Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Plan a Warm-Weather Capsule Wardrobe

It's the most popular question I am asked right now - what to plan for warm weather? It seems that a fair number of people are moving south, either for the winter, or for good!

I've thought about this a lot, and have written about it in the past. Maybe these posts will be helpful?


A Summer Common Wardrobe - a fairly casual warm-weather wardrobe in black and white


Start with a Bird: Northern Flicker - a Four by Four Wardrobe in black, beige, orange and green, including shorts and sleeveless tops.

Start with Art: "A Mysterious Hand Leads to Another Path" by Jan Toorop - a collection of warm-weather outfits in soft, powdery colors, that make a great-looking wardrobe when assembled together. 

Four by Four: Summer at the Shore - khaki and white wardrobe, with a number of color accents. This would be a great starting point for someone with NOTHING to wear for warm weather.

NORDSTROM - Shop Designer 2016 Resort Collections


  1. I received a package from across the sea today--a beautiful scarf from Kathkath! It's even better in person--many, many thanks. I'm wearing it as I grade the last of my exams--a bit of beauty.

  2. I'm not actually going anywhere warmer for the winter because warmer is apparently staying right here in Missouri. I have the window open and a fan blowing, now. The funny thing is that I laid in a supply of inexpensive v-neck, long sleeve tops to carry me through the winter, in colors I picked up from your accent color vignettes. I suspect I'll be layering and unlayering myself all season.