Monday, October 05, 2015

My Favorite Posts: Jewelry

When you read this, I will be in Wales. Yes, Wales. Belovedest and I are taking off TWO weeks, for sightseeing, a World Cup Rugby Match, some museums, some ruins, a LOT of dining, a 5K run in Newport, more museums, a few relatives... oh my...

I was NOT able to prepare full-blown posts for you ahead of time; we've had lots of company, and my health hasn't been exactly tip-top. But I have thought about you all, a lot, and I had an idea that I would collect some of my favorite posts from the past, clustered around certain subjects... (you do understand that when you get to these posts, you're going to run into links that are dead, right?)

I hope you like these, and are still here when I get back from our trip!



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Wish me luck on my travels - I'll tell you all about it when I get back!


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  2. To me, it seems all back to front, but at the same time it makes a lot of sense, to start with the jewellery when you have pieces like these. How many of you have started a wardrobe this way? What did you do and how successful was it for you? For me, I inherited a striking ruby red ring, and so I am then pleased when I find an appealing dress or top that will go with it.

  3. Have a wonderful trip! It sounds fabulous. And thank you for posting some of the "classics" from TVF. There are lots and lots of gems in the archives. It will be fun to dust some off and revisit!!

    1. I second Virginia... Whatever she says... Carol S

  4. Hi Janice ! This comment has nothing to do with your current post and I am sure there is another way to contact you but I am not able to figure that out right now. So, I will post a question here and hope for the best. Thanks to size issues, and lifestyle, and minor medical problems I am at a point in my life where I wear llbean "mom jeans" and sensible shoes almost exclusively. Specifically anything llbean makes in 18 tall Would you consider posting a blue jeans only capsule give me ideas to "jazz up" my look while accepting my current clothing reality. I apologize for adding this comment hear. Thank you everyon for your patience.

  5. Hope you have a wonderful time! Sounds amazing! And you will look so chic and put together. xo Deborah