Saturday, November 14, 2015

Scarf Selling Saturday: A TWO-fer: Les Instructions du Roy, and Soleil du Soie

I want to clarify that the following post was written and scheduled for publication late Thursday afternoon; had I known of the horrid news that would emerge Friday afternoon and evening, I would had written something very different.

However, I'm going to leave this post here, for comments and for beauty's sake, because I feel like defiantly living life as normal. Let's appreciate small joys, and marvel at the wonders of the craftsmanship and creativity of our fellow humans, in the face of barbaric actions that would prefer we spend our time thinking only of negative and dark things...

You are, each of you, very important to me. I take your thoughts and feelings very seriously, and try to be sensitive to your needs. 

Please discuss, and share. Community is the best opposition to nihilism, and love is the best solace for grief.



Today I'm offering up two scarves, because they're in the same color palette, and because I have ANOTHER upcoming trip for which I'm fund-raising! 

Yes, Paris. For a long weekend in December. I am demented, where Paris is considered.

Leave me a comment, stating with scarf you would like - or say you want both, if that's your inclination! I'll pick two random number next Friday evening, and let you know on Saturday who's been drawn to purchase.

Each are flawless, each are 90cm square, and I'm asking $250 for each. You won't be disappointed!

Les Instructions du Roy - Hermes

Soleil du Soie - Hermes

These scarves are perfect for a wardrobe that is well-represented in simple basics in "winter" colors. Either of the scarves would be the perfect finishing touch to these timeless outfits:

Red sweaterUniqlo; ruby earrings – Jules Smith; velvet pants – Boden
tote – Nadia Minkoff; beaded ballet flats – Betsey Johnson; black dress – 
Lands’ End; black silk earrings – Dorus Mhor; gold cardigan – Boden
handbagLautem; pumps – J. Renee

I'm really coming around to the "white jeans in the winter" look, so long as the weather isn't splashy-sloppy. The boots give the overall balance a grounded-ness that makes it work well. And I'm working to keep a white cardigan in circulation for more of the year too...

White jeans – Tommy Hilfiger; gold and onyx bracelet – Mateo Brown
short boots – Cole Haan; black turtleneck – L.L.Bean; white cardigan –
 L.L.Bean; cuff bracelet – Alice Menter; red tee – White Swan
black jeans – Alexander Wang

As as is so often the case, these four outfits come together into a capsule wardrobe that offers up lots more options for combinations. Wouldn't this make a great little long-weekend suitcase?

Red sweaterUniqlo; white cardigan – L.L.Bean; ruby earrings – Jules Smith;  
black silk earrings – Dorus Mhor; cuff bracelet – Alice Menter; gold cardigan – 
Boden; black turtleneck – L.L.Bean;black jeans – Alexander Wang; white jeans –
 Tommy Hilfiger; gold and onyx bracelet – Mateo Brown; handbagLautem;  
velvet pants – Boden; red tee – White Swan; black dress – Lands’ End; red tote
 – Nadia Minkoff; beaded ballet flats – Betsey Johnson; pumps – J. Renee
short boots – Cole Haan

Oh yes - last Saturday's Gucci scarf?  Jeffiner Cox, send me a note at - the scarf is yours to purchase, if you're still interested!

lots of love,

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  1. From Margie in Toronto - I suspect that this post may have been "pre set" before events of yesterday in Paris. I sincerely hope that no one you know there was injured in the attacks. Not sure if you will still be heading there in December but I'm sure the city will bounce back as it always does.

  2. Oh dear, they are both lovely, but number one calls out my name!
    My heart is heavy over what happened, all our thoughts and prayers are with them......

  3. Paris - not a safe place to be at the moment.

  4. Heartbreaking, all thoughts of Paris.

  5. Number 1 sings to me. Hugs for Paris.

  6. The best way to combat terrorism is with sharing beauty and kindness with strength and resilience. So, we carry on with our heads high.
    Deb from Vancouver

  7. If you still go to Paris early next month, give Paris a hug for all of us, Janice!

  8. #1 would look lovely when I travel to Paris in February.

  9. I think this post by Rick Steves is helpful when we feel fearful about travel in these times:

  10. Would it be possible for you to do a short post on how you wear/tie these lovely types of scarves? I have only worn oblong type scarves for the past several years and don't know how to wear square silk scarves without looking "frumpy" (no matter how beautiful the scarf). Thanks!

  11. Janice,
    Well said. Prayers for all those lost and those who now grieve.

  12. Janice and Deb, you've said it beautifully. All our hearts are with our beloved city today.
    Robyn in Tasmania

  13. You are a sensitive and kind soul and I commend your resolve to live life as normal. As a community we all grieve. I take comfort in your hope that we find joy in the appreciation of beauty.

    Please add me to the drawing for the l'Instruction du roy.

  14. Yes, for beauty's sake. Thank you.

  15. For the sake of all those who cherish life and the beauty it brings. Tears are falling in our beloved Paris and around the world! I will not stop living because of dark souls. The city of light will not be brought to its knees by barbarians!
    Love Karen

  16. Number 1 for me. Let's hope Paris is calm for your trip.

  17. J'aime Paris. Je suis desolée...

  18. Either one for me please. I hurt for Paris. MJM

  19. Both are beautiful - either would be wonderful

  20. It is difficult to comprehend so much hatred in this world and that some people do not appreciate and value life! Paris and all of France are in our thoughts and prayers.

  21. Terrorists win when we let them dictate our activities. Safe travels and brava to you for going and helping things return to normal. Vive La France! (And, on a more worldly note -- Maserati ads are popping up next to your blog. You have arrived and you're doing wonders for my reputation with advertisers!)

  22. Hi Janice, it's painful and we shed tears. Bless you. Comfort you. Chris. Australia xxxxxx

  23. . #2 sil vous plait. Je me souviens. BJM

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  25. I hope that you continue with your trip to one of the most lovely and welcoming cities in the world. Paris is a target simply because they are accepting of all people for all nations and religions. Vive la France !!

  26. Oh a trip to to my ears!
    Did I mention or did you read my blog about my experience walking through the 6th arrondissement on May Day?
    There were scores of police and the army with riot gear and AK47's parading around the streets and here I was staying. I wandered all by myself taking photos, peeking in store windows and thinking that this was completely normal! I had never been to Paris before so I assumed that security was extra tight after the Charlie Hebdo will be interesting to see what the "heightened security" will look like when you are there.
    Take care,

  27. I would love the first scarf, #1!

  28. Melissa, an American in Paris here... this has been an incredible week to be living in Paris- the horror, the despair and now the hope rising with the outpouring of grief and sympathy from around the world.

    I would love the second scarf as my first Hermes...

  29. Safe travels to Paris. I wish I was able to travel there to be able to show my support. My thoughts and prayers will have to do for now.

    I would be interested in either scarf.

    Thank you - DBQ Mary

  30. Good golly! I wish I could get scarf number1! I can not shop for myself right now though. I LOVE this wardrobe except for that mustard cardigan. I would swap it out for a blue to match that scarf!! Good luck to all!