Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How Do I Define and Refine My Personal Style?

Oooh, I am often asked this, and it's a great question. It's important to have a personal style "mantra" or touchstone of adjectives that help you determine when a purchase might be outside of your realm. And a wee collage of things that inspire you wouldn't be the worst idea either.

I also like the concept of trying to imagine a potential purchase as being part of a larger "family" of items that might make it into your wardrobe. Yes, you really like the earrings, but do you want the ENTIRE grouping to be in your closet? Maybe best not let the rogue into the house, lest he bring the entire tribe along...

Hermes Maillons de Joel Stein with a white blouse, black pants, and related accessories


 The subject for this post was Choosing a Scarf: A Bright Summer Accent

 And this was an exercise in choosing between Three Green Scarves, Three Color Schemes.

Remember that the things that you buy are going to become part of a greater whole that is your wardrobe, and will be used every day to show your personal style. If you can't envision something fitting in right from the start, maybe you need to look further. And once you've chosen a few things, and rejected a LOT of things, your style is becoming more clearly defined. With each decision, your taste and preferences become clearer...


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  1. Am slowly, but surely, removing things from my wardrobe that i never wear and replacing them - even more slowly - with things that fit. Thanks to you, i no longer just buy things i like. i really do think about how they fit with the whole and what role they will play. am wasting far less money and findly that i "have something to wear" much more often.

    Have two nieces who are "marriage aged" and am already worrying about adding clothes for their (eventual) weddings ... but by the time i need to, am sure i will have figured it out. Thanks so much for you calm and steady hand.

    1. Weddings can be anything these days so I'd wait and see. I had two niece weddings: one in Bali on a beach and one in the country with a "rustic" dress code. The best thing I read is not to buy something special and "wedding-ey" but get the wedding look with basics and "wedding-ey" accessories so you get the most wear out of your purchases.

    2. Weddings can be difficult. I attended a beach wedding this year for a nephew. I bought a lovely special dress and gorgeous shoes knowing that I would probably never wear them again. I also attended a funeral (about the same time) and bought a black and white nondescript sleeveless shift dress. I have worn this dress (with my backup flats for the original wedding) about 5 times - with cardigans, without cardigans - to another funeral, a christening and a pub. Carol S

  2. I'd love to see a post on a wardrobe built around a breton top that doesn't veer to Nantucket on vacation.

  3. I second Margie's suggestion on the Breton top. I aim for French chic and feel that I wind up with "Midge packing a picnic for the kids" instead.

  4. I would also like some suggestions on the Breton top.. thank you