Friday, December 18, 2015

Choosing an Hermes Scarf, using handbags, shoes, Chanel brooches...

Yes, I'm absolutely going to write more about Paris, probably later today, but this was sort of a rush, emergency request...

A chance to choose a scarf for a holiday gift... and you wanted to see how they paired with Chanel brooches??!?!?!??!?!  Chanel brooches aren't in my usual repertoire, but why not take a look?

She's narrowed it down to these:

all from Hermes

This looks a lot like my friend: smoothly coiffed hair, always in immaculate taste. Plus I like the oval pearls that echo the tiny faces in the scarf!

Baguette diamond earrings – Loren; scarf - Hermes Paddock; gold collar Chico’s
brooch – Chanel vintage; octagon bracelet – Louise et Cie; tote bag – Baggallini;  
 loafers – Robert Zur

Sometimes, there's nothing more fun than the juxtaposition of a Chico's necklace with a Chanel brooch. Coco would flip...

Although I could easily see her in this also, the sheer tastefulness of everything here is perfect for her. Yes, you've seen the earrings before - I really like them a lot!

earrings – Louise et Cie; plum and blue bead necklace –  
Tataborello; scarf – Hermes Collections Imperiales; amethyst cameo brooch
 – Chanel vintage; gold beaded bracelet – NEST; clutch – Hermes
gold pumps – Sam Edelman

I frankly was surprised that she was thinking about this one, but I love it. The brightness, the possibilities for amazing antique jewelry, the mix of reds with purple:

Berber coral earrings – Mode Marteau; wooden bead necklace – Sumalee Nawakul;
 scarf – Hermes ZenobieReine de Palmyre; brooch – Chanel vintage; vintage 
Navajo silver & coral bracelet – Yourgreatfinds; hobo bag – Coach
red ballet flats – Nina Originals

This would be my choice for her, if only for the unexpected color combinations, and the flattering softness of the mauve and violet. Plus, I'd LOVE to see her carrying a backpack, or wearing a brooch with a heart:

Pink crustal earrings – Oscar de la Renta; scarf – Hermes Ciels Byantins
tassel lariat – Jessica Elliot; brooch – Chanel vintage; ruby bracelet – 
 loafers – Salvatore Ferragamo

If this were my choice, I truly don't know which I would prefer! Sometimes, it's just as well I can't have everything I see when I'm working on The Vivienne Files, eh?

Which is your preference, and why?


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  1. I think I would choose the second one...I also love those earrings. I love the gold with the deep plum and I also think I see teal in that scarf. I have quite a few things in my closet that scarf might be very happy with. I can also see it with denim, navy or grey...oh my goodness...the more I look at it the more I know that is definitely the one I would choose.

  2. Oh, that red coach bag is speaking to me! And those red ballet flats! If someone handed me the price of those two right now, I might just have to order them!

    Glad you had a lovely visit to beautiful Paris, and glad you're back home safe and sound.

  3. I like the first one the best. That Chanel brooch is divine! My favorite by far. Those diamond earrings are great too! Interesting post!

  4. I like the first one best. Sleek and uses that wonderful dark burgundy colour which Pantone call Marsala

  5. My favorite is the third scarf combination based on the colors and the brightness of those colors. I would be happiest in that one.

  6. From Margie in Toronto - my favourite is the last one just because I find the bright colours so appealing. While I love all the accessory sets that you have pulled together, none of the other scarves appeal to me, either in colours or patterns. Just not my colour preferences, that's all.

  7. They are all so pretty but the first grouping grabbed me.

    What a lucky lady!

  8. I'm drawn to the last grouping. It just feels happy and peaceful to me. Is it the acid green heart? The lavender backpack? The tassel lariat? Who knows. It just makes me smile.

  9. I would choose number two. While I am not a traditional-style person, I have admired that scarf and with the gold shoes and plum clutch, oh!

  10. Janice,
    For me -- the first one, quietly elegant, although all of the selections have great merit. Nice job !

  11. I like the third one the best for reason entirely personal because I bought an Hermes a few years ago (Butterflies) in this color family and I never thought I styled it just right. It looked okay but certainly not great. Giving your ideas I can report that this work of art looks now also great around my neck. :))

  12. I like the second scarf the best, because of the muted, rich colors. I wear a lot of black, gray and different shades of blue; this scarf would be a lovely colorful accent, without screaming like a bright scarf might do.