Friday, December 04, 2015

Choosing an Accent Color for Rust

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A more challenging color to find, but VERY beautiful:
Crewneck sweater -  J. Crew; velveteen jeans – NYDJ
turtleneck – J. Crew; suede trousers - Joseph

As I was looking for accent colors, I kept reverting back to a basic color wheel, to try to represent all areas of the wheel (I didn't - there's NO purple here). What I found was the way that my eye was continually drawn directly across the wheel from orange - rust is basically a dark brownish orange - to the greens and blues. So today, lots of green accents!

(FWIW, the Echo fold-over mitten/gloves gizmos are available in 8 colors. I got a pair a few days ago and am finding them very practical!)

navy vest – J. Crew; navy hoop earrings – Chico’s; plaid scarf – Johnston & Murphy;
 navy gloves – Halogen; navy boots – Lucky Brand; green garnet earrings –  
Gabrielle Sanchez; dark ivy riding vest – L.L.Bean; plaid scarf – Jos. A. Bank
pop top gloves – Echo; loden boots – The Flexx

I finally found the yellow I've wanted, and today was perfect timing! Both of these are pretty bold statements, but in the dead of winter, when everyone is wearing black, you could be the bright spot in every crowd if you dressed this way.

Green vest – Lands’ End; emerald stud earrings – Jennifer Alfano; nature print
 scarf – Klements; rust gloves – Topshop; boots – Ugg Australia; yellow earrings
 – Kate Spade; yellow vest – Lands’ End; floral scarf – Echo; yellow gloves –  
Talbots; yellow loafers – Coach

The muted colors were surprisingly difficult. The absurdly pricey Moncler vest in a delicious taupe, and the very unexpected pewter grey pieces, felt like a stretch, but I'm happy with the results. Once I find the rest of the accessories, my comfort level with uncommon color choices increases dramatically!

Taupe vest - Moncler; mother of pearl earrings – Chloe & Isabel; taupe gloves
 – Hat Attack; scarf – LoroPiana; taupe boots – Seychelles; grey vest – Patagonia;
 grey pearl earrings – Monique Pean; square silk scarf – Hermes L’Arbre du Vent;
 studded gloves – Portolano; gray booties – Paul Green

I reused two of our old favorite pastel colors, with some updated accessories to keep our thinking fresh. In neither of these examples did I like the look of a light-colored shoe, so I took us back to the core rust for footwear.  

The pearl earrings are really lovely, and amazingly affordable. Just in case all of your holiday shopping (gifts, or personal treats?) is not yet finished...

Blush quilted vest – Viyella; rose quartz earrings – Matta; floral scarf – Alva-
Norge; blush gloves – New York & Co.; russet loafers – Patricia Green; Ivory vest
 – Lands’ End; osmena pearl earrings – Indulgems sold out - similar here;  plaid
 scarf – Chesca; gold button gloves – Michael Kors; boots – Dr. Scholl’s

I'm going to take a break for a day or two in this series to do some thinking, and to get ready for my trip to Paris on the 10th. But I'm not quite finished here, unless I ABSOLUTELY can't find any more core garments. I will, of course, do my very best for you!



  1. To my eye the khaki and blue, and pewter, and grey as well as the ivory all look fabulous- the scarves in each case really pull the look together well but they woudl be good even without them. I'm wondering if it is just a lack of familiarity with the combination, but I found myself wanting to put the bright green and yellow combinations with black or navy, rather than the rust coloured base.

  2. Thank you so much for doing the rust. I think I could wear all of them but the yellow. I love yellow and am fine wearing it, but I think it might be too much for me with the rust. I would probably pair that with grey. Grey & yellow are one of my favorite color combinations. I think I will look for a pair of rust jeans or corduroys to go with my tops...I have shoes & boots in the rusty brown and it does make a gorgeous base...the trick is finding the right accessories and I do love greens. navy and grey, so I should have lots of options. Thank you for helping me visualize this.

  3. Rust is one color that is completely absent from my closet. It's very interesting to see it featured here. Since I have some of the accent colors (navy, green even the emerald) I know that if I stumble across a rust sweater or trouser I might be easily able to incorporate it into my existing clothes.

    Thanks, Mary mcm

  4. Janice,
    At the risk of redundancy, I'm thinking that the slate blue vest shown on prior posts might also have gone well with the rust base.
    On another note, I want to thank you for not using the word " matching " instead of the more correct word " coordinating ". So often I see fashion advice that takes 2 clothing items that work together, but are not an identical copy of each other and the author of the post says that they match each other. No, they don't, they coordinate with each other or work well together, but they are not matching. To me, matching means that they are an exact copy of the identical other item. Drives me nuts whenever I see this !

    1. I agree! Words have meanings - precise meanings - and you can't just approximately what you want to say and hope that your reader/listener understands. Learn the words, and use them correctly!
      grammar maniac hugs,

    2. Yes, I confess, that I am a bit of a "grammar Nazi ," !

    3. Yes, I confess, that I am a bit of a "grammar Nazi ," !

  5. Rust is an amazing colour for those of us with yellow undertones in our skins and I think the issue with the emerald and yellow combinations is that those tones are not quite right for the rust. They both need to be just a bit "dirty' and then they would be just right.
    And yes, grammar. I am finding myself becoming increasingly cranky with lazy language.
    Deb from Vancouver

  6. I use Bloglovin to stay updated on your posts, Janet. I believe this also provides more exposure for your blog, because your posts are presented to other Bloglovin users who subscribe to similar content. So, I happily get post notifications with my morning coffee!

  7. On another note, I also have a complete lack of the color "rust" in my wardrobe and started to wonder about that. So I went to my thrift store bargain bag of scarves, in a huge variety of colors that I buy on the cheap. These are not to wear, necessarily, though I have found some keepers among them. These scarves are for testing colors against my face, hair, and neck. As I age it seems my complementary colors are also changing. It was getting hard to keep on top of them, hence the huge, cheap scarves collection for diagnostic purposes.

    What I discovered about rust for me is that, even with my yellow/beige skin tone, rust can be too muddy. If the rust is presented in a richer shade, and a more elegant fabric with a bit of sheen or texture, then it can work for me. In the capsules presented, the shiny taupe vest AND the green printed scarf from the green & yellow capsule would probably wake up the rust enough for me. Alas, my wardrobe will probably tend to stay black with pops of color and metallics, for now.

    1. What a great idea GeckoHiker.

    2. That is a great idea! I use paint chips from my local hardware store as they differ in hue, value and saturation. Obviously system not as 'drapy' as scarves... Carol S

  8. This collection is as beautiful as all the others. These are not my colors, but I love to look at them anyway. Thank you, Janice.


  9. I have never thought of rust as a neutral color but now I really like the idea. This series of posts have been wonderful, it has helped me to think about new color combinations in my own closet. I hope you have a delightful trip!

  10. WOW! I think this may be the most beautiful group of color combos you have done - at least for me - I hadn't thought of rust as a neutral and I love the colors you brought in to complement it! The only set that doesn't work for my coloring is the green/yellow, but I have all the other colors . . . ahhhhh . . . to go shopping for rust!!! BTW, in a Cube Farm for two months, how can I possibly shop in my closet after working from home for 15 years?!?!?! Have fun in France!

  11. I love the rust as a neutral. Great idea!