Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Choosing an Accent Color for Charcoal

One of my favorite colors - easier to wear than black, and easier to pull together outfits! So long as your grays are in the same general tone, things don't have to match exactly - always a help.

Sweater – Dorothy Perkins; knit pants – Tomas Maier;  
washable wool turtleneck – L.L.Bean; jeans – Current/Elliot

I used all kinds of schemes for finding pieces this time - I started by looking at men's scarves (always a mystery to me...). The crinkled scarf here is worth taking a look - it's actually a large image of Napoleon. Wearing sunglasses. Designers are an interesting lot, aren't they?

(and PLEASE admire that I found square earrings to echo the gridlike nature of the quilted jackets... these are the things that entertain me no end! and the earrings on the left combine the warmth of gold and the coolness of the oxidized metal, to echo the camel/charcoal juxtaposition...)

Khaki quilted vest – L.L.Bean; square earrings – Chico’s; plaid scarf – The Tie Bar;
 camel cashmere gloves – Barneys New York; clogs – SoftWalk; blue earrings –  
White House Black Market; navy vest – Moncler; crinkled scarf – IKKS; navy boucle
 gloves – Echo; navy clogs – Dansko

The yellow ensemble was a source of particular fun for me - flower earrings, jeweled gloves, and rubber boots. Why not?

And I'm including quite a few clogs in this post, because some of you have been clamoring for clogs. The people I know who wear clogs ADORE them in an immoderate way, so I think it behooves many of us to give them a look.

Yellow vest – Vdp Club; flower earrings – Marc Jacobs; checked scarfPaul 
Smith; jeweled fingerless gloves – San Diego Hat Company; rubber boots – Ilse 
Jacobsen; red onyx earrings – Bhavesh; red vest – L.L.Bean; plaid infinity scarf
 – San Diego Hat Company; red leather gloves – FownesBros.; red clogs – Dansko

I love the way these two groupings could work together - the arrow-printed scarf could be worn with either vest, and then you could start swapping things back and forth. Nobody ever said that you could only have ONE accent color, after all.

Sand vest – J. Crew; white druzy studs – Avindy; arrow-patterned scarf – Kolor;
 ivory fingerless gloves – Betsey Johnson; elastic back loafers – Hush Puppies 
Katherine Ceil; garnet earrings – Neeru Goel; fig vest – L.L.Bean; paisley scarf –
 Topman; gloves – New York & Co., boots – Munro

Another case of square earrings, with a square-ish printed scarf, in the apricot. Even the buckles on the boots are square, and include a rose-gold element! And I couldn't resist using this Hermes scarf, even though it diverted things off into a secondary color of light blue. Even my rules are made to be broken sometimes.

Peach vest – Barbour; earrings – Cole Haan; peach printed scarf – Vince Camuto;
 charcoal gloves – Pistil; buckled boots – Calvin Klein; light blue earrings – Kenneth
 Cole; ivory vest – Lands’ End; silk scarf – Hermes Dans un Jardin Anglais; blue 
gloves – C by Bloomingdale’s; boots – Paul Green

Holiday gift hint - the blue cashmere gloves come in 9 colors...

This is going to be the last down vest accent color post, but I AM going to revisit this idea, with warm-weather clothes, after I get back from Paris. Sandals and summery goods are showing up more and more online, and by the time the holidays are over, we in the Northern Hemisphere will be ready to dream of warmer weather.

Tomorrow I'm going to tell you a bit about the changes that I'm making for this trip, and share what I'm packing. I'm not quite sure what you'll see in this space during the time I'm away.... (something else for me to fuss about...)


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  1. I enjoyed this , I do enjoy neutrals! And attention to detail.....Janice I hope your holiday is peaceful and Christmas all it is meant to be. Chris from Australia x

  2. From Margie in Toronto - I've loved this series for all the ideas and colour combos it has offered - have to say I love the grey with the white & blue - love those gloves.

    Have a wonderful trip - it will be interesting to hear your observations once you return. Take care.

  3. I've truly enjoyed this series and you've finished it with real flair - the shape and color of the earrings were just the right touch without going overboard.
    We'll all be thinking of you while you're in Paris. There may be some bittersweet moments but it is such a glorious city you will
    will be embraced by "La Ville-Lumière".
    Mary mcm

  4. Until a few years ago I did not own a single pair of gray anything. Then I happened upon an EF merino turtleneck in heather gray. I believe that since my hair lightened into a salt and pepper, I can pull it off. Love gray with camel. This has been a great series!

  5. I hear on the news early this morning and Paris is back to business as usual. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  6. This is another one of my favorite ensembles. Grey makes my heart sing and the foundations pieces you selected are perfect in every way. I will miss you when you are in Paris. Travel comfortably and safely.

  7. Grey, my neutral, is really versatile! I like the camel option as I still have some boots left from my "brown days." Enjoy Paris.

  8. Why yes, I *do* adore those square earrings. I wear gray and camel together often, and these earrings might just find their way under the tree for me this year. :) Have a lovely and peaceful holiday and a wonderful trip.

  9. I've enjoyed this series of posts a great deal. My biggest take away has been how versatile wine/burgundy/marsala is. I'd somehow gotten it in my head that it was a tricky color but it seems to go with everything under the sun! Thanks for what you do. Merry Christmas

  10. Charcoal grey is an elegant and versatile neutral. I really like the way you have added unique and fun pieces to this wardrobe concept. Now, I am looking forward to seeing how you will adjust this approach to warm weather dressing.
    Enjoy Paris.
    Deb from Vancouver

  11. This vest series has been wonderful! I have enjoyed all the combinations (pinned a bunch for future reference) and have been greatly inspired by all the possibilities.
    I am so happy for you that you are leaving for Paris soon. Travel safely, and have a wonderful time! I look forward to hearing about it when you return! Best wishes! Mary

  12. I'm another fan of grey and camel. It looks so luxe and expensive! I love how you've shown the grey with colours and it makes for a much softer contrast than with black. Thank you Janice.

  13. I could happily live in grey and camel--or grey and yellow--and, from a suitcase, sometimes have. Safe travels, Janice. And may December in Paris be full of light and joy.

  14. Thank you for the lovely charcoal post - and yesterday's petrol, too! I have spent far too much time this week browsing online for scarves.

  15. Janice,

    Have a wonderful and safe trip in that beautiful city ! Bon Voyage !

  16. Truly enjoyed the vest series.

    Looking forward to reading all about what you are wearing and packing for your journey, and why.
    Have a marvelous and adventurous trip.
    Sue G

  17. Love the camel and gray! Such a lovely combo! This has been a great series. Looking forward to what's next!