Saturday, November 07, 2015

Scarf Selling Saturday: Gucci Flora

Another Saturday, another beautiful scarf!

I've read stories that this scarf was designed originally for Grace Kelly. I don't know if that's true, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me. This is so beautiful...

This is what the full scarf looks like. This is NOT my photograph, but the scarf I'm selling is exactly like this...
Gucci Flora scarf
 These are detailed photographs of the four corners of the scarf, taken by me, Friday morning the 6th. This scarf really is in excellent condition, and the details are amazing!  I took picture with the scarf folded, so you can see some flowers showing through the fabric. Like little ghost flowers...

If you like to wear pretty flower colors, there's a million ways to wear this scarf. I kept my eyes open for floral-styled jewelry, and flat shoes with floral ornaments. That sort of makes it all feel like it hangs together thematically, in my mind. 

These outfits have upcoming winter holiday wear in mind - you're going to receive this scarf late in November, so there are going to be a lot of festive chances to wear it in the next 2 or 3 months!

Dress – Diane von Furstenberg; flower pearl earrings – Mizuki; gold sandals
 – J. Crew;  blue sweater – Uniqlo; pearl bracelet – Imperial; velvet pants
 – Topshop; silver flats – Shoes of Prey
Yellow sweater – J. Crew; earrings – Kate Spade New York; ballet flats –
 J. Renee; velvet jeans – Current/Elliott; silk blouse – Diane von Furstenberg;
 amethyst earrings – Kohl’s; black velvet skirt – Emilio Pucci
sling backs – Pelle Moda 
Sweater – Uniqlo; bracelet – Fornash; white jeans – L.L.Bean; ballet flats – 
Gabor; gold earrings – Cathy Waterman; red dress – J. Crew
gold pumps – Kate Spade

I am asking $300 for this scarf; new Gucci scarves retail for over $400 (more than Hermes!!!). Leave a comment stating that you're interested, if you want to be in the random number drawing for this scarf. And if you just want to chat (please chat!), just leave a comment. Your comments are my lifeblood some days...

Last week's scarf? Scottie is buying it. It will suit her beautifully, as she is blonde and blue-eyed... sigh...


House of Fraser Party Shop
Artisan Jewelry Designs


  1. Ak! I am so interested, but I'm not sure I can swing $300 right now. This is not an "I am interested" post - just an "Oooooohhh" post. I have history with this scarf... I'll try to dig it up and send you a photo, Janice!

  2. Janice, it's very lovely. So versatile. I have one in similar colours, very unfortunately! I hope it goes to a very good home, but this is an I love it, but not for me post. I hope you are well. Chris from Australia

  3. This is another "Ooooh" post :) Someday, perhaps. A few years ago I found a summer hat in this pattern for a song. I got if even though I'm not much of a hat person (and maybe the combo is a little tacky? I'm honestly not sure; I genuinely can't figure out how to wear a patterned hat). I was that charmed by the pattern. I didn't realize until later the history behind the print. The flowers in each corner are supposed to represent a different season, which would be fun to incorporate into outfits. I'm tickled to see you have a version of this scarf - of course you would! It's such a classic.

  4. Such a lovely scarf. Not my colors at all, but it reminds me of my Nana whom I miss terribly.

  5. This is also a chat comment. That is a very pretty scarf and I hope someone falls in love with it. This may sound crazy to some people but a creative sewist could cut it (shock and horror) and use the quarters in many very interesting ways.

    Deb from Vancouver

  6. I love your blog and look forward to reading it each morning (except This scarf is beautiful! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to wear a scarf and not look like a little babushka! Could you please post some pictures of how you wear your scarves?

  7. I'm interested. I'm a little nervous, as I've never considered myself a scarf person, but after spending a lot of time on your blog and a few others, I think I might need to become a scarf person. And this is GORGEOUS. If I get it, I might need some tutelage on how to wear it.

  8. Just chatting (I don't need another scarf if I am being realistic about my not-so-fancy life these). Suggestion: a 4 or 6 pack of nice-looking comfy staying at home but answer the door wear. Or cabin wear. Or I'm going to the ski resort and not leaving the lodge while the rest of the family tries to kill themselves wear. A step above sweats but warm, soft and not clingy would be awesome if that inspires you.

  9. reading your blog is, by far, the most beautiful part of my day. Thank you for continuing to post. I love all the start with art posts, but I also love the 4x4 and the 'whatever's clean' and the 'starting from scratch' and...and ...
    thank you again
    -dedicated reader.

  10. You have a lovely style. Great eye candy for anyone who stops by your blog!

  11. Just chatting - love the variety of colours in this grouping. I can imagine what a joy it would be to open my closet and see this happiness greet me each day. Mmmm.
    Sue G

  12. Beautiful . Reminds me of Victorian pressed flower art. Not interested but had to comment. Photographer friend.

  13. Ahhh, yes, I am totally interested. Start with Art, 4x4, Whatever's Clean, it doesn't matter what the inspiration for the post of the day is. I'm just so glad to see each new thought process. Another grateful reader, Deb in Kentucky

  14. A beautiful piece, sadly outside my budget ATM though :) Am pinning outfit ideas - such lovely colours.