Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Whatever's Clean 13 FOR MEN - warm colors, cool weather

Okay - let's dress up the redheads, warmly complected, freckled gentlemen that we love so much!

In the best of all possible worlds, I'd find a lovely brown tweedy blazer for this guy, but in the interests of providing a wardrobe with maximum utility, I'm sticking with a navy blazer. Navy blazers are an instant signal to the world at large that you're dressed up - even if half of the other men in the room are ALSO wearing one, it's just always the most appropriate option, short of a suit.

If your level of dressiness can step down half a notch though, look for a beautiful blazer in checks, tweeds, or plaids that will combine all of your lovely warm colors. They are available in every fabric from the coolest linen to nubbly hairy tweeds...

Navy blazer – Paul Smith; shirt – Lands’ End;  oxford shoes – Allen Edmonds
belt – Allen Edmonds; socks – Pantherella; tie – Jos. A. Bank
wool trousers – Lands’ End

Cardigans!!!! With a beautiful shirt, nice trousers and a knit tie there are very few places in our world that these options won't take you. I remain staunch in my believe that nothing in the world flatters a man more than a cardigan...

Cardigan – Club Monaco; knit tie – Charvet; small plaid shirt – Nordstrom
windowpane plaid shirt – Lands’ End; twill trousers – Lands’ End

Much more casual options now, but still beautifully pulled together:

V-neck sweater – Lands’ End; loafers – Cole Haan; socks – Canali; flannel shirt
 – Lands’ End; corduroy jeans – Polo Ralph Lauren

And I will always try to accommodate the most casual needs of our sweethearts, but with a beautiful sweatshirt that's NOT traditional, and some really cool shoes, too...

Sweatshirt – Melindagloss; tee shirt – Gildan; sneakers – Joe’s Jeans
socks – Polo Ralph Lauren;  jeans – Lands’ End

These come together nicely, don't they?

As I did yesterday, I show a few outfits that are possible using each of the trousers:

I'm really pretty eager to try this exercise for warmer weather, if I can find the clothing images available... Men's clothes are SO lovely...




  1. Thanks for this series! I love it so far -- am looking forward to the rest of it.

  2. Men's clothing is so much less varied than women's. Only a handful of shapes and patterns, and it's so much harder to find vibrant colors. My husband finds his clothing options utterly boring, and although Janice has done a lovely job with the material available, I have to agree. I don't begrudge the presentation for the folks that are enjoying it - and Janice certainly has the right to do what she wants on her own blog - but I look forward to the return of women's clothing :-)
    - Kaci

  3. Janice,
    I envy men's ability to find patterns so readily, and the simplicity of the outfits , the "uniform", if you will --easy-peasy, just vary the level of formality with the fabrics and patterns. Love it !

  4. I love this "for men" series! And it has just occurred to me that it would be very, very easy to translate these items into women's wear for those who prefer a more androgynous look.

    1. Virginia,

      My thoughts exactly ! I wear mostly slacks and I have warm coloring, so add a skirt, substitute some blouses for the shirts --done !

  5. Men's clothes, especially jackets, are usually so much better constructed than women's, and such fabrics! When I had less hefty hips than I do now, I loved to find men's tweed blazers that fit....

  6. These are really good! My husband doesn't like to look flashy. I can see him wearing most of these!

  7. My husband has never had red hair but he would like this wardrobe. :)