time, though - that might be overdoing it just a tad...

Bag – Judith Leiber; espadrilles – Valentino; taupe tee – Uniqlo; trousers
 – Austin Reed; Icy Mint nail polish – Butter London; bracelet – Betsey
 Johnson; ring – Henri Bendel

When I was a kid, this would have been considered an off-limited color combination, but I don't think I can remember WHY... 

Wearing a blingy ring and bracelet - maybe on the way to the gym? Why not?

Backpack – Herschel Supply Co., high tops - Converse; tee shirt – Uniqlo;
 trousers – Mango; Saltwater Happy nail polish – Essie; bracelets – Alexis Bittar;
 opal ring – Rebecca Minkoff

The bag is a one of a kind, but I HAD to show it to you just to share with you what's possible to find if you dig long enough, and have some patience. A bag like this can tie all of your new mint green accessories together with your camel wardrobe perfectly!

bag – Missoni; espadrilles – Manebi; tee shirt – Etro; cropped pants
 – Chloe; That Hula-rious! nail polish – OPI; bracelet Givenchy;
 ring – Bijoux Bar

I'm going to ring in the New Year with rust/russet/muddy red... Sounds festive, doesn't it?


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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Khaki turns out to be another one of those colors that means absolutely NOTHING, in absolute terms. I saw things all over the spectrum that answered to my call for khaki jewelry, bags and shoes!

This, in my mind, was what I expected when I started searching for khaki; I really quite like this with black; it's unexpected, a bit earthy, but rather sophisticated, too.

Bag – DKNY; loafers – Eileen Fisher; tee shirt – Uniqlo; crop knit pants –  
Helmut Lang; Khaki nail polish – Burberry; leather bracelet – Veronica Bettini;
 pearl spinner ring – Topshop

And then I saw this more brown-ish color, which I think looks glorious with the brown outfit. Again, it's not an expected choice of accessories, but it has a richness that is quite nice.
Bag – Diane von Furstenberg; clogs – Dansko; brown tee – The Great;
 capris – Dosa; Foglifter nail polish – Londontown; bracelet – David Yurman;
 ring – Elizabeth Cole

The very lightest shades that answered the "khaki call" were my choice with grey. I wouldn't have normally put these together, but I think one could wear this happily.
Bag – Christopher Kon; sandals – Tuscany by Easy Street; tee shirt –
 Uniqlo; trousers – Carven; Dark Trench nail polish – Burberry
bracelet – Pandora; ring – Pamela Love

Frankly, I feel like half of the color names that I search for end up generating a bunch of beautiful goodies in blush shades, like this. This is really pretty... 

Backpack - Botkier; desert boots – Clarks Originals; taupe tee – Uniqlo;
 trousers –  Austin Reed; Faded nail polish – RGB; bracelet – CC Skye;
 ring – Michael Kors

And this, I'm sorry, is NOT khaki. But it came up in my search, and I thought it was so attractive and wearable that I couldn't resist it. There's virtually no person who couldn't wear this, and very few colors with which it couldn't be worn... 

Satchel - Kipling; flats – Frye; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers – Mango
Shop Girl nail polish – Butter London; bracelet – Arme de l’Amour;
 quartz ring - Pomellato

This felt MUCH more camel-like to me, so I thought that I'd try out a really monochromatic ensemble, with some texture. I like how the pattern in the agate stones is slightly echoed by the perforations in the shoes; those sorts of things always appeal to me!
bag – Tommy Hilfiger; shoes – The Flexx; tee shirt – Etro; cropped pants – 
 Chloe; Shifting Sands nail polish – Deborah Lippmann; agate bracelet
 Bourbon and Boweties; moonstone ring – Melanie Auld

Tomorrow, I'm looking into the joys of pastel blue and green, and then I'm going to dance with shades of rust. By then, I have a hunch that we'll all have exhausted this subject!


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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wow, I had no idea that olive was such a debatable color! But I guess since there are different colored olives, there are going to be different search results when you start looking for olive green...

This is sort of what I expected to find when I started searching. The boots that have the black elastic inset in the side sort of subtly hold all of this together pretty well.

(if someone gave you this ring for the holidays, kiss them repeatedly...)

Bag – Michael Kors; Chelsea Boots – Topshop; tee shirt – Uniqlo; crop 
knit pants – Helmut Lang; Mash nail polish – NARS; bracelet – Tai Rittichai;
 ring – Todd Reed

This was the other sort of shade that I expected to find, while hunting down all things olive. When you see a bag that you like, in the color you want, with leather details in YOUR neutral, you know you're in good shape!

I wouldn't usually include a bracelet with such a poor photograph, but I really wanted to include the one, because it's a really good deal for a nice piece of jewelry. (yes, it drives me a bit mad that I couldn't find a ring with an oval stone...)

When you're looking at greens, if you want to include nail polish in your color scheme, you're going to have to be either diligent, or somewhat flexible, because there aren't a million options out there! But so long as you have the degree of yellow/blue right, you should be okay. It's not like someone going to hold your fingernails up against your purse and critique the color match. If anybody tries, run away. Quickly.

Bag – L.L.Bean; boots - Tahari; brown tee – The Great; capris – Dosa;  
Cadet Green nail polish Burberry; bracelet – Rivka Friedman;  
ring – Irene Neuwirth

I approached grey and olive with some trepidation, but once I was able to find the soft green nail polish, and the other accessories with a muted feel to the green, I realized that it was going to work just fine! On the off chance that someone gave you a gorgeous green diamond ring the holiday season... 

