Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scarf Selling Saturday: Hermes Les Instructions du Roy, in Light Blue

Another chance to buy one of my beautiful scarves! I have so much TOO much stuff; and this is a scarf that needs to get out and about and get some appreciation...

Hermes Les Instructions du Roy

But first things first  last Saturday's Venice scarf! Dear MzMary, who left the very LAST comment on that post, please send me a note at so that we can arrange for your purchase of the gorgeous Frey Wille scarf...

So how might someone wear the scarf above?

First up, there are substantial touches of taupe in the scarf, so I envisioned someone in a simple taupe dress, a fabulous bracelet or two, and simple pumps, with the scarf tied in her hair - maybe holding back a low pony tail? Nothing over the top, but softly luxurious...

At the other end of the spectrum, this scarf is all that a plain white sweater and grey trousers need to go almost anywhere! I particularly like the touch of gold earrings  to echo the gold details in the scarf; silver is so expected with grey that the gold makes a real statement.

Dress – MM6; bracelet – Alexis Bittar; pumps – Nina
sweaterLe Ciel Bleu; earrings – Alexandra Alberta; loafers – Trotters;
 grey pants – L.L.Bean

In the cold weather, a snuggly top, cords and boots are almost a uniform, but the addition of a pastel scarf will soften the entire look.  I particularly like the small but extravagant earrings; casual doesn't have to be drab!

And the gold details in this scarf are very very golden yellow, so why not a sweater in that color too? And some blue earrings, just because nobody in the world wears blue earrings with a yellow sweater; heck, nobody sets aquamarine stones in gold-toned metal! Ground this sort of "out there" combination with a simple skirt and pumps to keep things from going off the rails completely.

Fleece cowl top – L.L.Bean; earrings – Vivienne Westwood; taupe cords – CC
boots – Mountain Sole; gold sweater – Jardin des Orangers; aquamarine earrings
 – Tiara; skirt – J. Crew; pumps – Jimmy Choo

If you want to wear your scarf for something like a Friday dinner, a dressy sweater with jeans is a good option. Simple earrings and shoes in which you can walk are all you need.

And for work, a comfortable dress, with flats and pearl jewelry set a nice neutral background for your scarf. Here, I would bias fold the scarf into a long strip, tie one knit in the middle of the scarf, and then tie the ends in the back so that the knot hung down in the front like a necklace, making the scarf the center of attention. See a variation here that uses three knots...

Earrings – Latelita London; gold sweater - Joanna Hope; ivory cords –  
Citizens of Humanity; cream loafers – Ugg Australia; pearl earrings – Cole Haan;
 dress – Sandwich; bracelet – Devoted; pumps – David Tate

As we did last week, if you're interested in buying the scarf pictured above, leave a comment starting with the phrase "I'm interested". If you're not interested, just leave any other comment and share your thoughts, please! There are a few tiny spots on just one corner of the scarf (pictured); virtually any way you tie the scarf these spots can be hidden. The scarf is otherwise in very good vintage condition, which means no holes, no snags, and a nice soft hand to the silk. I'm asking $150 for this gorgeous beauty...

Have a lovely weekend,

Wolf & Badger US


  1. Hi Janice, I chuckled today regarding the out there combination of gold with blue earrings. If that is out there, then Marnie earrings are way out in the universe. It is great to see that corduroy and velvet are back for pants.

    Deb from Vancouver

  2. Love and most def interested :-) What could be better - a scarf that goes with my hair and eyes!

  3. The items you have included are all lovely and fresh- the gold jersey and blue earrings add a real depth of colour to the selection.

  4. Pretty colors but alas it's not the one I'm hoping to win especially since I acquired the same design with blues, pink and gold on an ivory background a few months ago. I've only worn it with a pastel blouse and I haven't been happy with the other outfits that I've tried. I should have asked for your advice (!) Hopefully I'll be able to draw inspiration from the components you choose to go with this scarf.

    However I never thought of wearing a gold sweater - what a brilliant idea. The Joanna Hope one with the metallic threads is really attractive and I even have blue lapis earrings set in a gold band. But I also noticed that with the exception of the fleece cowl all of the other tops have rounded necklines and perhaps it's easier in general to wear the square Hermes with a rounded neckline.

    I'll have to experiment. Thanks again for the novel ideas.

  5. Thank you for this post which helps me with my La Prairie. I bought it because it reminds me of Illinois' tall grass prairies, but I've had a hard time with the light blue. I'll try some of your ideas, perhaps substituting green for the gold sweater - lots of greenery in La Prairie!

  6. I'm interested- another blue eyed blonde who would love this scarf. Thanks for all of your wardrobe inspiration, and the opportunity to acquire this beauty.

  7. I'm interested. This would be so perfect with my new wardrobe I have taupe and some grey and lots of gold in jewelry .. This is so beautiful.. I could literally wear it with almost everything I own.. I've always wanted an Hernes but could not afford one.. This i can purchase now easily.: thank you so much for the opportunity . Janice Collins, wadhington, DC area.

  8. I'm interested. I would love to own this scarf and play around with styling it with many things I already own. Fingers crossed!

    My favorite collection of yours to date is the Chicago weekend and Paris weekend grouping from April 2015 of pale and midtones that balance taupe with warm and with cool pieces. I have found that I especially wear the earrings from that group, which blend icy and warm in much the same way this scarf does. ( &

    Sue G