Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to Pack Light for the Beach

Another question that seems to come up frequently is about how to pack for a beach vacation. I love thinking about this "problem", and I've got a few older posts that you can review that might help you with your very "sad" dilemma.


The Boating Party by Mary Cassatt, and a color scheme drawn from the painting

Start with Art: The Boating Party, by Mary Cassatt - a traditional navy and white summer wardrobe, with accents of turquoise and yellow. No swimsuits - I've been told that many of you have no need of swimwear.

Warm Weather Travel in Brown and Pink - Step by Step - how to decide how much to pack, including options for both a long weekend and a week-long vacation.


Dressing modestly in a hot climate: travel in blue and tan - some ideas about what to pack when you're going to a destination where excessive exposure of your body is inappropriate.

9 more! Whatever's Clean Summer Wardrobe - lots of ideas for summer wardrobes that cover a range of color schemes. There are 13 pieces in each wardrobe, which would suggest wearing 2 or 3 and packing 10 or 11 - light packing when you're talking about summer clothes!

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  1. Only one more week until I am away for my summer holiday here in New Zealand, so great to have a refresher. I laughed so much when I read the 9 more! Whatever's Clean Summer Wardrobe- a post I had not read before. Thank you again for the wit and huomour you use in these posts.

  2. You can choose from one piece bathing suit or two-piece bikini. But I'm sure there are ladies out there who aren't comfortable showing too much skin at the beach. uv tent for baby