Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mixing Metallics: She-Beads Holiday 2015 "Peace"

She-Beads Holiday 2015 collection: Peace

For this season, the lovely Alexandra worked with white, gold, copper and a little touch of black, to give us a collection with some gleam and a touch of sparkle - I think she's really talented...

Here's a link to the video of her making these beads - it's fascinating:

The range of ways that you can wear this jewelry is nearly infinite - there's nary a color that won't look cool with these. I like the way they bring an unexpected warmth to colors that don't usually get warmth...

If you're going to wear snazzy jewelry, you might as well have a stand-out manicure. While I have really conflicting feelings about nail polish, there are some times when it's very difficult to resist!

Metallic cardigan – Paul Smith; black pants – J. Crew; Milos nail polish – NARS; black
 flats – Nine West; green metallic sweater – Paul Smith; Wild Green nail polish –  
Dolce & Gabbana; green flats – French Sole

I love all of the textures and patterns in the first outfit, and I think the jewelry gives an unexpected zest to the red dress. Yes, you've seen those dark gold pumps before - I'm really smitten with the versatility of that darker gold tone!

Lace and tweed dress – Dolce & Gabbana; Baroque Bronze polish –  
Dolce & Gabbana; bronze pumps – Bella Vita; red dress – Dorothy Perkins
fire nail polish – Dolce & Gabbana; dark gold pumps – Sam Edelman

Cool jewelry really earns its stripes when you're dressed casually, and the jewelry does the "heavy lifting" to dress up your outfit.

Olive sweater – Dorothy Perkins; Sloane Ranger nail polish – butter LONDON
olive boots – Teva; silver sweater – Joanna Hope; Amarapura nail polish – NARS;
 jeans – Tommy Hilfiger; silver loafers – Trask

For what it's worth, I get absolutely nothing but love from the people at She Beads - I share their work with you because I think that they're talented, and that the jewelry they produce is unique, beautiful, and fun!

More about Paris coming Monday...


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  1. Welcome back to the land of the living, Janice! Jet lag is horrible. Love the Dolce and Gabbana dress!
    Chris from Australia

  2. The She Beads are new to me - what a great concept. I have a lot of Lagos pieces and I like the mix of sterling and gold. Very versatile.

    Mary mcm

  3. Ooh, everything but that red dress would fit wonderfully in my closet. I may need to take a closer look at that necklace.

  4. Was fascinated by the video making the beads......really beautiful too

  5. I like the redesign of the webpage. Looks nice.

  6. It's Saturday and I'm checking in to see if there are more scarves - did I miss the chance to win the floral horse?

  7. I deeply support the choice of non-mass-produced jewelry, both for ones' self and as a gift. Distinctive, and you are not paying an obscene brand tax. You don't see knockoffs, either. I wish she made a pendant that is not a heart, in addition to the others.

  8. The beads are so cool! Love them!