Monday, December 14, 2015

Can I Wear Warm and Cool Colors Together?

Whether you're transitioning from one "season" to another (wardrobe color season, not time of year season), or you just don't want to be limited by guidelines about color combining, a lot of you ask about wearing warm and cool colors together. I particularly enjoy these posts; I'm just enough of an iconoclast to get a kick out of breaking that particular rule!


Start with Art: Joan of Arc by Jules Bastien-Lepage - a really striking painting, and a cool-weather "Whatever's Clean 13" that uses both camel and grey, with pink and deep green accents. Unusual, and very lovely!

Start with a Scarf: Capri Scarf from Radical Chic -  a summer "Four by Four" wardrobe that uses beige and white as a base, but then brings in soft blue and sage green as accent colors. 


An Orange Handbag: Integrating a New Accent Color - starting with a core of 5 navy warm-weather garments, we add a few orange accessories and the result is some great outfits.

Four by Four wardrobe in Mint Green, Grey, Denim Blue and Brown, with accessories

A Four by Four Wardrobe in Mint Green, Grey, Denim and Brown - this is based on a beautiful Hermes scarf with a soft beige background, and a pattern that combines brown, orange, mint, and soft blue. The cool-weather wardrobe includes jeans and a skirt, so it covers a lot of occasions.

NORDSTROM - Shop Designer 2016 Resort Collections


  1. Beautiful wardrobe--definitely something I would wear.

  2. Warm and Cool colors are such a interesting topic but how would you deal with jewelry if the wearer both gold and silver? If you have time do this kind of post, Ive a suggestion:

    Imaging a person who were going on a trip, who wear both gold and silver together but struggling with what to pack because many of her shoes and bags has either gold and silver accent.
    The jewelry does not always match with the shoes/bags she has. I.e. Often, the jewelry, shoes or the clutches are too fancy to wear for the trip. So her suitcase always end up very large on the accessory department. But buying more shoes or jewelry to suit the existing would cost too much (my shoes are always on the higher end due to medical reason and my jewelry is often fine mid end kind - not diamond and such but more seawater pearls, amethyst/siler, onyx/plated silver etc)

    ...SO how would pack if you were in this situation? Would you break the rule and for example wear black/gold sandals with silver jewelry? ;)

    Color palette and packaging techniques (whatever clean, four by four etc) doesnt matter. Im just asking about the dilemma when you wear different kind of metallics, but rarely together.
    Im not someone who care about what suit my coloring so I tends to wear any color and metallic of the rainbow. This doesn't make my suitcase happy when traveling, nor does my wallet as I feel like I need to buy more jewelry to complement my metallic footwear. Like, most of my clutches has silver but they are too fancy to wear to the less fancy occasions, but my silver sandals are more on the casual side. Same thing with gold accessories. Blah! :L

    /Lina, from sweden. Although Im probably on a whole different age group compared to most on here (mid 20's), this blog has been helpful when choosing color palettes, even for me. ;)

  3. I have some gold and silver blended jewellery which I find very useful for such occasions.