Backpack – Everlane; wingtips – Cole Haan; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers – 
 Carven; Mint Green Crème nail polish – Guishem; bracelet – Napapat;
 ring Ileana Makri

This one was great fun - the jewelry is relatively inexpensive, but it looks pretty nice, I'd say! And the nail polish might be a scary, but could also be kind of fun. Nail polish is a relatively inexpensive way to determine if you're happy looking at a particular color for hours each day.

Bag – Sole Society; lace espadrilles - Valentino; taupe tee – Uniqlo; trousers
 – Austin Reed; Devious Green nail polish – Formula X; bracelet – Nakomol;
 ring – Louise et Cie

Of course chartreuse was going to show up when I searched for olive! As much as I'd be willing to do an entire post about chartreuse, it's incredibly difficult to find things in this color, so I'm afraid this will have to satisfy all of the chartreuse cravings you have. It was interesting to notice that the biggest selection of chartreuse items was in VERY high-end, expensive brands...

Navy always seems to be a base that stands up to strong colors, and this is no exception. These accessories would also look pretty good with brown, though, I think.

bag – Burberry; sandals – Bottega Veneta; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers – 
 Mango; Crafty Yellow & Lime ombre glitter nail polish – Formula X; bracelet
 – Aurelie Bidermann; lemon quartz ring - Pomellato

This was the gentlest color that I found which came up in a search for anything olive - I almost threw the entire project into chaos because I seriously considered moving these things to try with grey! That would certainly be a possibility...

Were I to try any of these "accessory families" this would be my preference. But what do you think?

bag – Tommy Hilfiger; ballet flats – Talbots; tee shirt – Etro; cropped pants
 – Chloe; Sage Grey nail polish – Formula X; bracelet – Anthropologie;
 ring – Effy

Khaki/tan/beige is tomorrow's project. What colors have I missed? Oh yes - I'm going to do pastels too, which will include mint green and whatever else I can find...


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Monday, December 28, 2015

I adore purple - I could easier become a really nutty "wears nothing but purple" person... There's a woman here in Chicago who wears EVERY shade of purple, and nothing BUT purple, every day. She combines the shades and nuances with reckless abandon, and carries it off with panache. I don't always like it, but I always notice it. And she seems very happy....

Frankly, I'm not convinced that all of these combinations work - certainly they wouldn't work for me. But everybody gets to decide for themselves, and if you love it, go with it!

This grouping all started with the very cool purple shoes...

Bag – Jimmy Choo; trainers – Fratelli Rossetti; tee shirt – Uniqlo; crop knit 
pants – Helmut Lang; Night Creature nail polish – NARS; bracelet – Panapha;
 ring – Isabel Englebert

I'm really not sure about this combination, but I have to admit that the accessories are all pretty nice. (and the jewelry is VERY affordable....)

I think it's a question of the confidence and conviction with which one wears something - if you look like you love it, you're going to be fine; purple flowers grow from brown soil, so it's not like we're breaking any big rules of life here!

Bag – Tory Burch; sandals – Ralph Lauren; brown tee – The Great; capris – 
Dosa;  Purple Reign nail polish - Londontown; bracelet – Gorjana
ring Bijoux Bar

I think this combination looks really natural and pretty. The shoes, again, were the starting point, but I could easily have been inspired by the jewelry too...

bag – 3.1 Phillip Lim; trainers – Gienchi; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers – Carven
Whisper nail polish – Michael Kors; bracelet – Lagos
 ring – Sharra Pagano

I really HAD to include this pair of shoes - I'm fascinated by iridescence! And the bracelet was a match made in heaven...

The backpack idea for test-driving, or indulging, in a favorite color is a good one; there are backpacks available in EVERY color of the rainbow; it's kind of amazing once you start looking at them all!

And if you're REALLY committed to an unusual color, and want a pair of excellent shoes in that color, look at Tod's. They're eye-wateringly expensive, but since they do so few styles, they do a bajillion colors. And once you have a pair of them, you've got them pretty much for life - they're that good!

Backpack – Fjall Raven; mocsTod’s; taupe tee – Uniqlo; trousers – Austin
 Reed; Night Purple nail polish - NARS; bracelet – Alexandra Alberta;
 ring – Andre Benitah

This was so easy, once I found the handbag! And this is a really nice color - easier to wear than many shades, and relatively easy to find in a variety of accessories and clothes. Don't forget that when you're looking for things that are purple, you have to also search for violet, lilac, lavender, wisteria etc. etc. Just think of a purple flower - some designer SOMEWHERE has used it to describe items they've designed!

bag – Kate Spade; mocsTod’s; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers – Mango
Harmonious Mess – Orly; bracelet – Lagos
ring - Target

I think I missed a memo somewhere... In searching for all things purple, I kept seeing this color, described as lilac. Now, I've SEEN lilacs this color, but this is NOT what I would CALL lilac... 

Whatever. I'm including it here, because it's really lovely, and because I love the juxtaposition of a traditional Coach handbag with Converse high-tops...

bag – Coach; trainers – Converse; tee shirt – Etro; cropped pants – Chloe
Lilac Rose nail polish – Dolce & Gabbana; bracelet – Chan Luu
ring - Armour

I'm going to try chartreuse, although I'm not really sure that I'll find enough items to make it happen... it might stray into acid green and neon yellow....


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