Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wearing Unflattering Colors: Pink

While the right shade of pink is flattering to most women, what do you do if your favorite pink ISN'T the really flattering one? Move it away from your face, and indulge!

Some commenters specifically said that really bright, intense fuschia is hard to wear, and I can agree with that! But nail polish, or a pair of snazzy flats? That could be just perfect....

Backpack – Longchamp; flats – Shoes of Prey; tee shirt – Uniqlo; crop knit 
pants – Helmut Lang; Love Bites nail polish – Estee Lauder; bracelet – 
 Swarovski; ring Urban Posh

I looked for a pink that was just a touch softer and warmer to wear with brown. And now I absolutely long for this nail polish... (the name is hysterical, as are most of that brand's color names)

Bag – Carlos Falchi; pumps – Ferragamo; brown tee – The Great; capris – Dosa
 Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow nail polish – Smith + Cult; bracelet –
 Tiraphan Hasub; tourmaline ring – Tate

This is a kind of bubble gum color, which looks great with grey. Something to consider, as warmer weather approaches: if you've got a color you'd like to have around the house, consider a pair of Converse or other canvas shoes. They're classic, they're great for summer, they're as far from your face as you can get, and they don't break the bank. (I may need a pair of silver ones...)

bag Marc by Marc Jacobs; sneakers – Converse; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers
 – Carven; Paris Pink nail polish – Guishem; bracelet – Kai Kittima;
 ring – Effy

Here's another grouping that got its start when I was searching for "pink rings." While this feels more blush-like than a true pink, it's undeniably pretty with the taupe separates!

Bag – Kate Spade; flats – Miu Miu; taupe tee – Uniqlo; trousers –
 Austin Reed; pink nail polish – Dolce & Gabbana; bracelet – Chuleekorn;
 ring Pippa Small

The last three days, I've made the simple navy outfit do the "heavy lifting" with really intense accent colors, so today I went with a soft pearl pink. But we're still wearing casual shoes, even though we've got a really pretty ring and bracelet...

bag – Lauren Cecchi; trainers – Lanvin; tee shirt – Uniqlo; trousers – Mango
Teddy Girl nail polish - butter LONDON; pink pearl bracelet – Khun Boom;
 ring - Buana

This color is so pretty, but I'm still struggling with a good name for it! The Furla bag is what sucked me into this... But, you know, if someone gave you this ring over the holiday season, you SHOULD indulge in a nice bag...

bag – Furla; flats – Charlotte Olympia; tee shirt – Etro; cropped pants – Chloe;  
Lullaby of Broadway nail polish – Deborah Lippmann; bracelet – Tiraphan Hasub;
 rose quartz ring - Tacori

I'm still thinking about lilac, and mint green.... maybe purple?  What do you think?


Alexis Bittar


  1. I'm really enjoying this series, as I have a tendency to buy pieces in weird and wonderful colours, even thought they don't suit me at all. I just find colour fascinating! How about mustard, especially the kind with a hint of green?

  2. Fuschia pink with black- definitely my colours. That last colour is definitely a challenge to name- I'll be interested to see what others suggest - a dusky salmon perhaps? It is a very nice muted pink.

  3. Love your work! Love the rings, love the shoes, love the bags, love the bracelets and nail polish. A different wonderful pink look for 6 days! Carol S

  4. I'm enjoying this series! But it seems that most colors you have featured so far are brights. The thing is, I'm a Clear Spring and look great in brights to begin with. I bet I'd look great wrapped in a circus tent. But I am a quiet person and therefore usually dress mostly in crisp neutrals and wear the soft, muted colors I like far from my my wish is a post about those colors that Clear color types look awful in: the muted, the dusty, the earthy and pale shades...


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    1. Oops! I tried to delete my double post ( not sure how that happened ), but I managed to delete the first one too ! What I had basically said was that I could happily wear the warmer toned pinks shown here. Yes, I' d love to see you " do " purple, a color I've only started incorporating into my wardrobe in recent years. Can anyone really wear chatreuse and not look sick ?

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  7. I love this idea - so many options - this seems to meet the needs of many people while sometimes, if it is not my color, I pass by quickly. I love the lavender, mint, purple combination. I am working on that now.
    Thank you. I hope your holidays are wonderful!

  8. I am loving this series! I am in that space between Soft Summer and Soft Autumn, so I waver between warmish and coolish colors but rarely wear anything clear or bright. All the murky and dusky hues you have featured have been right up my alley. The second pink you have paired with browns here is one of my favorites. I painted my bedroom in that color, and called it rose, but in the future I will not miss an opportunity to tell people it is Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow!

    1. I am the same as you, soft, whether it's soft autumn or soft summer. All the colors with a touch of gray, those lovely dusty colors. My neutrals are different shades of gray, and different shades of ivory. For color, I love rose pink, olive green or a warm shade of dusty green, dusty mustard color, warm dark dusty blue, and burnt orange.
      Janice, this is one of your best series yet...

    2. i am there with you ladies....a soft! Both cool and warm colours can suit. But as i get older i tend to go more towards cool. Pink is a colour i am currently all bar the fushia.....just a little to hot for me. Purple is a one i would love you to look at.....i understand that it is colour that should suit everyone. I like it, but, find myself a bit scared of wearing.
      Love this series too...x

  9. I will add my thanks to everyone else's. This s a great series and you are opening my eyes to all sort of opportunities to enjoy colour.
    Deb from Vancouver

  10. I love love love this series! I have transitioned my basic neutral from black (too harsh now that I am ahem.. 60) to dark grey, chocolate darkish brown, taupe, winter white... so seeing how you have paired more challenging colors with these basics is so fun! And I especially love the addition of the nail polish colors. Painted nails always tie the whole thing together for me. The challenge is to be both current and age appropriate at the same time. And not look costumey or like I am trying too hard! Sigh... I also have gone through my scarves and shawls to find hints of yellow, pink, lemony limey green - something colorful to wear near my face without committing to too much strong accent color. Thanks again for all your hard work putting these series together - it is greatly appreciated! Nancy

  11. Purple please. I have some great purple earrings but wearing purple in a shirt or scarf looks really bad with my skin tone.

  12. Love pink, but am finding the pastels don't work now with my silver hair. Nice to see how I can still wear them away from my face. Love all the combinations.
    I do hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Janice!

  13. Love this series; so inspirational. Thank you thank you thank you

  14. I am new to your blog, I found you on over50feeling40. This is a great post. My favorites pinks are the fuschia and the bubble gum.